The Bitching Dead Issue #23: Becoming a Parent Kills Your Libido!

squeeze the walking dead season 10 episode 9 review
Negan and Alpha in ‘Squeeze’ (Image: Screengrab)

The Bitching Dead Issue 23 focused on covering episodes 9 and 10 of The Walking Dead season 10 titled “Squeeze” and “Stalker” respectively. Both episodes ended up being quite boring.

Before I go over the highlights from our The Bitching Dead Issue 23 webcast, I’m going to share some viewing numbers with you all. Turns out, episode 9 ‘Squeeze’ was able to get 3.52 million live viewers. Episode 8 got 3.21 million views. So, that was a bit of an improvement. It’s still nowhere near what The Walking Dead series used to get, though.

As for the upcoming The Walking Dead: World Beyond spin-off, actor Nico Tortorella shared some details. Apparantly, there are three communities working together and one of them has Rick Grimes.

With the newsy stuff out of the way, here’s the entire The Bitching Dead Issue 23 webcast!

The Bitching Dead Issue 23 highlights include:

  • All of us were disappointed in the quality of the mid-season premiere. Is it wrong to expect something better? It’s the mid-season premiere, after all.
  • Episode 10 ended up being better than Episode 9.
  • Beta has way too much plot armor. Will anyone be able to kill him?
  • It was hilarious how the show made sure to let us know the two dudes Beta killed were bad people and, of course, very straight.
  • Beta being able to crawl out of a grave made no sense!
  • Aaron needs a romantic partner in his life. It has been too long.
  • Is it just us, or is the show killing the libido of certain characters by making them parents? Rosita (a very sexual being) seems to have settled down after birthing her kid. Does Aaron not have a romantic partner because he has Grace as an adoptive daughter?
  • Surprise! Another woman was killed to fuel Daryl’s manpain.
  • Carol continues to go down the crazy route.
  • The sex scene between Negan and Alpha! Apparantly, it grossed out certain viewers. However, we think said grossness had more to do with the actors not falling under the traditional definition of what media deems attractive on the small screen. If the sex scene featured a pair of ‘pretty’ actors, the response would have been different.
  • Who is going to kill Alpha? Do you think it will be Negan, Daryl, or Carol? I would like for it to be Carol, but considering her current mental state, I don’t think she will be able to pull it off.
  • Why is Lydia still around? Sigh!
  • We don’t have a lot of faith in the upcoming TWD: World Beyond spin-off. It will premiere on AMC come April 12, 2020. Considering the premise, it does feel a bit unnecessary. Let’s see if it’s able to survive beyond a second a season.

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