Chucky 1×6 Review: “Cape Queer”

Cape Queer Chucky Season 1 episode 6 review
Adult Andy and Kyle killing a piece of Chucky’s soul in ‘Cape Queer’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 1 Episode 6)

Chucky season 1 episode 6, titled ‘Cape Queer’ (a play on the film Cape Fear), allowed the teens to make contact with Andy and Kyle. Also, parents die whenever Chucky’s near. And this episode really leaned into that aspect of this iconic franchise.

With ‘Cape Queer’ opening with a scene featuring Andy and his foster sister Kyle, I was so happy to see the OG duo again. The two had been traveling the country tracking down and killing as many Good Guy Dolls they could find. I enjoyed seeing the dynamic between the two siblings. After shooting down a Good Guy Doll belonging to a young girl, Kyle was worried about the child being traumatized forever. However, Andy was quick to state that the little girl would be fine and what mattered was that she’s still alive.

As far as my opinion goes, Andy’s grown to become a very ‘no-nonsense’ kind of adult when it came to killing Chucky. He was very blunt when he and Kyle were interrogating the young girl’s family. He also shot the Good Guy Doll in the forehead while the girl was still holding him. Andy’s mission resulted in him living a lonely life. He even continued to torture Chucky’s severed head for four years to gain intel into the serial killer’s psyche.

On the other hand, Kyle’s managed to live a comparatively normal life. I think she even got married. However, I’m not sure if she’s a mother or not. With Kyle joining Andy’s mission, it did seem like she’s the one keeping an eye on Andy and does try to reel him in when necessary.

With Jake, Devon, and Lexy contacting Andy and asking him to come to Hackensack, I can’t wait to see the OG adults teaming up with the young teens to figure out a way to end Chucky’s reign of terror.

While Jake, Devon, and Lexy became close friends over the course of this series, the narrative continued to isolate Junior. I don’t know about you, but Chucky killing Bree came as a surprise to me. Due to her cancer diagnosis, I thought her character would be used as a heroic sacrifice to protect Junior and the other young teens down the line. But nopes, Chucky had other plans for her. Also, I should have remembered that parents were at a high risk of being killed off in the Child’s Play franchise.

Having broken up with Lexy, being ignored by his friend Devon, and losing his mother, Junior’s left with his cousin Jake (whom he disliked) and a demanding father he didn’t share a healthy relationship with. Junior’s completely vulnerable. He’s ready to be manipulated by Chucky to take a step or two over to the dark side. I’m fully expecting Junior to try and hurt or kill Jake.

Speaking of being left motherless, Devon’s mom, Detective Evans, being killed at the end of ‘Cape Queer’ was another surprise. I liked her as a character and I wanted her to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the gruesome murders in Hackensack. I wanted her to work with Devon, Jake, and Lexy to stop Chucky. Sigh!

Her detective work did lead to Miss Fairchild being arrested. Detective Evans even mentioned Miss Fairchild’s delinquent past. I don’t know about you, but I have a suspicion that Miss Fairchild could end up being Chucky and Tiffany’s child Glenda.

Another awesome moment in ‘Cape Queer’ featured Tiffany’s interactions with Nica. With a trigger suppressing Chucky’s control over Nica again, I enjoyed seeing Nica try and fool Tiffany into thinking she was still being controlled by Chucky. Of course, Tiffany didn’t fall for it. She knew Chucky too well.

While I thought Tiffany would be angry at Chucky for keeping Nica’s existence a secret from her, turns out, Tiffany was okay with Nica coming back. Due to interacting with Chucky while he’s in Nica’s body, Tiffany had fallen for Nica. She wanted to find a way to keep Nica away from Chucky’s control. My current theory is that Tiffany will try to transfer Chucky’s soul out of Nica’s body into a new Good Guy Doll which will allow Nica to continue living in her original human body. But let’s see what happens because Chucky has been surprising me a lot with certain storytelling decisions.

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