Webcomic Recommendation: “Mejaz Regulus in the World”

Mejaz Regulus in the Real World by Sasa Dongman
Mejaz Regulus in the World (creator’s site is unavailable)

Mejaz Regulus in the World by Sasa Dongman is a delightful reading experience. This webcomic, available on the Manta platform, provides a great balance of drama, comedy, romance, and adventure. It has even pleasantly surprised me with its clever narrative turning points and complex characters.

The marriage between Mo Yan and Xuanyuan Yu serves as a great alliance between their demon slaying families. However, the married couple then privately agree to divorce in two years. Not only that, but Xuanyuan Yu isn’t the demure and compliant wife that Mo Yan’s stepmother expects her to be. And there is more going on than demon attacks.

Mejaz Regulus in the World by Sasa Dongman
Mejaz Regulus in the World

Don’t go in expecting just a romance. Mejaz Regulus in the World not only contains compelling character dynamics but a well executed story as well. And it doesn’t stop with the first plot twist. This webcomic consistently builds up character arcs and backstories without overwhelming or confusing its target audience. Sasa Dongman does a fantastic job of not withholding too much information while providing enough suspense to maintain the narrative drive.

The webcomic contains a compelling cast of characters, each possessing distinguishing traits and desires. Supporting characters including Xiaohe and Mou Yun invest themselves into their personal journeys. It’s not always about the comical relief with them. Like the overarching plot, the characters’s stories all eventually come together.

So if you enjoy a historical fantasy (the webcomic takes place in China) with a riveting plot and well-developed characters, I highly recommend Mejaz Regulus in the World. It’s difficult to spill more about the story without spoiling major plot points/twists, so you truly have to check it out.

The first 10 episodes of Mejaz Regulus in the World are available to read for free on Manta.

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