“Elephantmen 2261” Season 3 – Issue 2 – Exclusive Preview!

Elephantmen Season 3 Issue 2
Elephantmen 2261 Season 3 – Issue 2 (Image: PR)

The Geekiary is excited to share with you all an exclusive preview of the upcoming Elephantmen 2261 Season 3 Issue 2. Enjoy!

Elephantmen 2261 Season 3: Theo Laroux Meets The Elephantmen! Issue 2 of 5 will go on sale August 4, 2020. The upcoming issue has been written by Richard Starkings with art from Axel Medellin.

The official description reads:

British documentarian, Theo Laroux is in Los Angeles to interview the Elephantmen! However he has sought out SKYCAB driver, Miki in an effort to understand her apparent infatuation with one of the more well known Elephantmen, Hip Flask. But has Theo unwittingly stumbled upon another story with much broader implications for all the Elephantmen?

Here are the preview pages!

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If interested, you can go ahead and pre-order Issue 2 right now.

The description for the first issue reads:


British documentarian, Theo Laroux comes to Los Angeles to interview the Elephantmen! His first subject is LAPD Lieutenant Trench, who takes him on a ridealong on the darker side of Los Angeles, 2261.

For those who might not know, the first issue of Elephantmen (written by Richard Starkings) was released all the way back in 2006. It’s impressive seeing how the franchise is still going on. 

The premise deals with human/animal hybrids that include elephants, hippos, zebras, hyenas, and more. The hybrids, born by using human women, are trained from birth to be killers. They aren’t allowed to have their own thoughts. As the narrative progressed, we got to see humans and the Elephantmen trying to live together. Of course, problems (involving discrimination and fear) arose. 

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