Exclusive Preview – “The Never Ending Party” Issue 5 (comiXology Originals)

The Never Ending Party issue 5
The Never Ending Party Issue 5 – Title

The queer-inclusive and supernatural title, The Never Ending Party, from co-writers Rachel Pollack and Joe Corallo will conclude with its fifth issue come October 4, 2022. And we are excited to share an exclusive preview!

I talked about The Never Ending Party back in June of this year. A comiXology Original from Pollack and Corallo, with art by artist Eva Cabrera and colorists Cons Oroza and Claudia Aguirre, The Never Ending Party was described as a collision of the supernatural and modernity.

The official description reads:

Twenty-five years after losing her lover Lulu in a cult ritual for Dionysus gone wrong, Mindy Morrow is trying to live her life and put the past behind her. Unfortunately for Mindy, the past won’t let her go. While she’s taking care of her friend Flavia, Mindy’s frenemy Kate Park is trying to lure her back into the old club scene, while something more ancient and terrifying awaits them all.

Let the party begin.

As someone who has been keeping up with the story, you should be prepared for a story about parties getting out of hand (it’s in the title after all), lots of death, and queer emotions. The fourth chapter had a well-written scene where Mindy helped Lulu catch up to the progress humanity’s made related to transgender issues. 

According to the description for the upcoming fifth installment, the fate of Dionysus, Lulu, and the entire world is now in Mindy’s hands. Things continued to grow worse at the end of issue four. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next and if the creative team will leave a door open for a continuation.

Here’s the preview!

The Never Ending Party Issue 5 Page 2
Page 2
The Never Ending Party Issue 5
Page 3
The Never Ending Party issue 5
Page 4
The Never Ending Party issue 5
Page 5
The Never Ending Party issue 5
Page 6 (censored due to website policy)
The Never Ending Party issue 5
Page 7

Take note; The Never Ending Party is available at no additional cost for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited.

Have you been reading The Never Ending Party? Are you excited about the fifth issue?

Let us know.

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