Exclusive “The Pride Omnibus” Spotify Music Playlist From Joe Glass

The Pride Omnibus release
The Pride Omnibus

Timed for Pride, Dark Horse Comics and comiXology have published an omnibus print edition of writer Joe Glass’ acclaimed comic book series The Pride (June 1, 2021). Celebrating the release, we’re excited to share an exclusive Spotify playlist compiled by Glass.

The Pride Omnibus includes The Pride Volume 1 and 2 and The Pride Adventures, a collection of stand-alone stories. The omnibus marks the first time the entire series has been made available in print in comic book shops, bookstores, and libraries. As someone who has read The Pride, here’s to hoping the readership continues to expand.   

The Pride is all about taking a group of people who’ve so often seen their stories only told as subtext, and making it explicitly text,” said Joe Glass. “It’s about bringing that representation bursting out of the closet of metaphor and allegory, and making them openly, proudly the heroes of the story. It’s all that, plus some classic, bright, fun superhero action and melodrama that anyone can enjoy.”

The official description reads:

In The Pride, FabMan is sick of being seen as a joke. Tired of the LGBTQ+ community being seen as inferior to straight heroes, he thinks it’s about damn time he did something about it. Bringing together some of the world’s greatest LGBTQ+ superheroes, The Pride is born to protect the world and fight prejudice, misrepresentation and injustice – not to mention a pesky supervillain or two.

The Pride Adventures brings a whole host of extra, self-contained stories and adventures starring the heroes of the Pride! See the team members face down crazed shooters, invasions, and even a sixty-foot-tall drag queen! Join the Pride as they work to change the world and show just what they can do!

The Pride Omnibus is written by Joe Glass, Sina Grace, Mike Garley, and PJ Montgomery and is illustrated by a wide range of talented artists including Gavin Mitchell, Cory Smith, Dani Abrams, Samir Barrett, Elizabeth Beals, Maxime Garbarini, Hector Barros, and Cem Iroz to name just a few; with colors by Mark Dale, Nathan Ashworth, Hector Barros, Kris Carter, Elizabeth Swann, Ben Wilsonham, and Adam Graphite; with letters by Mike Stock; and covers by Jamal Campbell, W Scott Forbes, Jemma Salume, Hamish Steele, Ricardo Bessa and more.

Take note; The Pride was one of the best-selling comiXology Submit releases of 2014 and is the first Submit series comiXology has invested in to continue through comiXology Originals. The Pride Omnibus joins the recently announced paperback editions of the Eisner Award winner Afterlift, Breaklands, Youth, and The Black Ghost from the Dark Horse Comics and comiXology print program.

The Pride Omnibus will be available in bookstores today June 1, 2021, and in comic book shops on June 2, 2021. It will cost you $29.99 (ISBN: 978-1506724478) for more than 440 pages of well-written queer representation and superhero fun. Here’s the link to the title at Dark Horse Comics. You can also buy it on Amazon.

Let’s talk about the exclusive The Pride Omnibus Spotify Playlist!

According to Glass, it’s “wildly easy” to create a brief playlist for The Pride because all of the single-issue story titles are named after a song. The first season featured classic iconic tunes that Glass described as “essential gay listening, whether it be in the bars or theatres.” The second season, on the other hand, is named for Lady Gaga’s iconic deluxe edition of her first album, The Fame Monster.

Holding Out for a Hero – Bonnie Tyler

“Suitably epic and grandiose, this was how I wanted The Pride to wind up becoming. At the time, my main thoughts on LGBTQ+ representation in superhero comics was there was far too little of it and it was all I really wanted. I was literally holding out for a hero, so why not make a bunch myself.”

Firework – Katy Perry

“We all know that this song became a rallying call for the LGBTQ+ community when it first came out. I think every gay bar across the land couldn’t go a night without playing it. But it also matched that great, effulgent moment within the second issue as the team stand proudly in front of the world.”

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Barbra Streisand

“How could I have a playlist for this without including some Streisand, darling! An absolute banger of a musical number, a drunken fave, and a powerful response to anyone trying to stand in your way when you want to take your shot.”

You Think You’re a Man (Definitive Mix) – Full Frontal

“A legend of drag and smashing the mainstream expectation with the purity of your uniqueness, I knew I wanted to honor the late Divine. This version was used in the UK version of Russell T. Davies’ Queer As Folk, a formative queer story for me growing up. Plus, I like the sassy way it works as a fight song.”

Cabaret – Liza Minelli

“Darling, it’s LIZA! I am a sucker for a bit of musical showtunery, and this is another of my absolute faves. Given that this was to be linked to both a loss in the story and a celebration of the breadth of life, Cabaret always reminds me there is so much in this world. For every time things look bad, there are the sparks burning bright through it all.”

Finally – CeCe Peniston

“An absolute classic of a ‘choon’, as well as a perennial classic of drag performance, it brings that perfect sense of fruition. In the story, it happens as the team finally come together and show themselves to be everything we need. Also, if you haven’t felt just scrumptious in that closing, joyful ‘yeah yeah yeah’ of the song, there must be something wrong with you.”

In This Shirt – The Irrespressibles

“This song is absolutely gorgeous in that when I first heard it, it conjured, fully formed, stories of tragedy and loss so firmly that I began to peg a story in the world of The Pride around it. Thankfully, the band even let me use the lyrics to frame the story around, in one of the most experimental aspects of The Pride Adventures.”

The Pride Omnibus release
The Pride

Lady Gaga – The Fame

“Come on, it’s Lady Gaga. I’m a Little Monster at heart, and her debut album was so inspirational for getting my story together for the second season. The Fame became essentially the dual-edged sword that The Pride had to deal with. Yes, you got the spotlight you sought, but is that a good thing?”

Lady Gaga – Speechless

“The opening chords of Speechless, for some reason, make me think of going on tour and being on the road. For the team splitting up and going global, this felt like the perfect way to connect. Plus, it has that slight thread of melancholy through it and hinted at a troubling surprise to come.”

Lady Gaga – Monster

“The electronic synths bleed in, and then the drums burst as the beat busts out and takes us on a journey through a tumultuous relationship. Doesn’t get more tumultuous than a boy vs the hulk that beat up his dad.”

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

“The turn as the toxic relationship of the fame strikes the heart of The Pride. This track runs through the idea of a dangerous obsession that goes too far, but the attractiveness of that situation too. We’re all moths to the flame sometimes, after all.”

Lady Gaga – Dance in the Dark

“The buzz of feedback and again those venomous synths, as our villain in the story stands revealed. The track similarly has an element of the toxicity that the search of fame and recognition harbors.”

Lady Gaga – Teeth

“The unbridled sexuality of this track knows no bounds, and speaks to the monster whose nest we wilfully walk into. But there’s an element of empowerment through taking ownership of your body here too. This works so well for the end of The Pride’s second season.”

You can listen to the full The Pride Omnibus Spotify playlist (with over 50 songs) here.

Which songs are your favorite? Have you read The Pride?

Let us know. 

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