The Bitching Dead Issue #24: Something Finally Happened!

walk with us the walking dead season 10 episode 12
Carol in ‘Walk with Us’ (Image: Screengrab)

The Bitching Dead Issue 24 focused on covering episodes 11 and 12 of The Walking Dead season 10, titled “Morning Star” and “Walk with Us” respectively. We also had Johnny Bronto (from Haunt Scene) join us as a special guest.

As usual, before I go over the highlights from our The Bitching Dead Issue 24 webcast, I’m going to share some viewing numbers with you all. With episode 11, ‘Morning Star,’ for the first time in the franchise’s history, TWD wasn’t able to reach the 3 million live viewers milestone. Said episode came in at 2.93 million live viewers.

However, the show ticked back again with episode 12 ‘Walk with Us’ getting 3.49 million views. Considering what happened in episode 12, such an increase was expected. Whether or not the remaining four episodes will maintain the 3 million mark remains to be seen.

Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead have delayed filming due to the current medical emergency.

Also, we found out that Felix (played by openly queer actor Nico Tortorella) will be a queer character in the upcoming The Walking Dead: World Beyond spin-off. It will debut on AMC come April 12, 2020. Apparently, it will be a two-season limited series with each season only having 10 episodes.

Yay!… Sigh!

Anyway, here’s the webcast!

Some of the highlights from The Bitching Dead Issue 24 webcast include:

  • Where the heck is Daryl’s pet dog?
  • Realizing that Mary was played by actress Thora Birch.
  • We were all glad something finally happened in episode 12. And frankly, we weren’t expecting that thing to happen until the season 10 finale.
  • Some good acting moments from Birch and John Finn (who played Earl).
  • Seeing Judith take down some zombies and a Whisperer was fun. However, we would like her to not turn into her brother.
  • We’re looking forward to the Whisperers planning their revenge.
  • So, we’re just supposed to believe that Carol turning into a sobbing mess was just an act and she was actually working with Negan from the beginning? Oookkaaayyyy.
  • Johnny Bronto (Haunt Scene) using a number of props, including puppets, to drag some of the narrative choices in the two episodes we covered.
  • Of course, we go over our experiences related to social distancing and staying at home.
  • We still don’t understand how Michonne will be written off this show.
  • Magna being alive made no sense.
  • Who will take down Beta?
  • The real-time realization that we will be covering the final two episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 as well as the TWD: World Beyond premiere in a single webcast! Uh-oh!
  • Who thought making a TWD spin-off focused on teens was a good idea? We don’t have high hopes for the upcoming show. But, of course, we’ll be watching it.
  • We shared our TV show recommendations for what you should consider watching while you stay safe inside and find ways to pass the time. If you want to know which TV shows the rest of The Geekiary staff recommends, do read this post.    

What did you think of The Walking Dead season 10 episodes 11 and 12? Were you surprised by what Negan did?

Let us know.

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