“Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season” Episode 4 “Take Us Back” – Game Review

clementine in Telltale the walking dead final season episode 4 take us back review
Clementine in ‘Take Us Back’ (Image: Screengrab)

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 4 ‘Take Us Back’ delivers a satisfying conclusion to Clementine’s story, which debuted back in 2012.

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The biggest question about ‘Take Us Back’ dealt with Clementine’s fate. Due to her dangerous world, will the writers end her story like Lee or will she be allowed to progress in her journey? The final episode showed what happened to Clementine and AJ, but not without pulling at the heartstrings first.

‘Take Us Back’ picked up from right where the previous episode ended. After surviving the explosion, the narrative was about Clementine and AJ trying to make their way back to Ericson’s Boarding School. There weren’t twists and turns in this episode. All of the mysteries had been resolved. So, it allowed the writers to focus more on Clementine and AJ while taking a more emotional approach.

The final season had players wonder about the kind of person AJ would become. With being raised in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, what kind of morals would AJ have? I’m not saying the writers did an amazing job addressing such themes. However, I won’t hold it against them because of the time constraints as well as how tough it can be to not villanize a very young character (who is also supposed to be a hero).

‘Take Us Back’ is about passing the torch. AJ has grown into someone who has to take Clementine’s place. I enjoyed playing the sequence where the gameplay switched between the two. The narrative was about the players putting their trust in AJ and after seeing how one particular instance was handled, we were right to depend on the kid.

All in all, ‘Take Us Back’ offered a satisfying conclusion to Clementine’s story while allowing AJ to come into his own. Some might think the writers played it safe. But I’m okay with their decision.

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