You Can Pee In Death Stranding and That’s a Thing

Death Stranding Pee Norman Reedus

A new six minute game play trailer for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has dropped and apparently taking a wee is part of game play. So of course we are discussing it.  Of course.

Look.  The thing about Death Stranding fandom is that we’ve been getting confusing trailers for literally years and nothing makes sense, but we are still enjoying the hell out of it.  While we are all eager for the game to actually get released, we’ve reached a weird sort of zen with our Norman Reedus vore baby/tentacle daddy Mads Mikkelsen/inexplicable Guillermo Del Toro cameo-related trailers.  But now we have a six-minute game play trailer and, well, Norman Reedus’ character takes a piss and fandom is once again collapsing on itself.

Kojima has clarified that you can’t see Norman Reedus’ peen while he’s peeing, but also hinted that if players pee in the same spot “something good will happen.” This seems to jive with the gameplay we see where the character keeps his back to the camera even when you move around.  What could possibly happen when two characters pee in the same spot, though?  Does something happen to the mushroom that sprouts there?  We need to know!  I guess we’ll find out in November when thousands of us rush to pee on the same patch of virtual land.

Fan reaction has been on par to most other news about this game.  Confused. Intrigued.  Ready to roll with it because Hideo Kojima is, well, Hideo Kojima.

Granted, this isn’t the first game where pissing is part of game play for a widely distributed game. I’m looking at you, The Sims!  I’ve left Sims doing tasks to buff up their skills and neglected their basic needs only to have them piss their pants and collapse in a puddle of their own urine more times than I care to admit (I’m a terrible Sim God).  But that’s expected in a game that is literally about simulating real life in a strangely fantastical way.  This feature comes as a bit of a surprise in what ostensibly appears to be a serious, dark, and mysterious science fiction/fantasy game.  But this IS Hideo Kojima.  We need to stop being surprised by the weirdness and just roll with it.  The weirdness is part of the charm and I am totally here for it.

We also got character videos of Bridge Baby and Mama, and for those of you who take your games far more seriously than I do, you can view those below in the embedded tweets.  But for me they were totally overshadowed by the pee thing because I’m a twelve year old at heart and pee is funny. To some degree, these characters are weird, too.  Interdimensional breast feeding?  Okay, Hideo Kojima. Okay.

Death Stranding will be released on November 8th, 2019.  Maybe we’ll find out what it’s all about then.  Or maybe we won’t.  And honestly I’m fine either way.  I’m here to enjoy the confusion.

Author: Angel Wilson

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