‘Death Stranding’ Actually Has A Release Date? It’s a GAME??

Death Stranding

I’m mostly kidding. Of course Death Stranding is a game. But you’ll have to forgive us if we kind of got comfortable with the idea that it’d be years of endless trailers for all of eternity.

Hideo Kojima’s long awaited game Death Stranding will apparently be released on November 8th, 2019.  It’ll feature Norman Reedus as some sort of vore loving mpreg survivor guy and Mads Mikkelsen as a villainous tentacle daddy.  Honestly I have no idea what this is about.


The confusion about what this game is all about has been half the fun.  Our baffled speculation is part of the hype.


The buzz around the game is coming from several angles.  You have the gamers who are excited about a Hideo Kojima project that was essentially given a blank check by Sony.  You have the fangirls that are coming in because of their favorite actors (hi, Mads Mikkelsen fangirl checking in).  And you have the confused bystanders who are watching these two groups of people freak out about a mysterious game and are intrigued by the fandom spectacle.

Death StrandingAll of this excitement has created such a high amount of buzz that Death Stranding came in second on global trending topics only to Robert Mueller.  And honestly, we kind of beat all the secondary trending Mueller related tags too, which is impressive.  Because, like, that’s pretty big news too.  I honestly had a moment this morning when I wasn’t quite sure which trending topic to click on first here.  (Shh, I clicked Death Stranding first. Oops).

The release date news came with two additional bits of information.  We got a new trailer which features a bit of game play for the first time.  We also got a look at the collector’s edition, which comes with all sorts of goodies including… a baby.  Yes, a baby.  In one of the earlier trailers, Norman Reedus’ character vores a baby and is carrying it or something. I don’t know. It’s all very confusing.  But if you want a baby to commemorate the confusing vore moment, the collector’s edition is there for you for $200.  Other editions of the game are available for pre-order for as low as $59.99.

Death Stranding

I’m not a huge console gamer.  Most of the games I play are PC or mobile.  But I’ve been thoroughly caught up in the excitement for this one and don’t know what I’m going to do about it.  Find a friend with a PS4? Rely on Let’s Play‘s to get me through?  Frankly I have no idea.  I could have been sustained for years on just the trailer content, but we’re getting the whole thing in just five months so I guess it’s time to form a battle plan.

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