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  • Revry’s “To Be Me” Shines a Light on Gender Identity

    If you’re searching for something new to watch during Pride Month, To Be Me is the latest Revry original series added to the streaming service. It is a scripted drama that tells the story of a young, Midwestern African-American who struggles with their gender identity. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content […]

  • Tyler Hoechlin Is Sephiroth and I Wish I Were a Gamer

    When the news broke that Tyler Hoechlin was going to be doing a voice in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, I jumped on that claim. You all should know by now that my love of Hoechlin knows no bounds, but as I’m sitting here trying to write this, I suspect I am not the best person […]

  • Claws 3×1 Review: Just the Tip

    Claws, one of the best TV shows currently airing, came back with an incredibly awesome season 3 premiere. ‘Just the Tip’ showed Desna that being a boss isn’t easy. She got introduced to new antagonists and I can’t wait to see how she and crew win this time. Read our before commenting. Please do not […]

  • Attack on Titan 3×19 Review: “The Basement”

    It has finally happened, everyone. The most hyped event in the history of everything has happened. WE HAVE MADE IT TO THE BASEMENT. Is it everything you hoped for? Is it everything that was promised? Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged.