WebToon Canvas Review: “Belief”

Belief by Jenny-Toons
Belief (Image of A’tasili, the Mother of the Gods)

Jenny-Toons’ short webcomic, Belief, contains complex worldbuilding and characterization. The creator once again spectacularly combines cosmic horror with a compelling character arc.

Simone, the last of the Borne family, sets off into the forest. With the goddess A’tasili, Mother of the Gods, to guide her, Simone aims to fight against the Nameless God and return home. Within the forest lies small villages inhabited by humans set in their old ways. However, the story focuses on Simone’s journey to face and battle the Nameless God, the one who opposes her Mother, A’tasili.

The Nameless God can shift into different bodies and slither through the shadows. Simone must confront the Nameless God in the name of her family. The Nameless God murdered her siblings and stole her Mother’s heart. But Simone’s mission becomes complicated when the Nameless God emotionally manipulates her.

Belief by Jenny-Toons

Jenny-Toons still never fails to impress me. Like in her other webcomics, especially Our Universe and With Butterflies in Her Hair, her dynamic art style carefully shows significant details. Gestures, facial expressions, and cosmic horror imagery matter here. The characters’ fluid movements aren’t just eye-catching but subtle as well. Even when there’s dialogue, the body language implies untold intentions (particularly in panels featuring the Nameless God.)

Belief by Jenny-Toons

And the webcomic’s worldbuilding! I admire the creator’s ability to effortlessly conjure a captivating setting. It’s like a pop-up book that you never get tired of visiting. The world shapes the characters and drives their motivations. In a short amount of space, Jenny-Toons, like always, achieves consistent storytelling and memorable characterization. Belief is a gorgeously constructed story.

Belief is available to read on WebToon.

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