“Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season” Episode 3 “Broken Toys” – Game Review

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Episode 3 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season offers an exhilarating turn of events which have left me wanting more. “Broken Toys” served as the perfect penultimate episode. I can’t wait for the finale releasing in March!

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The fact that Telltale’s The Walking Dead game series literally came back from the dead after the indie company shutdown is amazing. Of course, fans were a bit worried about the quality when Skybound Games decided to save the game and tell Clementine’s story.

Episode 3, ‘Broken Toys,’ is the first installment under the new ownership. Skybound Games even brought back the same developers and I have to say I enjoyed the final product a lot, regardless of certain frame rate issues due to it being a rushed job.

‘Broken Toys’ picks up after the events of the second episode. Lilly, a person I never thought I would ever see make a return to the series, took a few kids from the Ericson Boarding School hostage and of course, Clementine and co. had to save them. The good news is Clem was able to capture Abel, who can lead her to where the kids are being held by Lilly.

I liked the interrogation scene involving Clem, A.J., and Abel. We have continued to see A.J. grow and in a sense, we have control over his personality. You, as the player, have to strike a balance between threatening Abel to give the information you need as well as set an example for A.J. You don’t want him to become an unempathetic killer, right? Or do you?

The current season has been sharing opinions about how the walkers still have some humanity in them. Abel is fearful of turning and being trapped in an undead body with no control over what he does. Also, James wants to show them mercy. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care how much humanity certain characters think the zombies have. The walkers need to be put down, permanently. This isn’t the Warm Bodies franchise.

The narrative also talks about how the older generation is turning into a far bigger threat than the undead. Greed, fear, and anger are prevalent in grown-ups, which have led them to become villains for numerous survivors. In contrast, it seems the younger generation is more well-adjusted to the zombie-filled world.

The children, including Clem, are willing to negotiate and work together. However, currently, they have to make a stand against certain grown-ups who wish to control them in their mission to acquire more power.

That is why Clem and her group board Lilly’s boat to save the other kids. Even during such a dangerous mission, Clem is willing to negotiate terms, but Lilly isn’t interested in anything Clem has to say. Again, troublesome adults!

The showdown involving Clem, A.J., and Lilly was fun, and yes, I didn’t stop A.J. from doing what was right.

The episode also had an emotional scene between Lee and a very young Clem. With Lee being a figment of Clem’s imagination, it made sense he didn’t give her some magical advice to solve everything. Clem will continue to experience obstacles. What’s important is she realizes the correct decisions she has to make to hold onto who she is as a person.

With how things ended in ‘Broken Toys,’ I’m ready to experience the final chapter in Clementine’s story and I do think it will be a satisfying conclusion.

Have you played Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season episode 3? What did you think of ‘Broken Toys’? Let us know.

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