The Bitching Dead Issue #22: Justice For Carl!

the bitching dead issue 22

The Bitching Dead Issue #22 focuses on episodes 6, 7, and 8 of The Walking Dead season 10 titled “Bonds,” “Open Your Eyes,” and “The World Before” respectively. And surprise, surprise! The writing is so poor that nothing really happened in a total of three episodes (including the mid-season finale)!

I’m going to begin The Bitching Dead Issue 22 recap by getting some of the newsy stuff out of the way. Apparently, the main series will end will season 12 because the rumor is AMC wants to focus more on the spin-offs. I mean, I’ll believe it when I see it. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if TWD continues for a very long time because it’s still AMC’s highest-rated show.

Talking about ratings, TWD has finally begun to drop closer to the 1.0 range in the coveted 18-49 demo. It’s still one of the highest-rated shows on Cable TV, but at least the numbers are falling.

As for the upcoming spin-off, it’s going to be called The Walking Dead: World Beyond for some reason. Who’s ready for a YA zombie-apocalypse show? Who even asked for one?

Anyway, here’s the entire The Bitching Dead Issue 22 webcast! We had a surprise guest drop by (from Haunt Scene)!

The Bitching Dead Issue 22 highlights include:

  • Seeing Rosita fight Dante and protect her child was amazing. 
  • We were right about TWD writers giving Siddiq PTSD just so they could exploit his condition for cheap drama.
  • Siddiq’s death made no sense considering we had to trade his life for Carl’s. Justice for Carl!
  • We were right about Dante, too! His interactions with Siddiq were charged with queer energy.
  • It doesn’t even matter if a character simply hints at being queer (Siddiq and Dante). The writers will kill the character off because they don’t want too many queer people running around.
  • The mid-season finale literally ended with a couple of queers trapped in the zombie-filled Cave of Wonders. Will gay Aaron die or will one of the lesbians?
  • Were you one of the viewers who used to ship Daryl and Carol? Do you still ship them?
  • The scenes involving Negan and the Whisperers were fun.
  • It seems it’s the beginning of the end for Michonne.
  • At this point, this entire show will be left with only mediocre actors. 

Before I bring this recap to an end, if anyone is interested in reading a fun M/M paranormal mystery, my new book His Unwanted Mate will release on December 2, 2019. Pre-orders will open on November 29, 2019.

Are you still watching The Walking Dead Season 10? What did you think of our opinions in The Bitching Dead Issue 22? Let us know.

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