Conventions 2022

The 2022 convention season is upon us and the Geekiary is heading back out into the con scene.

Below you will see our currently scheduled conventions as well as a list of our expected attendees. 

All conventions are subject to change based on our attendees availability and COVID-19 surges.  We will attempt to keep this page updated as much as possible. 

Convention Round Up 2016 SDCC Steven UniverseKawaii Kon
April 22nd-24th
Honolulu, HI

Attended by: Angel

Washington DC

Attended by: Jessica W

San Diego Comic Con
July 20th-24th
San Diego, CA

Attended by: Angel, Jamie, Stacey

the 100 at dragon con 2019
The 100 fan photoshoot at DragonCon 2016

Flame Con
August 20th-21st
New York, NY

Attended by: Jamie

Dragon Con
September 1st-5th
Atlanta, GA

Attended by: Bekah

New York City Comic Con
October 7th-10th
New York, NY

Attended by: Jamie

Anime NYC
November 18th-20th
New York, NY

Attended by: Jamie