DC’s Stargirl 3×06 Review: “Chapter Six: The Betrayal”

Chapter Six: The Betrayal
Rick (Cameron Gellman), Beth (Anjelika Washington), Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) confront Courtney (Brec Bassinger) in “Chapter Six: The Betrayal.”

Tensions escalate among the JSA members regarding Cindy and Cameron as a new threat is discovered in “Chapter Six: The Betrayal.”

With Yolanda’s (Yvette Monreal) discovery of the Gambler’s laptop in Cindy’s (Meg DeLacy) bedroom at the end of “Chapter Five: The Thief,” Cindy becomes the primary suspect in “Chapter Six: The Betrayal.” Though tensions between the Justice Society of America (JSA) members have been building throughout the season, the JSA is fractured by episode’s end.

Before Yolanda can act on her promise to beat up Cindy, she preemptively attends Confession to beg for forgiveness. Though the sequence of Yolanda trying to discuss the situation without revealing circumstances is amusing, it highlights one of the issues with Yolanda’s character this season. Unless Yolanda is going to Confession before every JSA fight, it doesn’t make sense that she feels that she would need forgiveness unless she plans to go beyond simply fighting Cindy. After her struggles with killing last season, it’s surprising that Yolanda would potentially consider killing again.

Courtney (Brec Bassinger) tries to help Cameron (Hunter Sansone) control his ice powers, using what Sylvester (Joel McHale) taught her to guide him. He asks her how she knows so much about controlling his powers, and she comes up with a lie. While Courtney’s reasoning for lying to Cameron makes sense, there is a sense of dread of the impending fallout.

Pat (Luke Wilson) and Barbara (Amy Smart) visit Cameron’s grandparents Lily and Sofus (Kay Galvin & Jim France), concerned about their potential negative influence on Cameron. The humor of the awkward sit down is punctuated by Lily’s hatred of Pat and Barbara and Sofus talking her down in their native language. Things become even more awkward as Courtney and Cameron enter the room, but the adults agree that their relationship isn’t an issue. In addition, Mike (Trae Romano) and Jakeem’s (Alkoya Brunson) attempt to woo Cindy to join their superhero group and seek advice from Zeek (King Orba) is also amusing.

Pat (Luke Wilson) and Barbara (Amy Smart) in “Chapter Six: The Betrayal.”

Despite last week’s conversation, Beth (Anjelika Washington) continues to struggle with her parents’ (Kron Moore and Gilbert Glenn Brown) desire to be involved in her superhero life. Though it’s sad that Beth must push her parents away, it’s annoying that they suddenly want to be involved in her life after not being there for Beth for much of the last season.

At Sylvester’s request, Beth downloads the contents of the Gambler’s laptop and Yolanda attempts to discreetly return it to Cindy’s bedroom. However, Cindy is waiting for her and the two begin a thrilling fight sequence inside before landing on the front lawn. Rick (Cameron Gellman), with a now limitless hourglass, arrives for backup and he and Yolanda accuse Cindy of murder. During the struggle, Cindy’s costume is torn revealing a scaly arm underneath.

Courtney breaks up the fight with a blast from Cosmo. Cindy admits that the transformations started when she returned from the Shadow lands. She confesses to stealing the Gambler’s laptop to help her find a cure but is adamant that she didn’t kill him. During the exchange, Cindy becomes angry and reveals to everyone that Courtney has been helping Cameron with his powers. She ends by warning Courtney that Cameron will turn on her when he finds out the truth, and that she hopes that he wins. Cindy’s willingness to turn on the only person who believes in her will likely make things worse for her.

After the revelation, Yolanda and Rick confront Courtney. Even Beth, who previously sided with Courtney about Cindy, is upset. Courtney vouches for Cameron, but Rick and Yolanda argue that Cameron is destined to be like his father. Courtney suggests that she step down from leading the JSA and nobody protests. While Courtney was wrong to ignore everyone and put Cameron over her role in the JSA, it’s hard to blame her for not telling Rick and Yolanda about Cameron. The fact that they were hostile to him over simply dating Courtney makes the idea of telling them about Cameron’s abilities even worse.

Sylvester comforts Courtney afterwards, and the two share a nice heart-to-heart. He admits that they are very similar in their instinct to try and take care of things themselves. Surprisingly, Sylvester trusts Courtney’s assertion that Cameron needs support and guidance as he figures out his abilities, not hostility and manipulation. Though Sylvester has had both good and bad moments this season, he seems to be improving as a mentor.

It’s unfortunate that the JSA is starting to split up now, as a new threat is on the horizon. Though the audience, and the Gambler prior to his death, knew that the JSA and ISA members are under surveillance, Beth discovers the camera feeds on the Gambler’s laptop. She takes the time to warn Pat and Courtney about the cameras at the end of “Chapter Six: The Betrayal.” Though the cameras and the mysterious villain behind them have not gotten much focus this season, that will likely change in the second half of the season.

Author: Jessica Wolff

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