Author Isaac Marion Talks “The Living,” Concluding His “Warm Bodies” Series And More!

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The Living – Book Cover

Fans of the Warm Bodies book series will finally be able to read the conclusion on November 13, 2018. I was able to interview author Isaac Marion, and we talked about ending the main story with The Living, why he decided to sell the book directly to the fans, what’s next for him, and more!

Back in October of 2010, numerous readers were introduced to a new type of zombie in Warm Bodies. Author Isaac Marion’s unique spin on the undead was something many latched on to. Some of you might remember similar concepts in 2013’s gone-too-soon TV series In the Flesh.

Marion’s book was given a film adaptation in 2013. Starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, the movie went on to make more than $100 million at the global box office. A sequel to the blockbuster seemed like the next logical step. However, things changed for Marion. Fans were left waiting not only for the sequel to the film but to read the conclusion of the book series as well.

While the fate of the film series is still uncertain, you can definitely read the final book!

Marion has taken things in his own hands, selling a signed hardcover edition of The Living through his website. The Living will be released on November 13, 2018. You can pre-order a copy right now.

Check out my interview with author Isaac Marion to know about the events which lead him to make such a decision!

Here’s what you can expect from The Living:


The New York Times bestselling Warm Bodies Series has captivated readers in twenty-five languages, inspiring a major film and transcending the zombie genre to become something “poetic” (Library Journal) “highly original” (Seattle Times) and “ultimately moving” (Time Out London). Now the story of a dead man’s search for life reaches its conclusion on a scale both epic and intimate.

Before he was a flesh-eating corpse, R was something worse. He remembers it all now, a life of greed and apathy more destructive than any virus, and he sees only one path to redemption: he must fight the forces he helped create. But what can R, Julie, and their tiny gang of fugitives do against the creeping might of the Axiom Group, the bizarre undead corporation that’s devouring what’s left of America?

It’s time for a road trip.

No more flyover country. This time they’ll face the madness on the ground, racing their RV across the wastelands as tensions rise and bonds unravel—because R isn’t the only one hiding painful secrets. Everyone is on their own desperate search: for a kidnapped daughter, a suicidal mother, and an abused little boy with a gift that could save humanity…if humanity can convince him it’s worth saving.

All roads lead home, to a final confrontation with the plague and its shareholders. But this is a monster that guns can’t kill. A battle only one weapon can win…

I wish fellow author Isaac Marion all the success!

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Are you a fan of the Warm Bodies series? Are you looking forward to reading The Living? Let us know.

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