The Bitching Dead Issue #21: “The Random Crazy Neutrogena Commercial Guy!”

What It Always Is - The Bitching Dead Issue 21
Neutrogena Commercial Guy and Negan in The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 5 ‘What It Always Is’ (Image: Screengrab)

The Bitching Dead Issue #21 focuses on episodes 4 and 5 of The Walking Dead season 10 titled “Silence the Whisperers” and “What It Always Is” respectively. This show continues to be a mess! (Duh!)

We have to open with the ratings. Episode 4 ended up giving this series the lowest live-viewing numbers yet with 3.3 million. The ratings for episode 5 are likely going to be low, too, but the data hasn’t been released as of writing this. Having said that, the show continues to perform well in the 18-49 rating demo. So you can see why AMC is all about creating another spin-off. Sigh!

The Walker Stalker Con situation continued to grow since the last time we talked about it. Numerous TWD cast members have shared that they won’t be returning, but apparently WSC is still coming back (for some reason). Maybe it will rebrand itself? Let’s see. We do have some suggestions for what the new name could be.

Here’s the entire webcast!

The Bitching Dead Issue 21 highlights include:

    • Where the heck did that fallen tree come from?
    • Why would anyone call zombies ‘hissers’? Like, why? This show will go out of its way (and beyond) to not refer to the undead as zombies.
    • Where the heck did the crazy Neutrogena guy stalking Negan come from?
    • The writers literally created three random new characters (which they quickly killed off) to give Negan something to do during the fifth episode. That’s amazing writing right there. Sigh!
    • Negan was able to kill a grown woman by casually flinging her at a wall! How strong is Negan supposed to be?
    • While I do feel the sexually intimate scene with the two lesbian characters was done to not scare away the straight audience (the gay characters never got such a scene!), we did agree it was filmed in a classy manner.
    • Speaking of lesbians, how long before this show decides to kill one of them?
    • You know they made Ezekiel kiss Michonne just so they could use that clip for promotional purposes. Taking out the kiss wouldn’t have changed the conversation those two had afterward.
    • Ezekiel’s days seem to be numbered. 
    • So, we are supposed to forget about the zombified Whisperer they showed in episode 3?

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