2022 Webcomic Roundup: LGBTQ+ Recommendations for Pride!

June 2022 Webcomic Roundup
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It’s the end of Pride month, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop the pouring of Queer webcomics! The nine webcomics featured in this month’s roundup celebrate various stories and relationships. Webcomics featured are from WebToon and Tapas.*

For pride last year, I recommended Queer short comics, Queer slice of life comics, and did a massive roundup for that month. While I wasn’t able to do the same this year, I still made the time to check out and read the nine webcomics that I’m recommending for this month’s roundup. So here we go!


I've Met Someone by Lauren-D
I’ve Met Someone

I’ve Met Someone by Lauren-D

An autobiographical slice of life webcomic about a young lesbian navigating high school and relationships. Through certain life events, Lauren learns about self-confidence to take her time with romantic relationships. A well structured memoir comic!

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Star Catchers by Ananatze
Star Catchers

Star Catchers by Ananatze

Nina meets and helps a star catcher searching for her lost stars. This is an adorable webcomic with fun character dynamics.

Check out the creator’s other webcomic, Through the Ruins Bounds!


TRIVIA by Lucrezia Northstar

TRIVIA by Lucrezia Northstar

In this world, there are three paths a witch can take: Diana, Ecate, and Selene. Birth, change, and death. Each path includes a cost. Teri’s life as a witch takes a complicated turn when her friend dies and she encounters another witch.

I admire the worldbuilding and visual pacing in this webcomic. Teri is a complex protagonist that you definitely want to follow.

Check out Lucrezia Northstar’s short horror comic, Faintly!


Left on Base by jehantxt
Left on Base

Left on Base by jehantxt

Baseball player Adrien Zhou isn’t prepared for life in the dugout. An intimately characterized slice of life webcomic that navigates transphobia, eating disorders, and other topics/issues.


Cocoa Butter by SoulreflectionComics
Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter by SoulreflectionComics

Jasmine is starting to attend college to study dermatology. Her roommate, Abianna, hides behind her attitude and acne. As Jasmine gets to know her better, she’s determined to help Abianna with those external and internal issues. Well developed characters and dynamics inhabit this wonderful story. It’s a story that shows not all flaws can be immediately treated.

Check out the creator’s other webcomic, My First Crush!

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Time and Time Again by Deo I
Time and Time Again

Time and Time Again by Deo I. (NEW!)

Adam, a time traveling vampire, encounters a werewolf named Steve. Every full moon, Steve involuntarily time travels. It’s Adam’s job to stop Steve from causing a major temporal catastrophe, but his interactions with Steve are making it that much more complicated.

This webcomic intrigues me from the start. Imaginative.

Check out the creator’s other webcomic, Millennium!


Muted by Miranda Mundt

Muted by Miranda Mundt (Completed)

The ritual Camille Severin performs on the full moon of her 21st year goes wrong. After managing to get away from her abusive aunt, Camille discovers family secrets and the truth about what happened to her mother and sister in the past.

I admire Miranda’s storytelling. The characters are complex and memorable. The main antagonist is irredeemable and well developed. Camille’s narrative arc is beautifully done from start to end.

Check out Miranda’s other webcomic (created with Chase Keels (Black creator)), LoveBot!


My Werewolf Girlfriend by Speremint
My Werewolf Girlfriend

My Werewolf Girlfriend by Speremint (NEW!)

To werewolf hunter Cinna Rosales’ surprise, her long-time target has now settled in a village called Moonhaven. Not only that, but this werewolf also has a daughter.

Once I heard about Speremint’s (the creator of Brimstone and Roses, which I reviewed last year) new webcomic, I had to check it out immediately. I admire the creator’s storytelling and how she builds up enough tension and worldbuilding to draw you in.


Ghosts of Greywoods by letINK
Ghosts of Greywoods

Ghosts of Greywoods by letINK (Creator’s site is unavailable) (Completed)

Marie becomes a maid to Lady Eileen, the daughter of the abusive Viscount Rose. In the Greywoods mansion, people are tools. Literal and figurative ghosts lurk through every room and hallway. Marie and Eileen have to navigate a family history of secrets and betrayal to escape this place.

This is an intriguing period drama webcomic (Victorian) with well executed turning points.

I’ve received free access to Ghosts of Greywoods in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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Do you know of any LGBTQ+ webcomics that you’d like to recommend (particularly by LGBTQ+ creators)? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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