Wiccan Joining Marvel’s Most Ruthless Team “Strikeforce” This September!

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Strikeforce Issue 1 (Image: Marvel)

The reality-warping mutant and Demiurge-in-training, Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), will be joining ‘Strikeforce’ come September. The team is being promoted as Marvel’s most ruthless which, frankly, doesn’t make sense to me considering the entire roster, but I’m ready to be surprised.

Fans who couldn’t get enough of Wiccan in the recent (highly enjoyable) War Scrolls Issue 2 story can look forward to more Billy when Strikeforce hits comic book stores this September. Marvel began teasing the upcoming series a few days ago with the tagline “No Compromise. No Mercy.”

We now know about all of the team members for the upcoming series. The ‘Strikeforce’ team is going to include Blade, Angela, Wiccan, Spider-Woman, Winter Soldier, Daimon Hellstrom, and Monica Rambeau.

While I can see most of these characters being ruthless, as Marvel has described this team to be, I don’t think Monica, Wiccan, and Spider-Woman fit the criteria.

Here’s the official description:

Doing the dirty jobs the Avengers and other Marvel heroes can’t do!

Angela, Blade, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, the Winter Soldier, Monica Rambeau, and Daimon Hellstrom join forces for a monsterrific bloodbath from the dark mind of rising star Tini Howard. Prepare for a tale from the underside of the Marvel Universe in STRIKEFORCE!

I’m glad to see we’ll be getting more Wiccan soon. Also, with Angela and Billy on the same team, this comic book series will have two openly queer characters. So, yay!

Here’s hoping Strikeforce justifies certain team members being ruthless instead of writer Tini Howard making them do stuff just for cheap shock value. And yes, cheap shock value includes breaking up Wiccan and Hulkling for the sake of drama. We already had to sit through a version of it during the Young Avengers run.

Do you think something bad will happen to certain characters for the current team to be formed?

Anyway, I will definitely be checking out this series! As I said, I’m open to being surprised by Howard.

Do you think Strikeforce is going to Marvel’s answer to Justice League: Dark? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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