Wendy Williams Issues “Apology” for Anti-LGBTQ+ Comments

Wendy Williams apology
Wendy Williams Issues Apology (Image via Twitter @WendyWilliams)

Another day, another apology from an (apparent) ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Talkshow host Wendy Williams experienced backlash after saying some hurtful stuff during her show. And, of course, she has decided to issue an apology.

For those who don’t know, on Thursday’s episode of her show, Wendy Williams decided to go on a weird rant talking about the interest gay men have in wearing clothes meant for women. She also shared comments that did come across as quite transphobic because of how she equated being a woman to having the ability to menstruate. It was an entire mess and I couldn’t believe what was going through her mind when I watched the segment.

It all stemmed from Williams not liking gay men in her studio audience showing interest in celebrating Galentine’s Day.

Here’s the entire episode on the show’s YouTube channel. The particular segment begins at the 6:08 minutes mark.

The online backlash, understandably, was immediate. So, it makes sense for Williams to share an apology on her social accounts. Whether she addresses the situation on her show, we will have to wait and see.  

I don’t get her apology, though. She said she was having a conversation, and I’m like, “about what?” Every word she spoke felt charged, telling men to not wear the type of clothes that are traditionally feminine. Does she not know the history of clothing and how men used to wear wigs, heels, makeup, and more?

Part me hopes she decides to say all of this in front of Billy Porter. I would be so into seeing him destroy her.

Then there’s her opinion of equating womanhood to getting a period. That’s something the trans community continues to fight against. Hearing Williams say it out loud wasn’t a good look.

As for some of the people defending her words as a mere joke, transphobia exists around the world, even in the queer community. The last thing the highly vulnerable trans community needs is Williams using her platform to share such opinions.

Personally I’m not a fan of (so-called) queer allies issuing such apologies. I would rather they stand with their opinions so the LGBTQ+ community knows who they are and steers clear of giving such individuals the community’s support.

I still don’t understand what Williams was trying to say in her apology. Does she now think it’s okay for men to wear feminine clothes? Does she still equate being a woman to having a cycle? Is she only okay with specific types of gay men?

Or did she simply put out an apology to do some damage control due to PR reasons? I have so many questions.  

Anyway, what did you think of what Williams said during the show? What are your thoughts about her apology?

Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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3 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Issues “Apology” for Anti-LGBTQ+ Comments

  1. Wendy Williams’s apology was as fake as she is. Do I believe she meant it? No. Do I believe she was forced to say something to avoid backlash from the LGBT community? Yes.

    1. Ikr! Like, Wendy, if you want to apologize for something then clearly say what you are apologizing for. Did she magically now think that it’s okay for gay men to wear ‘feminine’ clothes? How does she describe being a woman? Etc. The apology didn’t address any of the statements she made during the show.

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