The Bitching Dead Issue 15: The Walking Dead 9×11, 9×12 & More!

The Walking Dead Season 9 Ep 11 Bounty 12 Guardians review
Judith in The Walking Dead Season 9 (Image: Screengrab)

The Bitching Dead Issue 15 covered The Walking Dead Season 9 episode 11 (“Bounty”), episode 12 (“Guardians”) as well as recent TWD news, including a new spin-off being in active development.

The ratings for The Walking Dead TV series continue to drop. However, it’s still one of the most watched shows out there – so it makes sense for the creators to think about introducing a new spin-off to join Fear the Walking Dead.

The second spin-off is in active development at AMC. While we don’t have a lot of details about where the story will take place, due to past comments from the people involved, we won’t be surprised if the latest spin-off is set somewhere very cold. With Game of Thrones ending, it seems TWD is coming for the White Walker niche.

We talked about the spin-off and the most recent episodes of season 9 in our The Bitching Dead Issue 15 webcast!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Does anyone know what is going on with Michonne? Are we ever going to get an explanation about what happened to her and the rest of the characters during the time jump?
  • Seeing Gracie, even for just a second, was fun.
  • Even though Alpha’s evilness has been watered down a bit compared to how she was in the comic book series, she is still quite ruthless.
  • Why is the show trying to force us to care about Henry and Lydia’s relationship?
  • I’m all for Rosita having her own Telenovela during TWD. She has three men falling for her!
  • Nabila having three children during the zombie apocalypse was quite funny.
  • We think it’s time for Ezekiel to die.
  • Will the showrunners allow Daryl to have a love interest? Probably not.
  • Judith is getting on my nerves!

What did you think of The Walking Dead season 9 episodes 11 “Bounty” and 12 “Guardians”? Are you still enjoying watching the series? Let us know in the comments!

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