Andor 1×06 Review: “The Eye”

The Eye
Cassian (Diego Luna) in “The Eye.”

Cassian and the rebels manage to pull off the carefully plotted heist under the cover of “The Eye,” but not everything goes according to plan.

With training completed in “The Axe Forgets,” Cassian (Diego Luna) and the rebels finally carry out their mission in “The Eye.” While the previous episode focused on character moments, this week’s episode allowed the action of the heist to drive the story. While the mission ultimately succeeds, there are a few casualties in the high-stakes heist.

As Cassian and Karis (Alex Lawther) discuss the mission and philosophy prior to the mission, the Imperial officers discuss the upcoming meteor shower, known as “The Eye.” They make disparaging remarks about the Native tribe coming to see the rare event, suggesting that they are simple-minded and easily manipulated. The Empire’s racism towards the Natives continues the series’ trend of successful parallels between the Empire and the real world.

Inside the Imperial base, the rebels’ man on the inside, Lieutenant Gorn (Sule Rimi) puts the plan in motion, tasking the disguised rebels to escort an Imperial officer, Beehaz (Stanley Townsend) and his resentful family during the festivities. Hidden away, Vel (Faye Marsay) and Cinta (Varada Sethu) work on the technical aspects of the plan. The tension as Vel and Cinta must sneak into the base to install a device that eliminates the Empire’s communications sets the tone for the overall compelling action of the episode.

Once Cinta and Vel complete the first part of their mission, the others put the rest of the plan in motion. They take Beehaz and his family hostage and Vel and Cinta arrive to save the group from being shot by another Imperial officer. The group moves deeper into the Imperial base, forcing Beehaz to open the vault and the Imperial soldiers to load the ship with payroll. In the control room, Vel and Cinta share a meaningful look before parting ways, adding a nice emotional moment in between the action.

Down in the vault, Gorn reveals himself as part of the mission and Beehaz is stunned by his betrayal. The scenes of the mission throughout the episode are effectively spliced with the scenes of the Natives performing their rituals as they prepare for the meteor shower. Not long after, the mission starts to go awry. An Imperial officer picks up on the communication between the rebels and goes to investigate. A shootout begins and the remaining rebels must stop loading the ship and escape with what they have.

Karis is crushed by the stolen payroll during the escape as Cassian pilots the ship. The chase scene as the rebels fly away during the visually stunning meteor shower is a thrilling conclusion to the mission. Though Vel is hesitant to take Karis to a doctor, Cassian insists on attempting to save him.  The four-armed doctor is unable to save Karis, making the mission’s success feel bittersweet.

In a shocking turn of events, Arvel (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) suggests to Cassian that they take the money and leave the rest of the rebels behind. He then admits that he lied about his brother dying at the hands of the Empire and attempts to manipulate Cassian. Cassian shoots him and tells Vel that he’s leaving with his portion of the profits. Vel tells him that Karis wanted him to have his Rebellion manifesto, and he begrudgingly takes it as he leaves the group behind.

In the aftermath of the mission, the Empire has an emergency meeting, Senator Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) makes a speech to try and influence the other senators, and Luthen (Stellan Skarsgard) is thrilled when he hears that the mission was a success. “The Eye” is a thrilling conclusion to Cassian’s introduction to the Rebellion. Though Cassian leaves at the mission’s conclusion, it likely won’t be long until he’s back to take his place in the Rebellion.

Author: Jessica Wolff

Jessica Wolff is a graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Film/Video. She has a passion for entertainment and representation in entertainment. She currently resides outside of Washington, DC.

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