“My Drag Brunch With Loki” Review – A Very Emotional Wiccan, Loki & Hulkling Story

Kid Loki in War Scrolls Issue 2 My Drag Brunch With Loki
Kid Loki in “My Drag Brunch With Loki” – War Scrolls Issue 2 (Image: Marvel Comics)

War of the Realms: War Scrolls Issue 2 has finally been released. “My Drag Brunch With Loki” mini-story from writer Anthony Oliveira serves as an emotional swansong to Young Avengers vol. 2 (where Wiccan and Hulkling were on a team with Loki).

I have been looking forward to a new story featuring Wiccan and Hulkling. While I was excited to read “My Drag Brunch With Loki,” I wasn’t expecting it to be such an emotional affair. It opened with a flashback where kid Loki tried to justify turning kid Thor into a bear cub. It was a beautiful interaction which showed how full of hope Loki was as a child. He wanted to be remembered as a hero, but we all know how that turned out for him.

Jumping to a few weeks before the War of the Realms event, we have Wiccan getting ready to meet Kate Bishop (Hawkeye). Oliveira has made sure to add a lot of humor in every panel. Seeing Billy and Teddy in domestic bliss was enjoyable. It was fun to watch Billy talking to his friend and former teammate. However, things changed quickly when (because of Hulkling’s text) Billy realized he had been talking with Loki. Turns out, Loki wanted to speak with Wiccan about where the Demiurge would stand when the war reached Earth.

Oliveira has does an impressive job of showcasing the differences between the two powerful characters as well as their many similarities. They have a history together. So, it was understandable why Loki would seek forgiveness from Billy.

In the present timeline, we got Billy’s answer about whether or not he forgave the God of Mischief. In my opinion, Wiccan’s answer made sense and felt right. I have always had a problem with certain comic book characters taking it upon themselves to forgive someone instead of leaving it to the people who were wronged.

It was also one of my gripes when Rick from The Walking Dead TV show decided to spare Negan’s life. It was not Rick’s decision to make.

Billy displayed a level of maturity I appreciated. It wasn’t Billy’s place to forgive Loki for the crimes and hurt he had caused others, even though Billy and Teddy cared for their former teammate.

While “My Drag Brunch With Loki” didn’t answer the numerous questions I have about what Wiccan has been up to during all the years he was absent from the comic books, it still made for an amazing story.

Fingers crossed Marvel Comics allows Oliveira to write more Wiccan and Hulkling content.

Some more thoughts and questions

  • The panel featuring Loki through the ages looked incredible. Kudos to Robles and Peters!
  • I’m not the only one who wants to know more about Crystal M’Kraan, right?
  • Teddy is a good boy!
  • Will Wiccan and Hulkling show up in the main War of the Realms series or are they taking a break (again)?

Have you read War Scrolls Issue 2, yet? Share your thoughts with us.

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