2022 Webcomic Roundup: April Tears May Stop Fears

2022 Webcomic Roundup April
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It’s the end of April, and depending on where you live, the weather may have been wavering between warm and cool and cold. It reminds me of transitioning between hopelessness and persistence. The trials and challenges we go through before finally reaching our goals. Webcomics featured in this month’s roundup are from WebToon, Tapas, and Manta.*

The 30 webcomics featured in this month’s roundup include stories about harnessing the courage to move on and make things better for yourself. Stories about navigating new worlds and relationships. There may or may not be a webcomic or two here that will leave you with hope. So here we go!


When the Rain Falls by AfroditePuff
When the Rain Falls

When The Rain Falls by AfroditePuff (Creator’s site is unavailable) (NEW!)

Samiira Jackson accepts a once in a lifetime opportunity and learns the inner workings of another environment. Because you see, strange things happen whenever it rains.

This webcomic has so much promise from its first episode. Samiira has to learn how to adapt to a new environment with its own rules and secrets. The creator conveys this and more in an evocative way.

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Nile's Truth by Alexis Ikemba and Jasmine Ikemba
Nile’s Truth

Nile’s Truth by Alexis Ikemba & Jasmine Ikemba (assistant/editor)

A shy and compassionate teen named Nile Johnson navigates and makes connections with her family, friends, and Leo Smith, the guy she tutors at school. At the start of the story, Nile doesn’t acknowledge her worth, and when she does she discovers her supernatural abilities. She learns about her family history in connection with these powers and Leo, who also possesses powers of his own, might just be able to help her control hers.

The creator begins each episode with a quote by a public figure, artist, or celebrity (i.e., Chinua Achebe in the first episode). Nile’s Truth is a powerfully constructed narrative about connections between people and across time. It’s a story about refusing to let the past stay in the past. It’s a story that pays attention to both the real life and supernatural parts of someone’s life (Nile’s abilities and how her hair is perceived by her teachers and classmates).

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Locket by Beepo and Dewdy

Locket by Beepo & Dewdy

The death of a local resident brings about supernatural events among a group of teens. One of these teens, a young man named Dara, has been dreaming about the Pretty Face, an entity haunting him for years. And now his friends Ali and Kael are caught up in their town’s otherworldly situation.

The first few episodes might have you thinking Stranger Things, but don’t let that deter you from enjoying this webcomic. Locket provides a riveting story with complex characters.


Evergrey by V. Olson

Evergrey by V. Olson

A young man with a mysterious destiny encounters an entity known as an Evergrey. He’s been on the run from his past and possesses dangerous powers. He eventually befriends the Evergrey he’s met. The two are monstrous to themselves and other humans, but they learn to embrace their monstrosity.

I admire this webcomic’s take on what it means to be human. Visually stunning.


Oblivion Tears by Livys
Oblivion Tears

Oblivion Tears by Livys

Choko, mute and lost in another world, has to find her way back home and regain her past memories. With Ryuza and other friends accompanying her, she navigates through a world where crying is the ultimate weapon.

Oblivion Tears is probably the most ethereal fantasy (visual) story I’ve ever come across. I was especially captivated right from the first episode.

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NeverMore by Innocentcinnamonbun

NeverMore by Innocentcinnamonbun

Missing persons cases involving those infected with the Hunterdrax disease have recently surged, and it’s up to the DARI, a group commissioned by the beau, to investigate.

The worldbuilding and conflict are impressive. I love following the characters and learning about the setting’s lore. You just have to check it out because it’s difficult for me to summarize the story without doing it justice.


The Wildlands by littlebobler
The Wildlands

The Wildlands by littlebobler (NEW!)

Artemis is scavenging the outskirts of the Wildlands when she stumbles on what looks like a compass. As she further explores the relic’s mysteries, she realizes its value and threat to the citizens of their sheltered city.

A fun post-apocalyptic adventure story, The Wildlands contains fascinating worldbuilding and explores topics and issues like warfare.


Rose and Sol by jelly_jessy
Rose and Sol

Rose and Sol by jelly_jessy

Rose is a runaway vampire princess. Sol is a demon bounty hunter. And they are handcuffed together and must find a way to work together.

This webcomic doesn’t shy away from tragic places. The creator is rebooting the story, but this is definitely a webcomic to follow.


To the Stars and Back by Peglo
To the Stars and Back

To the Stars and Back by Peglo (NEW!)

Kang Dae prefers solitude, but new neighbor Bo Seon disrupts his peace. Friendly and generous, Bo bakes cookies for Kang and tries to strike up a conversation. Kang, annoyed, feels like his life might significantly change, thanks to Bo.

The character dynamics are comical and endearing, and the episodic structure is fitting.


Lunora by H.S. Crow

Lunora by H.S. Crow

Iko searches for his wife throughout the kingdom of Caligo. He’s left his kingdom, willing to give up his land and people. However, something happens to change that.

Amazing worldbuilding and storytelling going on here. A philosophical epic fantasy narrative. The creators are rebooting the story, but please take the time to check it out!

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Demence by Alyek

Demence by Alyek

An unprecedented encounter (and kiss) with a demon significantly changes Basil’s life. Whether this shift in her life is for better or for worse, she doesn’t know. All she (eventually) knows is that she’s contracted with this demon and she’s developed psychic powers.

I’m digging the lore and characterization in this webcomic. The story does well in showing how violence can be reciprocated and projected even among friends and loved ones.

Content Warning: suicide attempt

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Summer Cyclone by Cyellolemon
Summer Cyclone

Summer Cyclone by Cyellolemon

Almost every day, Nico spots someone seemingly looking at the ocean. That someone happens to be Ash (nonbinary). And then one day, the two finally meet.

The beating heart of this gorgeous webcomic centers on the budding relationship between Nico and Ash. The story focuses on themselves and each other (their identities and outlooks on life).


Project Novos by zuyno
Project Novos

Project Novos by zuyno

The drug Novophitone brings about questionable deaths and a missing person. The missing person is Cael’s childhood friend. A medical student, Cael aims to figure out the common thread that is the drug. And he discovers the painful truth about this conspiracy and his best friend’s involvement in it.

This original manga reminds me of shōnen anime like FullMetal Alchemist and Hunter X Hunter. Fantastic worldbuilding, complex character dynamics, and a gripping narrative.


Tulips and Lilies by SakuraBlossomStudios
Tulips and Lilies

Tulips and Lilies by SakuraBlossomStudios

A rejection letter from Rose’s dream college at first hinders her future goals. When her brother offers her a secretary job for a finance company, she takes it. The bills are piling up and she fears losing her apartment, but then (of all times) she has to discover that her new boss is the man she had a rough encounter with (and had cursed at) before.

The creator is going to revise/rework the webcomic, but I highly recommend following the story. It’s a hopeful narrative with humor and endearing moments.

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Reyn: Angel of Freedom by erlance
Reyn: Angel of Freedom

Reyn: Angel of Freedom by erlance

Reyn discovers the secrets about her family heritage and her wings after her mother’s murder. Not everyone welcomes an Angelic, and oppression against Angelics is worsening. Her brother, missing since the murder, has the answers. So she has to find him while figuring out her place in the world.

If you enjoy animated series like Avatar: The Last Airbender, you are going to enjoy this webcomic. This compelling and complex story includes a dynamic cast of characters and impressive visual pacing.


The Moth Prince by sonderfairy
The Moth Prince

The Moth Prince by sonderfairy

Arcade struggles to adjust to a new place and a new school. He yearns for adventure and the move for him has disrupted that. But he might get the adventure he wanted when he encounters a cursed fairy prince in the forest.

This webcomic beautifully combines realism with the supernatural. It’s somber but hopeful.


Verily Petrified by Chaotic Imagination
Verily Petrified

Verily Petrified by ChaoticImagination

Two souls from two different worlds bond, but at the cost of their lives. Verin (from Earth) encounters Petra, and the two are bonded whether they like it or not. And these two learn so much about and from each other.

The consistent tension and character dynamics will draw you in. I especially find myself caring about what happens to Verin and Petra.

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Over Her Head by tefosterart
Over Her Head

Over Her Head by tefosterart

Having lived a sheltered life before college, Connie’s lack of life experience begins to surface. At 22 years old, she’s eager to do the things her father had discouraged her from doing, including dating. But uncertainty and doubt threaten to drown her even when she least expects it.

Connie’s narrative arc gripped me from the first episode. She wants what’s best for herself even when she has to jump over more hurdles along the way.

Check out tefosterart’s new webcomic, SHIFTING (18+)!

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The Graveyard Shift by oletarts
The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard Shift by oletarts

Maya, a young mangkukulam (a Filipino witch), travels from the Philippines to the US to live with her mother. Living in a seemingly “quiet” small town doesn’t mean there’s not going to be dangerous encounters with monsters (including a werebeast).

There are 9 episodes/chapters as of 2019, but the story has so much potential. It’s a gem of a story with dynamic characterization. The webcomic has episodes in both Tagalog and English as well.


The Tears of a Jester by Albrecht
The Tears of a Jester


The Tears of a Jester by Albrecht (Creator’s site is unavailable)

A court jester gets caught between two rival princesses. Being a jester seems so simple, but now it’s more than joking around and entertaining royals and aristocrats.

From my experience, I haven’t come across a book, etc. that features a jester, let alone one as a protagonist (please feel free to give me recommendations in the comments!), so this webcomic has been a delight for me. It’s a frame narrative that dwells more intimately on court life.

The first four episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


My Dear Maid! by SpringIsComing and BORI
My Dear Maid!

My Dear Maid! by SpringIsComing & BORI (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

Kate gets an unexpected reward (and challenge) after rescuing Count Blanc’s daughter. As an orphan surviving on the streets, Kate believes that life won’t get better for her. But after her rescue, she’s offered to be a maidservant for the Blanc Estate. Of course, her new life isn’t as easy. She has to navigate the social circles within the Estate and deal with Father Alex who happens to be the heir (but she doesn’t know that yet).

The women-centric relationships, particularly between Kate and the Count’s daughter, are amazing. The dynamics are complex and intriguing.

The first three episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


The Golden Light of Dawn by Seolon Han
The Golden Light of Dawn

The Golden Light of Dawn by Seolon Han (Creator’s site is unavailable)

When Rosha is told that she won’t ever rise above her level as a magic knight in the Golden Dawn society, she proves those people wrong. She wants to find her sister who had gone missing after a Demon attack years ago. But then the society tasks her with the “child of God” Joshua.

Rosha’s desire to find her sister, even when everyone else tries to convince her otherwise, compels me. The story wonderfully conveys her persistence and dedication.

The first four episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


Nine by Lee Eumsae and HANA

Nine by Lee Eumsae & HANA (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

Sela discovers an incense stick that takes her back in time after she lights it. What starts as a mission to save her mother becomes a challenge to retain her present relationships.

I admire how this webcomic explores its time travel concept. Sela saves someone or fixes a problem and both her present and future, of course, aren’t unaffected. And that includes her best friend and her crush.

The first six episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


The Millionaire Divorcee by DING9 (AKEO STUDIO), Dorin, and Han Isel
The Millionaire Divorcee

The Millionaire Divorcee by DING9 (AKEO STUDIO), Dorin, & Han Isel (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

When her husband divorces her, Duchess Alicia de Payharen doesn’t let it knock her down. With the large settlement she has secured afterward, she decides to open up a Jewelry business. She has to work hard to keep her business.

Another isekai webcomic that I highly recommend. I dig the protagonist’s emotional strength and her dedication to making things better for herself post divorce.

I’ve received free access to The Millionaire Divorcee in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Karina's Last Days by KIMPEUL, CHOVA, and JAEUNHYANG
Karina’s Last Days

Karina’s Last Days by KIMPEUL, CHOVA, & JAEUNHYANG (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

Karina brings her drawings to life, but her talent can lead to her demise. She’s terminally ill, and she won’t have much time left if she remains under her family’s shadow. So she silently sets out to live her last days for herself.

Karina’s narrative demonstrates the courage to be selfish and appreciate life. Her journey changes not only her but the characters she interacts with along the way as well.

I’ve received free access to Karina’s Last Days in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


The Little Lady Behind the Scenes by Sunsaeng, CH, and Yehwon
The Little Lady Behind the Scenes

The Little Lady Behind the Scenes by Sunsaeng, CH, & Yehwon (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

Lilianne, concerned about her older sister Julianne’s taste in men, decides to study those potential suitors. However, Lilianne’s sweet tooth makes it easier said than done. Julianne’s suitors are bribing Lilianne with candy and cakes. But Lilianne isn’t going to give up because her sister deserves the best.

This is a funny and sweet webcomic with an adorable protagonist. The story brims with endearing moments between the sisters.

I’ve received free access to The Little Lady Behind the Scenes in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Can We Become Family? by Matcha-vienna and hanirim
Can We Become Family?

Can We Become Family? by Matcha-vienna & hanirim (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

An orphan adopted by a Duke, Naviah knows that she’s a stand-in for his terminally-ill daughter, Vivian. When Vivian surprisingly recovers, Naviah is cast off and later dies. And when Naviah wakes up, she’s 8 years old again. However, she’s not going to meet the same fate this time.

Naviah doesn’t waste time making sure her first life doesn’t follow the same path in her second. She handles her previous bullies and tormentors, including the Duke’s son who wants to ruin her reputation.

I’ve received free access to Can We Become Family? in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


I'm Deleting Them From My Life by Sorbet and miraenavi
I’m Deleting Them From My Life

I’m Deleting Them From My Life by Sorbet & miraenavi (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

Her parents’ death has literally left Antonia Serhil speechless. After experiencing decades of abuse at the hands of her Uncle, husband, she dies and wakes up as a child. During her second life, she decides to weed out the toxic people, starting with her maid, Dora. Antonia isn’t allowing anyone to take advantage of her this time.

Excellent character development happening here. Like in other similar isekai stories I’ve read, the protagonist shows emotional strength and actively finds ways to fix the issues in her past life.

I’ve received free access to I’m Deleting Them From My Life in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Kaleidoscope by Lady Nefertiti

Kaleidoscope by Lady Nefertiti (16+)

Dante loves movies and tattoos. She also remembers her past life, at least most of it. But things start to get more confusing when she meets Virgil, her reincarnated lover from her past life. She wants to know more about her past incarnation, but it looks like some truths are better left buried.

In Kaleidoscope, nothing is what it seems. The story addresses perception and gaslighting. Like the clever art style, the pop culture and media references don’t feel forced.

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I’ve received free access to Kaleidoscope in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Hard Lacquer by Amelia Allore
Hard Lacquer

Hard Lacquer by Amelia Allore

Robin Huong is a bodyguard for influencer Claire Belmonte. The two seem like an unlikely pair, but they’re actually working together to dismantle a multimillion dollar crime syndicate.

Hard Lacquer is an enemies to lovers spy drama that is funny and compelling throughout.

I’ve received free access to Hard Lacquer in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Webcomics I’ve Reviewed This Month:

Roommate by Ying Tran

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Is there a webcomic (or two, or more) that you’d like to recommend? It doesn’t have to fit this month’s theme. Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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