The Bitching Dead Issue #34: They Should All Be Dead

the bitching dead issue 34 fear the walking dead season 6
The Bitching Dead Issue 34 – Covering Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 (Image: Screengrab)

The Bitching Dead Issue 34 had Bekah, Tara, and I cover the final 8 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead season 6. And yes, we had opinions!

Of course, we have to open by talking about the ratings. Similar to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead has also been seeing a steady decline. Episode 14 got 0.94 million live-viewers while episode 15 got only 0.87 million live-viewers. Considering episode 15 was the penultimate episode, I was expecting higher numbers. As of writing this, the ratings for the finale haven’t been released. I’m interested in seeing if it will crack the 1 million live-viewers mark. (via Wikipedia)

I also wonder if TPTB will even move ahead with the planned spin-offs set in TWD franchise due to the viewership going down. We are, from what we can tell, still getting the three Rick Grimes-centric movies. Let’s see when said movies even go into production.

Here’s The Bitching Dead issue 34 webcast, covering Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episodes 9 to 16!

While we went through all 8 episodes during the webcast, we did jump between certain events depending on what we wanted to talk about. So, below are some of the highlights in no particular order.

  • It was kind of tough getting back into the show after John Dorie got killed in episode 8.
  • The writers have no idea what to do with Daniel.
  • The fact Daniel didn’t bring Skidmark with him during the finale! That cat better be okay.
  • Rufus decided to hide in a car during a nuclear explosion.
  • Oh! Did we mention there were numerous explosions via tactical nukes? Yup! That happened and apparently, a whole bunch of characters are still alive even though they should be dead. Let’s see if any of them die by radiation poisoning in Season 7.
  • The writers also have no idea what to do with Victor Strand. He went through zero character growth.
  • Actor Omid Abtahi (American Gods) showed up in the finale. Due to him having played queer characters before, I thought he was going to hook up with Victor in the finale. The height difference between those two!
  • Chopper Lesbian to the rescue!
  • Dakota finally died!
  • Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia, is carrying this show on her shoulders even if the writers don’t give her much to do.
  • Calling zombies Posters and Husks. This show is a mess!
  • Grace’s baby dying was sad.
  • Morgan continues to be the worst!
  • The confusion we faced due to two characters being named Rollie and Riley.
  • Actor John Glover did a good job playing the cult leader Teddy.
  • So, apparently, John Dorie’s father is basically bargain bin Batman (with Teddy being his Joker). His existence made no sense. Especially, the fact he had been living so close to major settlements.
  • Dwight and Sherry randomly finding a family who happened to have a cellar that’s resistant to nuclear blasts. Also, that horse better be safe!
  • We are so tired of Morgan.

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With Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 coming to a close, The Walking Dead season 11 will premiere on August 22, 2021.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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