The Bitching Dead Issue 16: The Walking Dead 9×13 & 9×14 – ‘Chokepoint’ & ‘Scars’

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 13 Chokepoint and 14 Scars review.
Daryl reading a note in ‘Chokepoint’ (Image: Screengrab)

Welcome to The Bitching Dead Issue 16 where we cover The Walking Dead Season 9 episodes 13 and 14 (‘Chokepoint’ and ‘Scars,’ respectively). While both episodes did give us something to talk about, our conversation ended up moving toward a discussion of the sexual preferences of certain fictional characters from this franchise. Do you think Maggie is a Bossy Bottom?

It seems Tom Payne might not return to The Walking Dead if his new pilot gets picked up. And you know what? Good for Payne to land an acting job as a lead because TWD couldn’t figure out what to do with his character.

As for the episodes, ‘Chokepoint’ and ‘Scars’ had some good moments, but does anyone care about Henry and Lydia’s relationship?

Here are some highlights from The Bitching Dead Issue 16 webcast:

  • Beta getting up after falling from such a height made no sense.
  • Why aren’t the walkers disintegrating? It has been years. Most of them should be crawling on the ground as mere skeletons.
  • Is Lydia going to lick Henry’s new scar? At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if she does.
  • ‘Scars’ finally told us about the traumatic ordeal Michonne and Daryl had to go through during the time jump. I loved seeing kids turning into crazy little killing machines.
  • Judith continues to get on my nerves.
  • What was up with the Highwaymen? I guess they are just going to serve as fodder when Alpha decides to attack the Kingdom.
  • Are you a fan of the fake Shiva?
  • Where are the Oceanside people?
  • Ezekiel has to die at this point, right? We aren’t sure if Jerry will die as well.
  • Do you think John Dorie from Fear the Walking Dead is the type of Top who cries while being intimate? Because we sure do!
  • Carol is the epitome of a Bossy Top, right?

With only more two episodes left, let’s see what The Walking Dead Season 9 finale has in store for us.

Did you enjoy watching ‘Chokepoint’ and ‘Scars’? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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