Chucky 2×1 Review: “Halloween II”

Halloween II Chucky Season 2 Episode 1 Review
Devon, Lexy, and Jake being sent away in ‘Halloween II’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 2 Episode 1)

Chucky’s back and he’s meaner than ever. After everything that Jake, Devon, and Lexy went through in the first season, and the horror setup in “Halloween II”, the second season looks to be the most dangerous yet.

In a sense, the first season featured a Chucky who was, let’s say, less inclined to kill Jake, Devon, and Lexy himself. The iconic murderous doll was all about continuing his legacy and manipulating a young teen to pick up the knife. He was into killing people around certain kids to make them fall into the darkness. However, that plan didn’t work out well for him. So, it was interesting to see the second installment feature a Chucky who was intent on getting revenge. He clearly wants Jake, Devon, Lexy, and Tiffany dead. And he’s going to try everything in his power to accomplish that, including sacrificing other Good Guy dolls in the process.

‘Halloween II’ opened with a scene that showed what happened to Andy as he drove a van filled with Good Guy dolls. While Andy sacrificing himself to stop Chucky’s evil plan made sense, I highly doubt he’s actually dead. When it comes to horror shows, unless I see a dead body, I don’t think a particular character was taken off the board. The same holds true after what happened to Andy’s sister Kyle in the first season. I think both Andy and Kyle are still alive and planning something.

The premiere episode of season two also gave us a six-month time skip. With our lead characters still being quite young, they can’t just live on their own. It was understandable that Jake and Devon would be assigned foster parents. The scene where Jake and Devon said their goodbyes due to Jake moving two hours away was well-written. While Jake just couldn’t make himself kiss Devon in front of his foster parents, I liked how he finally did it when Devon called out Jake’s name as the car drove away. The two clearly love each other. So, I’m interested in seeing how their relationship will develop after being sent to a new eerie location by the end of the episode.

As for Lexy, it’s revealed that she’s been avoiding Jake and Devon. She’s turned to substance abuse to calm her nerves. While I side-eyed Lexy at first, I think I came to understand why she would try and find solace in such behavior. Lexy’s mother Michelle really frustrated me. Instead of trying to be there for her eldest daughter, Michelle’s been clearly putting blame on Lexy for what Chucky made Junior do. As far as Michelle’s concerned, it was Lexy’s fault for making someone like Junior her boyfriend and putting her family in danger. And with Lexy being unable to reveal the truth, she just has to sit there and shoulder the blame.

At least, Lexy’s trying to keep an eye out for her younger sister Caroline. I would have tied up the Belle doll to a chair in my room and not handed my kid sister a knife, but hey, Lexy’s doing her best, considering the circumstances.

Also, yes, I think it is quite clear that viewers aren’t supposed to trust Lexy’s family therapist Dr. Mixter (a Halloween reference?) who ended up giving Caroline a vintage Belle doll (from the Bride of Chucky). Not only that, but Dr. Mixter also suggested that Jake, Devon, and Lexy be sent to a religious facility, the ‘Incarnate Lord’, that’s all about fixing juvenile troublemakers. She’s clearly planning something.

I liked how the writers didn’t allow the main trio to remain separated for long. Even though they all walked into Chucky’s trap, I liked seeing Lexy, Devon, and Jake share the screen together. Trauma really bonds people, and our trio has formed a connection that’s unbreakable. Their dynamic has also changed, with Lexy and Jake not snapping at each other as they did before.

Being sent to the ‘Incarnate Lord’ for who knows how long will surely shake things up for our leads. Lexy’s substance abuse issue will be frowned upon. And of course, it’s clear that Jake and Devon’s sexualities and the fact they are in a romantic relationship won’t be accepted either. I’m looking forward to seeing how Don Mancini will explore the themes of religion and queer sexuality as the current season continues.

And even though Jake and Devon are in love with each other, being forced to live together at such a young age will surely give rise to friction. But I’m sure the two will have what it takes to face the relationship drama and come out stronger as a couple in the end.

Placing the trio in a completely new location was a nice move by the writers. Not only are they unfamiliar with the operations of the ‘Incarnate Lord’ and the layout of the sinister-looking Burlington County home for wayward boys, but they are also, in a way, cut off from the outside world. Having the trio be sent to the same building that also housed a young Charles for a time is an awesome creative decision.      

Other thoughts and questions

  • That reporter interviewing Lexy’s family sure was messy. I really liked him!
  • Ugh! Michelle really wants to be reelected as the Mayor of Hackensack. I kind of tolerated her during the first season. But at this point, I won’t have any problem with her being killed off.
  • According to the promo material, Glen and Glenda will be making an appearance soon. I’m excited! I doubt that Glen and Glenda will be into murdering people. But let’s see.
  • I’m unsure, but I think, creatively speaking, there was something going on with Jake dressing up as Batman for Halloween. Kevin Conroy, who voiced the Caped Crusader in Batman: The Animated Series, is a queer man.
  • The entire sequence of Chucky walking into Lexy’s house and showing the footage via video call to Devon and Jake was so good.
  • I liked how Devon brought up why Andy didn’t contact them if he was indeed alive. Perhaps Andy’s still recovering from his injuries? That crash did look bad.

What did you think of ‘Halloween II’? Do you think the trio will befriend Glen and Glenda?

Let us know.

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  1. What is the actor’s name playing the reporter interviewing the mayor & her family at home in Chucky Season 2? What else have we seen him in?

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