“Historical Homos” Highlights Queer History on Dekkoo This June!

Historical Homos Dekkoo series June 2023
Historical Homos (Image: Dekkoo)

From historian Bash and film producer/actor Donal Brophy, the docu-series Historical Homos is ready to highlight LGBTQ+ history and drag the very straightwashed so-called historical context featured in textbooks and more.

Unfortunately, a number of queer historical figures are absent in the type of history lessons taught in schools. Either important queer people aren’t mentioned at all or they have been straightwashed or been made devoid of any sexuality. There’s a reason the “and they were roommates” joke continues to be a thing when talking about historical findings depicting human relationships. 

Historical Homos aims to change that by sharing “the gayest stories never told” and teaching viewers that LGBTQ+ history dates earlier than the gay liberation movement that took place during the ’60s and ’70s. From Gods to royalty to artists and more, history is full of queer individuals. And I’m looking forward to Historical Homos shining a light on them.

Created by Bash and his sister Lucy Hendra, the project began as a coffee table book and then turned into an Instagram page. And now it is a docu-series that will offer a much-needed dive into humanity’s queer past.

Judging from the trailer, I’m ready for the show to take a frank approach. This is clearly a more adult-oriented series, and I’m here for it! You can narrate a more child-friendly version to the younglings later. 

The world is hell-bent on believing that gays, lesbians, trans people and queers of all kinds are the proud innovations of the 20th century,” Bash shared in an official press statement. “Donal and I are here to prove that’s utter nonsense. Queer people have been around for eons, challenging society, serving looks, and living out their deepest fantasies. Our story stretches from Stonewall to Hadrian’s Wall, and only the gay gods know how far beyond that.”

Debuting during Pride Month, new episodes of Historical Homos will be made available every Friday. The first episode is titled ‘Toxic Boyfriends of Greek Mythology: Part the First’. This particular episode focuses on “the most infamous couples in Greek Mythology” made by Zeus and Ganymede. It will go over what Greek myths can tell us about the existence of homosexuality during that particular era and how it relates to the present.

The episode is supposed to be approximately 44 minutes long. So, you know a lot will be covered!

Upcoming episodes will talk about William Shakespeare, a transgender French spy named Chevalier d’Éon, and many more!

Co-produced by Zachary Quinto, you can watch Historical Homos via the Dekkoo streaming service.

I do think it’s an incredibly important moment to proudly tell stories about our heritage and our past,” Quinto shared (via Variety). “We are in this moment of real backlash against the progress that we’ve made as a community. But also look at how much we’ve accomplished, look how far we’ve come — even since I came of age, came out of school and started my career.”

Quinto came out back in October 2011 and is a vocal supporter of the queer community. Kudos to him for continuing to use his platform to promote such content.

Are you familiar with Historical Homos?

Let us know.

(via Queerty)

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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