Favorite Canon Queer Couple?


Queer representation in the media is a topic we discuss at length here at the Geekiary.  We definitely need more representation in the media, particularly when it comes to protagonists, but when we started to go down the list and talk about some of our favorite existing couples we realized… there are quite a few!  There’s room for improvement, but the ones we do have should be celebrated. So here is a list of all of our favorite couples from TV shows, movies, comic books, and that wonderful little podcast we’ve grown to love oh so much.

If you’d like to tell us why they are your favorite or what they mean to you in particular, feel free to leave a comment below!  If we accidentally skipped your favorite couple, we’re sorry!  We went off of our personal favorites and submissions from our friends and we definitely haven’t seen everything, so feel free to educate us!

You can choose up to 4 per vote!  Poll closes on October 15th at midnight EST.

Author: Angel Wilson

Angel is the admin of The Geekiary and a geek culture commentator. They earned a BA in Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz. They have contributed to various podcasts and webcasts including An Englishman in San Diego, Free to Be Radio, and Genre TV for All. They identify as queer.

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183 thoughts on “Favorite Canon Queer Couple?

    1. Fearlessly and forever! Kurt Hummel is an amazing force of nature and no one makes him do or feel what HE doesn’t want. And clearly he wants Blaine.. Sorry if Kurt loving Blaine bothers ppl, but he does, so basically they don’t like Kurt for doing what they don’t agree with.

      1. And Kurt looks even hotter wearing his engagement ring that he accepted with his eyes wide open and of his own free will.

  1. Kurt and Blaine from Glee, that’s for sure. They’re canonically soulmates in every lifetime, and Blaine’s proposal speech was the single most romantic thing I’ve ever heard on tv. Hands down. They’re my lovelies.

    1. Really, you think they’re the most romantic thing in the world even after Blaine tried to pressure Kurt into sex the night after they went to the gay bar? You think it’s romantic that he slept with someone else because “he was lonely” and blamed Kurt for it? You think it’s romantic that he couldn’t even show support to Kurt who wanted to wear a kilt, NOT a skirt to prom? You think it’s romantic that he kissed Rachel, telling Kurt he didn’t know and was confused, while they were dating?
      Oh, you’re right, that’s SO romantic.

      1. Okay…let’s take it one by one here…shall we??
        First of all, S/he said that THE PROPOSAL SPEECH of Blaine was romantic!! But by the way let’s clear things up a little bit…Blaine was drunk when he tried to “pressure” Kurt to have sex with him but then he realised his mistake and apologized and Kurt was the one who finally decided to have sex. I admit that it was wrong for Blaine to sleep with someone else but remember what he told Sam…that he was starting to think that maybe Kurt and Blaine weren’t meant to be after all but after he slept with the other guy he knew that they were…and after all we all make mistakes, don’t forget that Kurt had “cheated” on him by texting with Chundler.And also Blaine had a point…Kurt was ignoring him, he was decling his calls and stuff. He didn’t show support to Kurt and agreed with Kurt’s father that Kurt shouldn’t wear a kilt bcz of what he had been through to his old school…he didn’t want Kurt to be through the same but he regreted not supporting him, u could tell by gus expression. (Also, remember what happend at the Prom: Kurt was elected Prom QUEEN(things like that Blaine wanted to avoid) and Kurt started crying and he ran out of the room and Blaine ran behind him to comfort him).
        And finally he didn’t kiss with Rachel while he was dating Kurt they were just hanging out. Blaine kissed Rachel at the episode 2×14(Blaime it On The Alcohol) and Kurt and Blaine started dating at the episode 2×16(Original Songs)
        I think you’re just seeing only what you want to see…All haters do.
        Do you have any other arguments?? Bring it On! I can’t wait to fight them back! 😉

        1. If you claim that Kurt was cheating on Blaine with the ‘texts’ with Chandler, then you have to also say that Blaine cheated with Sebastian. He constantly had contact with him through texts, phone calls and emails plus meeting up with him for at least two coffee dates and all of this was after Sebastian made it very clear that he wanted to have sex with Blaine and also Blaine did all of this behind Kurt’s back. Kurt simply text, nothing else. Blaine’s contact with Sebastian lasted for months.

          Also claiming that Kurt cheated on Blaine, that everyone on Glee cheats, etc, does not strengthen your argument that Kurt and Blaine are soulmates and their relationship is a depiction of a healthy and ideal relationship.

          So your arguments are actually backing up the fact that this is not a romantic or ideal relationship and certainly not one that queer kids/people should aspire to have for themselves.

          1. Um, no. It doesn’t matter to Klaine what the other parties were doing/feeling, what matters is what Kurt and Blaine felt and did with it. Blaine immediately made it clear to Sebastian he did not want to date him and was strictly platonically friendly to him, which he’s perfectly well allowed to do, especially since Sebastian and also Kurt were not cluing him in on just how much of a dick Sebastian was, until for obvious reasons Blaine wasn’t friendly anymore. Kurt did not immediately make it clear to Chandler he didn’t have a chance with him and enjoyed and encouraged his flirting. These situations are not equatable at all. (For the record, while he didn’t behave well, I don’t think Kurt cheated, and I enjoy this episode because I don’t need Kurt to be flawless all the time, both his and Blaine’s actions and feelings were understandable, and Kurt’s lack of genuine interest in Chandler made this feel like a minor but interesting problem Klaine ended up working through together very well.)

            What it does make a point about Glee’s complete lack of creative ideas when it comes to introducing conflict in a relationship. It’s practically always a third party. Kurt and Blaine have had mostly great writing, both for happy and unhappy moments, but this cheating bullshit drama was not. To many it didn’t even feel like the same couple, because Glee too often doesn’t care about characterization or proper set up and pacing when there’s ratings-grabbing drama to be had, so there weren’t really any of those considerations needed for good storytelling with this shocking development~. You can’t blame fans for focusing on the many quality moments over the fewer weaker moments of this show. That’s what all fans do with all shows that have writing issues, and Glee is definitely one of those shows. It’s what Glee fans do with other issues and other relationships as well; Tina’s sexually molesting Blaine, Mike breaking up with Tina for not being Asian enough (?!?!), Santana breaking up with Brittany because she saw a girl in the library, and Brittany and Sam having an epic love affair because apparently suddenly Sam has always had a thing for her, that creepy scene of Finn beating up Brody, etc.

            And Klaine are literally canonically soulmates, regardless of how anyone feels about S4.

            If you don’t like Klaine, whatever, you don’t have to. but don’t tell others that they can take strength from and be inspired by two lovely brave adoring gay high school sweethearts on a slightly less lovely show. There is plenty romantic and ideal about Klaine.

      2. I think it realistic.

        They’re in /high school/.

        Do you /remember/ being in high school?

      3. Okay but in all seriousness, let’s take a look at your arguments here.

        1. Blaine pressuring Kurt into sex? Oh please. If you’d actually paid any attention to that episode, the issue WAS NOT that Kurt didn’t want to have sex with Blaine, the issue was that Kurt didn’t want to have sex with Blaine for the first time in the backseat of a car when Blaine was drunk. The narrative made it pretty clear that Kurt DID want to have sex with him, he just wanted it to be at the right time and under the right circumstances. Kurt was the first one to actually bring up having sex, and when they made up after their fight, KURT was the one to suggest they go back to Blaine’s house, even though Blaine clearly gave him the option to go out with their friends instead.

        2. Blaine cheated. Honestly? Find me somebody on Glee who hasn’t in some way been involved with a cheating storyline. Glee’s writers are incredibly lazy, and when they run out of ideas, they fall back onto infidelity. You can’t base your hatred of a character on the fact that the Glee writers got lazy and threw his character under a bus for the sake of ~shock value. If you hate one character for cheating, you pretty much have to hate every character on Glee because they have ALL done it. And yet Blaine is the only one still getting hate for it?

        3. You are seriously more deluded than I thought. He didn’t support Kurt during the prom episode?? Yeah, he said that maybe they shouldn’t attract attention to themselves at prom. He got beaten up at a school dance just for going with another boy. And McKinley at the time was still VERY homophobic. Kurt had to transfer out of that school because of all the crap he was getting. So yeah, it’s kind of understandable that Blaine would be a little cautious about how they approach prom. And did he support Kurt when it counted? Absolutely. Who was the one to run after Kurt when he was voted Prom Queen as a joke? Who was the one to sit out with him in the hallway and let Kurt make his own decision about whether or not to leave or go back in? Who was the one who asked Kurt to dance when Dave ran off and left him alone in front of everyone…terrible, unsupportive Blaine, that’s who!

        4. LMAO. Blaine and Kurt were in no way dating when Blaine kissed Rachel, did you even watch season 2 at all?? People struggle with their sexuality and question it sometimes. It’s a thing that happens. And he was not dating Kurt at the time, so I really don’t see the problem here??

        Stop being so bitter that Kurt isn’t dating Karofsky or Sam or Sebastian or whoever and just let the Klainers ship their ship in peace and stop harassing us on every single poll we’re involved in, jfc.

          1. You don’t get to decide what people should or shouldn’t aspire to in their relationships, and trust me that little essay of yours is nothing I haven’t heard from haters before. How about instead of trying to make people feel like shit for liking a fictional couple, you find a new hobby??

            1. <3


              And with most of these people Blaine did one thing that made him not perfect and from that moment on he was UNWORTHY of Kurt.

              Telling Kurt to put his hands down (to help him so he'd actually have more of a shot getting the part he wanted!). Kissing Rachel and having a sexuality crisis instead of groveling at Kurt's feet in apology because Kurt should be his #1 priority in this and in life (while Kurt kind of did act just as inconsiderate as Blaine if not more, but no, Kurt is perfect and justified always.) Being a horny drunken idiot wanting to fool around with his boyfriend who he didn't notice was not in the mood at all (which Kurt wasn't nearly as upset over as these fans, probably because they somehow managed to get "attempted rape" out of that scene.)

              And from the moment he was declared UNWORTHY, yet (getting) with Kurt, they loathed him and consciously or unconsciously looked for more reasons to do so, instead of considering what's happening before judging, or at least considering how the writers might have intended a scene. They watch the show with the idea that Blaine doing something wrong is always what is happening, because Blaine is horrible (in their heads), that's not up for discussion, they just need to reason how and count the ways he's wrong this time. They end up completely twisting and misinterpreting scenes and entire storylines, either stupidly and deliberately out of enjoyment of hating Blaine, or only stupidly.

              After a few seasons of this, the Blaine that exists only in their heads has reached the point of abusive selfish unloving psychopathic Satan. And then, they're surprised when the things in canon turn out way different and nicer for Klaine than it should logically or fairly happen in their opinion, because Klaine is horrible (in their heads). And how could any fans possibly disagree with this?

              There has to be a better way to spend your time, like counting all the blades of grass of your lawn or staring at a blank wall or anything.

              (And as for that link, I will never not laugh over people who adore Karofsky calling Blaine abusive.)

              1. Exactly, all of this. I just do NOT understand this obsession they have? There are plenty of couples out there that I DESPISE and just seeing them on my television makes my skin crawl. And every once in a while, I’ll rant about them on my OWN blog, but I sure as hell don’t go around harassing their fans on polls and spamming them with essays about why their ship sucks.

                You know, it used to upset me when they did this, but then I realized something…pretty much every poll they do this on, Klaine either wins or comes in at a really close second. So now I’m convinced their bs only fuels our determination. So really we should be thanking them! Great job Blaine-haters, keep up the good work 🙂

                1. Exactly.

                  Lol. I’m only half joking in saying they’ll be keeping this up years after this show is off the air. I could totally see that happen with some of the most bitter haters, so you probably have a good attitude to deal with that kind of stuff!


      4. Well said, mate. I’ll never get over how one-track minded and blinded by Darren Criss’s pretty face (which I personally don’t find THAT pretty) klainers are. Let’s not forget the slut-shaming in “Dance with Somebody” when Blaine accused Kurt of cheating on him, because of some silly texts, while he had been doing the exactly same thing with Sebastian (maybe even worse). Lol klaine.

        1. Okay…hold on a sec…you’re saying that Darren Criss is NOT HOT??? WTF?? What are u blind?? and i dont think he was texting with Sebastian the way Kurt did with Chundler…Maybe Sebastian was sending him messages like that but i don’t think Blaine responded in that way…AND I want to add here that Blaine loves Kurt so much that he transfered schools to be with him…That does say something, doesn’t it??
          I got plenty of ither arguments…so bring it on!

      5. 1. Blaine backed away after Kurt said no, he apologised afterwards. He was drunk.
        2. Blaine was wrong Kurt was wrong. Yes, Blaine made the biggest mistake. But he explained. There’s no excuses for what he did, he thought Kurt was done with him.
        4. Oh my god, Blaine wasn’t dating ANYONE when he kissed Rachel, HE WAS CONFUSED BECAUSE HE WAS DRUNK. He had the right to kiss her AS A SINGLE PLAYING SPIN THE BOTTLE. and the right to be confused as a HUMAN BEING.
        God, I’m sorry. But I’m so worked up this week after the Finn episode and bullies at school and shit, and your facts are wrong and f*** I want to cry why do people feel the need to hate all the time?!

      6. hahahaha not only does nobody here care about that opinion of yours but your argument has barely one good point.
        He did not pressure Kurt into sex, at the club the night before he got drunk and carried away and apologized because he understood he made a mistake, then they made up and went to Kurt’s place because they agreed. Yes Blaine slept with Ali, im not denying that or the fact that it was wrong and a mistake, but he did not at all blame Kurt and again he understood he made a mistake and he apologized many times and was torn up about it, but Kurt has forgiven him and also apologized for ignoring Blaine as much as he did. Blaine is and was always supportive of Kurt’s fashion sense but he knew about the bullying and shit Kurt would get if he tried to express himself like that because Blaine had experienced it FIRST HAND at his older school, he was understanding of Kurt but didnt want him to get hurt. When Blaine kissed Rachel they were not dating, and Blaine was tipsy and went a bit too far, yes, but he cleared it up and made his feelings obvious to Kurt.
        Yes Blaine has made mistakes, everyone has.
        Blaine is not perfect he accepts that, as does Kurt.
        No onscreen couple would be realistic or relatable if they didnt have flaws, but Klaine does, and they have had difficulties in the past but have worked through them TOGETHER and that is what makes them so imperfectly perfect.

        Yes they are SO romantic, and clearly people think that because (at this point in time) Klaine is winning the poll.

        Thanks for your time 🙂

        1. I’m touched :’) <3 I love Klaine SO much! They are so imperfectly perfect, as you said! I ship them with all my heart! They are simply MEANT TO BE <3

      7. I have something to say here.

        1. Yes, Blaine was wrong. He admitted it; he knew what he did was unacceptable. He didn’t try to excuse it or anything, and he apologized right away. He was drunk; I have no doubt that he wouldn’t have done it were he fully aware. Kurt forgave him. Blaine hasn’t done anything to pressure Kurt since that moment.

        2: Both sides of the couple were responsible for the break-up. Blaine wasn’t just feeling lonely. He felt /alone./ You have to understand, he transferred to McKinley for Kurt, and when Kurt left he didn’t really have a reason to stay, seeing as ND were really just Kurt’s friends and the people who he might have known better all graduated. There wasn’t really anyone to confide in. You could see Blaine deflating more and more each time Kurt ignored his call or took up the entire time talking about himself and cutting Blaine off. Hanging up before Blaine could say “I love you” was the last straw. He was feeling completely and utterly alone. I personally think he’s a bit too dependent on Kurt.

        Of course Blaine’s in the wrong for cheating. Almost every other popular couple in the show had someone cheat, though. The difference here is Blaine felt really guilty, and he immediately confessed to Kurt. He didn’t hide it. He shouldn’t have blamed Kurt, but it slipped out because he was feeling so hurt and just plain bad. Kurt /forgave/ him, again.

        3: Okay. Blaine was nervous about going to prom in the first place because at his last school dance, he was beaten up. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to support Kurt; Blaine was scared, both for him and his boyfriend. He thought it would attract negative attention from bullies. In the end he pulled through for Kurt and danced with him despite how nervous he probably was–they probably /both/ were.

        4: There are so many things wrong with this sentence; I don’t even know where to start. It’s okay to be unsure and confused about your sexuality. Blaine had never been anyone’s boyfriend, as he’d said to Kurt. He probably hadn’t gone around kissing random people either. He kissed Rachel because they were playing Spin the Bottle. It’s a game! He’d never kissed a girl prior to that. Then he started questioning whether he was actually gay. Also, Kurt and Blaine were not dating at that point. This took place in “Blame it on the Alcohol”, episode 2×14, and Kurt and Blaine didn’t get together until “Original Song”, two episodes after that.

        You could go and point out all the little things Blaine did wrong; I could also go and point out everything Kurt did wrong. They’re not perfect, but they obviously love each other and RIB means for them to be endgame.

  2. I don’t know what to write here. Maybe that I want to see more transgendered people portrayed on TV, and I don’t want them to be serial killers or depresseed or dying of AIDS or anything like that.

    1. What you said, Susanna. Trans representation is seriously lacking. Even when we get it, it’s usually ridiculously problematic.

      1. I agree with the both of you entirely and I’ve been considering writing about that issue as well.

      2. Have you seen Orange Is The New Black? Played by a real transwoman actress Laverne Cox, Sophia is a transwoman and she has had some amazing scenes on the show. She’s even a WOC which is even more rare. Also Mrs Hudson in Elementary and Unique in Glee. Now Unique in Glee can come off…a bit problematic but the writers have definitely improved. And they make it clear that she is a woman and she is proud to be. Sometimes it’s the small details that make it, like when she sings lead on the girls team.

        1. There’s also a new show coming out called Ze. So that makes 4 trans characters on TV that I’m aware of. I’d love to write on these characters as well or even do a poll. I wonder if there’s more out there that just aren’t as popular.

          1. Probably. Soaps might be a good source?

            Hayley in Coronation Street (an UK soap) is also a transwoman, and probably my absolute favourite. Not just for trans characters, but any character. Her storyline since she first arrived has been PERFECT. They have had a mix of directly trans related storylines and non-related. Including her getting married when it became legal in the UK 🙂 And she was actually the very first LGBTQ character on Coronation Street! Unfortunately the actress (a cis-female) wants to leave, so Hayley is currently dying of cancer 🙁 But it is being beautifully done with her very loving husband Roy at her side.

            The only transman I can think of though is Hollyoaks’ Jason (played by a cis-female). Except for him I don’t think I’ve seen any transmen on TV… :/

            Anyway, thanks for the heads up on Ze. I will definitely look into that. Hopefully Netflix will show it *fingers crossed*

            1. Oh just a little more info on Hayley incase you are interested – She was also the first transgender in British Soaps and the very first permanent transgender character in the world of serialised drama. She joined Coronation Street in 1998, and will be killed off in January 2014 purely by the actress’s choice. It’s also a ‘right to die’ storyline so it will be controversial.

              1. Thanks for all that information and for letting me know who’s played by cis actors/actresses. I think the cool thing about Ms Hudson and Sophia is that they are played by transwomen. I really don’t know too much about the Glee character, but I’ll def have to look into that too.

                No clue about Ze, though. They haven’t disclosed any casting information, but it’s about a trans male teenager. Interesting that the title of the show is a gender neutral pronoun, though, when all the press seems to indicate the person identifies as male. Be weary of press coverage, though, because a lot of press seems to be messing up on the pronouns. This is a good article with a picture of lovely Laverne Cox: http://www.ryot.org/cw-announces-new-show-ze-transgender-leading-character/369373

                1. Really? Urgh, I hate when the press do that. Especially when it comes to real people like Chelsea Manning *grumbles*

                  Thanks for the link, I actually LOVED Ugly Betty and Dirty Sexy Money. So I’m glad Alexis and Carmelita (even if the show was cancelled after one series gah!) are still remembered. Candis Cayne plays Mrs Hudson too doesn’t she? It’s nice to see a transwoman getting some of the trans character parts definitely.

                  Laverne Cox once favourited a tweet of mine and I nearly had a heart attack lol. Love her! 🙂

        2. I haven’t seen “Orange is the new Black” yet but I’m planning on doing so as soon as I can get time off from watching a bunch of other TV-series.

          I watch “Glee” and I’ve seen Unique but I didn’t like what the writers did with her character in season 4, hopefully she’ll get at better story line in season 5. I also hope that she gets to sing some great solos because her voice is incredible.

          1. If you are talking about the catfish storyline then I completely agree. I was referring to that when I said the writing for Unique can be problematic. As well as early series 4 where they couldn’t really get the balance right. Some people actually believed Unique was a drag queen not a transwoman, it’s at that point you know the writers are struggling :/ But I think they do the little bits well. And you have all the characters (except that OOC moment with Ryder) completely accepting her and letting her actually be a girl even if she can’t always be herself outside of the choir room. They give her a safe space which I love.

            You know we haven’t had a Unique solo since series 3? TRAVESTY!!! Yeah hopefully there will be some Unique. Love her.

            1. I think part of the problem with Unique, outside of the fact that Glee is often all over the place, is also that she’s not played by an actual trans woman, which lends to more confusion over what her identity is meant to be in the show. I think she’s evened out though, and even though there’re definitely some ~strong sassy Black woman~ racist tropes showing up in her (because Glee + race lol), I think they’re treating her gender better so far imo.


  4. You have no idea how happy it makes me that Homestuck and Welcome to Night Vale are on here.

    1. 🙂 Glad I could make you happy! Homestuck is only on there because one of my followers submitted them. I’ve never read it, but now that I see how popular it is I’m glad it made it on the list.

      I’m rooting for Cecilos <3

  5. Blaine is a toxin that should not even be on TV! The whole ‘Klaine’ relationship is disgusting and abusive. Gotta go with Cecil and Carlos!

    1. Mod Note: While we don’t currently have a policy on civil discourse in the comments section, this kind of negative speech is unnecessary in the context of a poll that is supposed to be about celebrating our favorite couples.

      1. Um, what? We aren’t allowed to have discussion in the comments section?

        This isn’t “negative speech” as much as stating a fact.

        Klaine does, in fact, have some characteristics of an abusive relationship. That being said, so do the majority of relationships (queer or straight) on TV. Sad fact of life.

        1. We’ve created a policy regarding abusive behavior. You can view it here: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/

          Civil discussion is fine. Calling other people’s ships toxic and disgusting is not civil. This is the last warning you are getting to be polite in the comments section or your thread will be deleted at the moderators discretion. There is a difference between having an opinion and just being rude. The first comment was not remotely civil and was extremely rude. If you can’t get your point across in a polite manner, it will be removed from the comments section. This poll is about celebrating queer representation, not about being mean to those who enjoy something you do not enjoy.

          1. “Or your thread will be deleted at the moderators discretion”
            “The first comment was not remotely civil and was extremely rude”
            “This is the last warning you are getting to be polite in the comments section”

            …Neither the first comment was mine nor is this “my thread,” so why am I getting a last warning???

            “There is a difference between having an opinion and just being rude”
            “If you can’t get your point across in a polite manner, it will be removed”
            “This is the last warning you are getting to be polite”

            …I thought my comment was pretty polite???

          2. Let me make this clear:

            *I am not the first commenter

            *I was not / am not defending the obvious rudeness of the first commenter

            *The only comment I have posted on this page is the reply in this thread

            *Which I thought was pretty polite???

            *So I’m not sure why I’m receiving a “last warning” and being reprimanded for my apparent rudeness.

            I am very confused right now and so would appreciate if you replied back.



            1. I stated “the first comment” in my post VERY clearly. And it very much sounded like you were defending the rudeness of the first comment with “um, what?” and saying “this isn’t negative speech.” It very much is negative speech. Your comment was not rude, but you were defending the rude comment.

              The “your” was a general “your” as in anybodies thread who violates these rules. Unfortunately the English language does not have the ability to distinguish between a general “you” and a direct “you” as French does. I guess I could say “y’all” or “yous” or something, but that’s not really proper English.

              But yes, though your comment wasn’t rude, by stating it wasn’t “negative speech” it came off as you defending the rude comment. And if rude comments continue, this entire thread will be deleted. Yous/y’all/whatever general “you” term you want to use- need to express yourself in a polite manner.

              1. I’m pretty sure the “you” in “This is the last warning you are getting to be polite” was aimed directly at me and not a general “you.”

                Same with “your thread.” I wasn’t the one who started the rudeness; if anything, you should have given a warning to the original commenter.

                And yes, I’m totally defending the rude comment, but I am in no way defending the *rudeness* of the comment, which I do feel was out of line. My original comment was meant to imply that I thought that the original commenter had a point regardless of rudeness, but I apologize if it came off differently.

                Thank you for the clarification,


                1. Nope, “you” and “your thread” was both meant in general as in “if people keep doing this, their threads will be deleted in the future, this one included.”

                  You’re welcome.

    2. What an excellent example of how Klaine haters trivialise actual abuse/abusive relationships just because they don’t like a couple. Don’t make shit up. Klaine has NEVER been presented as abusive or whatever. If you are that delusional to believe they are, you are watching the wrong show.

      1. I completely agree with you, although I voted for another couple (Carlos and Cecil). I don’t see how Klaine is abusive at all. Sure they had their problems at points, but in no way could their relationship be classified as abusive.

    3. Considering there is an actual abusive relationship in the poll, and you can’t seem to give two [redacted] about that, I’m guessing you’re more butthurt over the recent engagement than anything.

      Is there nothing more constructive you can do than go on polls celebrating representation and spewing filth?

        1. Keller/Beecher

          there may be another, but that’s the one I know

          (it was my first OTP before I knew what an OTP was, and WAY before I really should have been watching that show)

        1. When you throw around words like ‘abusive’ and ‘disgusting’, you really should have all your facts straight.

          If they’re so worried about how queer relationships are portrayed on TV they should have knowledge of one of the first ever which is also on HBO’s first ever original series.

          It’s also insulting to call Klaine ‘abusive’ when there are actual abusive relationships on the same poll.

          (I’m not even against their choice, I’m rooting for Cecil/Carlos, too)

          1. Thank you so much for sticking up for us…every time Klaine is part of a poll, we have to deal with rude, delusional people whining about how Klaine is abusive. It’s actually kind of a weird phenomenon…99% of the time, the people who cry “abuse!” about Klaine usually ship Kurt with someone who forced a kiss on him and then threatened to kill him, or with someone who tried to blind him and it just baffles me how they can claim Klaine is the abusive relationship. But to hear people from other fandoms sticking up for Klaine against these people totally made my day, thank you so much!

            1. I remember when Klaine and Destiel were against each other in a poll (Destiel not included here because of lack of canon) and we were so nice to each other in the poll we started shipping our fandoms and became Klainestiel. Good times.

              I, the creator of this poll, and personally rooting for Cecilos, but you Klainers are fabulously devoted people and I’m happy to have your enthusiasm here. Good luck <3

              1. Klainestiel, I love that! I love so many of the couples on this list, and I love Cecilos as well. I’m not caught up on Supernatural yet, but just seeing Destiel on my tumblr dash has made me ship them too, even if they aren’t canon lol. I remember one time, Klaine was up against Rose/The 10th Doctor in a poll, and the conversations in those comments got SO nasty, which was really terrible because I’m a huge Doctor Who fan as well, and seeing two of my favorite fandoms fight was so disappointing. As someone who’s part of multiple fandoms, it just makes me really happy when people from those other fandoms are nice to my otp 🙂 Good luck to you too!

                1. Yeah, Destiel gets a lot of crap too. So both of us were getting a lot of crap, but not from each other. We were getting hate from within our own fandoms and started sticking up for each other in the comments and it was just a super fabulous poll all around. <3

    4. Please explain to me in what situation on Glee have Klaine ever appeared to have an abusive relationship? This is insulting to people in actual abusive relationships

  6. KLAINE (hope they win, definitely deserve to. No other couple I believe are more perfect/representative on TV right now. Blaine’s proposal was something I deemed impossible to witness on TV when I was growing up. Though I still think Come What May was their most romantic scene).

    Also Willow and Tara, my first canon ship. Broke my heart sure, but they helped me see myself (I’m a lesbian), Agron and Nasir (Purely for the amazing finale of Spartacus. Seriously massive thank you Steven, that was an awesome move you pulled there!!!) And Kathy Kane/Maggie Sawyer (Do I really need to say why? 🙂 That said forever disappointed we will never see them marry. Damn you DC!!!)

  7. 2 of the top 5 most voted couples are homestuck!! And the only lesbian couple in the top 5 is also from hs! So happy to see rosemary here 🙂
    Good luck everyone!!

  8. ” We met right here. I took this man’s hand and we ran down that hallway. And for those that know me, I’m not in the habit of taking people’s hands I’ve never met before but I think that my soul knew something that my mind and body didn’t know yet. It knew that our hands were meant to hold each others, fearlessly and forever, which is why it’s never really felt like I’ve been getting to know you, it’s always felt like I was remembering you from something. As if every lifetime you and I have lived, we’ve chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over for all eternity. And I just feel so lucky that I found you so soon in this lifetime because all I want to do, all I’ve ever wanted to do is spend my life loving you. So Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, will your marry me?”

    Yep, I’m pretty happy with my OTP. All my votes go to them. ♥

    1. Yep, I’m pretty happy with my OTP, too <3 Love them Fearlessly&Forever <3 Klaine, Klaine, Klaine <3 The speech was absoloutely wonderful <3 Exactly what I could have ever wished for <3
      How can people hate on Klaine?? They're simply perfect! Don't you agree??


  10. So I haven’t even seen any of these others but. cecil and carlos man. they are the absolute cutest holy shit it’s ridiculous they are sO ADORABLE

  11. Great list! But u probably wouldn’t know about a UK award winning soap gay storyline which involved gay domestic abuse. It was

    1. really important for tv since there’s not a lot about gay domestic violence and was a really interesting story. The couple was Brendan and Ste from hollyoaks. Also there’s a lot of gay character representation on tv, largely by soaps which are really giving gay characters huge dynamics

      1. You’re right. I have not heard of them. However I was made aware of Hollyoaks a bit further up the thread and a character will be included in a future poll regarding trans representation.

  12. Would really like to see a lesbian couple win this, but I’m happy that Rosemary is in the top three even if it doesn’t come out on top :] Aside from that, Cecilos is a good couple! Must admit I’m not a huge fan of Klaine, unfortunately.

  13. “In every lifetime that you and I have ever lived, we’ve always chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over, for all eternity”

  14. Cecilos 5ever. If you’d shown me this poll a couple of years ago, it would have been Klaine fo’ sho’. But now I just can’t stand their relationship. Sorry Klainers, it’s nothing personal. I just have some personal issues with the direction that their relationship went in. c:

  15. I don’t really understand the need of all these people to underline their hate for Klaine. Vote for your friggin’ couple and leave us alone, for god’s sake…you’re only capable of hating, hating and hating!
    Maybe you’re bitter because we just got an engagement, I don’t know.

    1. Exactly- I might not have voted for Klaine because it’s not my OTP (although they are adorable) like Cecil/Carlos is but that does not mean that I should put down someone else’s. Grow up people.

  16. this is the easiest question to answer: the best canon gay couple ever is Klaine!!!! I can not wait till their wedding!

  17. Come on people! Carlos and Cecil are easily the best pairing on that list, they were the most developed, they were probably the most realistic, and they just fit, and that’s been accomplished through a series of monologues, and three answer phone messages. They deserve to win for the writing of them alone!

    1. No couple is inherently better than any other because of the writing or the actors or whatsoever, otherwise the poll would be called “Best written canon queer couple”. And still, there’s not one universal truth about a piece of art. Some people are gonna say it’s genius and some are gonna say it’s shit.
      The couple that touched the heart of more people deserves to win, instead. That’s why it’s called a fan favourite.

    2. The most developed? Do you even know who any of the other pairings *are*? I like Cecilos, but this is ridiculous hyperbole.

  18. Klaine. Klaine. Klaine. I have no doubt.
    When I saw their first time, or their reconciliation, or the marriage proposal…I honestly BELIEVED that something was slowly changing.

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  20. I’m voting for Cecil/Carlos because in the short time I’ve been in the Welcome to Night Vale fandom those two have just stolen my heart. I think it’s beyond adorable how suave, smooth-talking Cecil is reduced to mush around Carlos, and how the only time he’s been too emotionally-overwhelmed to broadcast was when he thought that Carlos had died. Also, even for living in a place like Night Vale, their relationship is fairly realistic. It didn’t start the moment attraction did and they are far from perfect. History has shown that Carlos will often choose science over Cecil, and Cecil had gone on and on about how perfect Carlos was so much that he seemed to set some unreachable standard of perfection for him. But, like any couple would, they’re working on it. Cecil is coming to grips with reality that Carlos is only human, and therefore has flaws (such as chewing loudly, mentioned in one episode), and Carlos is starting to make Cecil a priority in his life, taking time off of work to make him dinner in a recent episode. I love these two because they are not a perfect couple, and have plenty of room to grow together. Plus they are both portrayed as real people with real lives outside of each other, and the most important thing about the characters/the show isn’t their relationship. Also, don’t get me freakin’ started on the anniversary present Carlos gave Cecil. When Carlos came to Night Vale one of his biggest concerns was the fact that time didn’t exist in Night Vale the same way it does in the outside world, and that clocks weren’t actually real. This was one of his primary areas of investigation and he was actually scared because of it. And what does Carlos give Cecil for their anniversary? The only working watch in Night Vale. The only time piece that was 100% accurate. Do you even know how much that means?? So yeah, this ended up being longer than I expected, but this is why I think Cecil/Carlos deserve to win this.

    1. Is there any way I could thumbs up your comment? That was beautiful. I would say what i love most about Cecil and Carlos is that they are relatively human in a supernatural world.

  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Jack and Ianto, after several years off the air, are in the top 5! Captain Jack, described as “omnisexual”, is such a great example of humans evolving (by the 51st century) to being really open sexual beings without the burdens of current taboos and such. And then Ianto was such a great character. His speech of “It’s not men, it’s just him” made me cry. I like that he was kind of sexually ambiguous on the show. And Jack was very butch and commanding and yet flirty, and Ianto was more reserved but also a BAMF and very very tender at times. It was just a great relationship overall, with a lot left behind the scenes, therefore launching thousands of fanfics. Janto forever!
    But PS – I am totally smitten with Cecil and Carlos as well.

  22. I am super happy to see Rosemary on here, even if we don’t end up winning (but hey, top three, woo! may the favorite couple win.) Rosemary really touches me because……. ****SPOILERS FOR HOMESTUCK AHEAD YOU ARE WARNED***** when Rose was shown to have her alcohol addiction, Kanaya didn’t leave her when she was in the middle of a drunk stupor. She stayed by her girlfriend’s side, refusing to break up with her, and actually standing by her with her problem. Gosh I just really love them, they are the two characters most commonly shown as ‘boring’ or ‘dry’ in Homestuck, but in reality the both of them are hilarious and have some of the best lines in the comic and together they are just the most snarky, funny and supportive couple. I’ll support them myself until the day I die. Goodness…. Best of luck to all these amazing fictional couples. They’re all winners in their own ways!! uwu

  23. Nagron. The fact that they were able to go through hell over the course of the show and then literally walk off into the sunset together is so wonderful (especially on a show where almost every main character dies). And Agron and Nasir both had some of the best character development on the show. It was great to watch them both grow as much as they did. Their individual storylines were just as important as their romantic storyline and we don’t get that a lot on tv, even with most straight couples. They are just perfect. I mean, the fact that an actual war (and everything that comes with it, physically and emotionally) couldn’t even break them apart says everything. They went through so much as a couple and as individuals that it was so satisfying to see them walking away holding hands at the end. And bonus points for the fact that their sexuality wasn’t even a topic of discussion on the show and it didn’t have any influence on how the other characters viewed them.

    1. As stated ““If we accidentally skipped your favorite couple, we’re sorry! We went off of our personal favorites and submissions from our friends and we definitely haven’t seen everything, so feel free to educate us!””

      We apologize. None of us have ever seen that and apparently none of my followers have either.

  24. WHY ARE VASTRA AND JENNY NOT ON HERE!? D: They’re my ultimate favourite canon “queer” coupling. Alongside Jack and Ianto. Because Janto is just that awesome.

    “Good evening, I’m a lizard-woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife.” XD
    “Are you alright, my love, can you hear me?” <3


    1. We apologized for this on Tumblr. It’s not for a lack of proof. To quote our original post:

      “If we accidentally skipped your favorite couple, we’re sorry! We went off of our personal favorites and submissions from our friends and we definitely haven’t seen everything, so feel free to educate us!”

      This was compiled based on feedback and simply nobody suggested them.

    1. John and Sherlock are not a canon couple. Canon means that they are in a romantic relationship on screen. These two characters are not in a romantic relationship on screen thus they are not included in this poll.

  25. Klaine <3 The Best couple EVER!!! My OTP always&forever!! <3

    Btw another good(but not yet) couple are Walt and Bennett from The Carrie Diaries 🙂

  26. Oooh, what a good crop of couples. I had to go with Cecilos and Britin in this case, though I would have put in a vote for Klaine as well if them and Cecilos weren’t so close. I’d love to see my new favorite pairing win a poll, so 🙂

    1. And as a gay woman, I think they’re the best out of all those couples. Why? Because they’ve had problems, they messed up, glee’s writing is far from perfect, but you know what? THEY MADE A DIFFERENCE. I literally know people who came out to their parents or accepted their gay kids or changed their opinion on homosexuality because of them. So please, no one cares about how you dislike Klaine, We’re here to celebrate the things we like. I don’t even know why you feel the need to tell the world exactly how much you dislike them, and oh god, take the time to write that long-ass essay. It’s just an insult to the people whose lives were changed for the better because of Klaine.

      1. Thank you.

        I don’t know why people feel the need to put down the things they don’t like when we’re clearly trying to celebrate something here, not criticize other peoples’ choices.

        1. I don’t know, my friend. Everyone here is commenting about their favourite couple and why they LIKE them, and then there’s that portion of tumblr users who literally dedicate their lives (and their blogs) to hating on Klaine. And it happens only with Klaine, I don’t see any cecilos or britin hate here. It’s like they fell the need to prove a point while no one really cares about it. I don’t even know how frustrated they must be at this point, the more endgame material we have the more they become vocal. Get a f***ing life and believe me, you’ll be WAY happier talking about the things you enjoy.

        2. (and ugh, sorry for the awful grammar here. I’m not a native speaker and when I’m a little upset I just make a ton of mistakes. Forgive me XD)

          1. Don’t worry, your grammar is fine!

            I mean, it happens with more than just Klaine. If we had non-canon couples on here, whoo BOY the mess there would be in the comments!

            My issue is there there are /blatantly/ problematic couples on this list, and no one seems to mind! But a couple that has actually done something for queer representation in mainstream media? People just want to tear it down! I don’t get it.

            1. Preach. i mean, I know about half of those couple and more or less I ship them all, but they are a shit ton more problematic than Klaine. I mean shall I?
              Shane/Carmen from TLW: Dated for a while (while carmen was cheating on Jenny in the meantime), then decided to get married and Shane abandoned Carmen at the altar.
              Linds/Mel from QaF: Dated, decided to have two children, then split up and started an awful custody battle, dated other people while somehow raising the children in the meantime and then decided to go back together at the very end of the series.
              Vause and Chapman from OITNB? Let’s not even start. They dated because Chap was in her 20s and wanted to experiment and then Vause turned her into an assistant for her drug dealing company. Vause then mentioned Chapman during her trial and sent her to prison.
              And those people worry about Klaine.
              just wow.

              (FYI, I ship those couples too, because I understand fiction is different from reality and they need drama to sell. But even if there are ships I deeply hate I never, NEVER leave hateful comments for the sake of it. I’d rather write nothing, because nobody likes an asshole. OP clearly didn’t get the message since he seems so hostile towards Darren/Blaine in general).

              1. Not to mention the fact that technically Willow raped Tara, or any of the L Word pairings. But no it’s two teenagers in love that’s the problematic couple. LOL!!!!!!!!

                Wish the haters would just call a spade a spade and admit that they are just bitter and jealous that Kurt isn’t with one of the characters that had actually abused him (Karofsky and Sebastian) or whatever fanon relationship they have made up in their minds.

                It’s weird everything they try to argue is “unhealthy” or “Abusive” didn’t actually happen in canon or is grossly exaggerated and made into an excuse. Like Blaine looking at Kurt’s iPhone *GASP* Did you know you should never pick up someone’s iPhone because the texts are there on the screen and may…*gulp* SEE THEM!!!

                *HEAD DESK*

  27. Klaine. Sure Glee isn’t the most realistic show on television nor is it everybody’s cup of tea for different reasons, but you’ve got to give them credit where credit is due: Kurt and Blaine are simply adorable. Blaine’s proposal speech had me in tears – it was beautiful and so wonderfully well acted by both Criss & Colfer.

  28. Simone and Julie would have my vote if they were there but I can’t expect a French Kids show with unofficial english subtitles to really count.

    Still, Ankama did a great job of making their relationship perfectly normal (none of the characters ever question it) and keeping a tough girl like Simone feminine.

    1. Yeah, I’ve never heard of this show but you’ve definitely piqued my interest! Thanks for bringing a new show to my attention 🙂

      1. Would probably help if I remembered to give the shows name: Dofus: The Treasures of Kerub. A cool guy has the fan translated series on youtube.

        Also since Homestuck is in there maybe other webcomics could join in? Gunnerkrigg Court has a few canon pairings now.

        1. In future polls for sure. We actually had an entire article about queer couples in webcomics over here: https://thegeekiary.com/2013/03/25/the-internet-is-for-representation-queer-heroes-of-webcomics/

          Homestuck was a last minute add in the last 10 minutes I was taking submissions so the decision to include them was pretty hasty. Otherwise I would have included all the couples in that article as well. I was like “10 more minutes and I make the poll!” and then WHAM slammed with people giving me ideas. It was a hectic evening for me lol.

  29. Hmmm, have to go with Jack/Ianto and Brian/Justin but I’m really surprised that Kevin/Scotty from Brothers and Sisters is not on the list. They graced our TV screens for 5 years (2006-2011) as a couple who suffered normal real life ups and downs but ended up happily married with 2 kids. Seems like a good couple to represent the gay community in my opinion.

    1. I do apologize. This is the first I’ve heard of that couple and I’ve only ever heard of that show a few times vaguely. This is the peril of having a poll based on a small sampling of people I suppose. Also, yay for support for two of my favorite couples in the poll!

      1. No problem 🙂 You should however check out Kevin and Scotty. They were an adorable couple and had a great variety of wonderful storylines throughout their 5 year run. And YAAAAY for Janto and Britin :-))

  30. As much as I love Janto and Tara/Willow, Cecilos will always win my heart because it’s *so* important as far as representation goes. Having a queer, canonically!POC who is *also* in a such a high position in academia with Carlos, as well as a possible!POC for Cecil is so, so important. Not to mention, theirs is such a healthy relationship. A lot of other relationships, especially queer relationships, end up being represented as very unhealthy. Carlos and Cecil have a slow, realistic build, and they ultimately come out of the honeymoon phase that most couples in media stay in. And, not to mention, since they’re so embarassingly dorky, it’s all so…natural and beautiful and heartachingly wonderful.

    Sure, Cecilos might not win, but to me, they’ve broken down so many barriers and challenged so many precedents, and for that simple reason, Cecil and Carlos will always be absolutely golden.

    1. Absolutely. Thank you for this comment, took the words right out of my mouth (save for the Jano and Tillow bit — I’m ambivalent on one and unfamiliar with the other. :))

  31. Cecil and Carlos deserve this just because they’re treated like a gay couple and nobody makes a big deal out of it, something that few couples on the list are. I can’t vote for Kurt and Blaine because while I will support the representation of queer couples in American Horror Story there’s way too much of a reliance in stereotypes in Glee, including the LGBT community. I’ll admit I haven’t seen that much but what i have seen includes Kurt doing a choreographed dance to Single Ladies in a spandex catsuit and following a guy he had a crush on into the shower to have a chat with him that could have waited until the other guy wasn’t naked, and the entire basis for thinking he was gay was his hairstyle. No matter how much chemistry they have as a couple I can’t support them since it feels like Kurt, at least, is a blatantly stereotypically character. Look, I know there are gay guys who act like him, but how about once in a while a gay guy who breaks the mould?

    Cecil and Carlos deserve it because they’re the most realistic couple here, even though they come from arguably the most obscure and surreal show. Their relationship progresses slowly and naturally with little to no interaction between them ever being shown.just by the nature of the show. They’re gay and people just accept it, and the series is full of little romantic asides, like Carlos giving Cecil the only real timepiece in town or Cecil breaking down when he thinks Carlos is dead. The creators don’t act as if a character being gay is their sole defining trait, but they’re still the only canon couple in the show and one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever come across, queer or straight.

    1. You liking Cecil and Carlos is awesome and well entitled. However, saying that Kurt Hummel is a stereotype (even though you admitted that you haven’t seen much of the show) is just plain wrong.
      To quote the man himself of two occasions

      “I’m not a box. There are more than four sides to me”

      “I swear to god I’m going to punch the next person who calls me a stereotype”

      Kurt Hummel may have traits that are considered stereotypical but he is so much more than that. He’s the son of a mechanic, thus knowing how to fix cars. He played football AND was a cheerleader. He can swing Sai swords like no other. He’s fierce, he’s gorgeous and he won’t take sh*t from anybody. He’s a perfect blend of masculine and feminine and he shows that there’s nothing wrong with that.

      So yes, you are entitled to your opinion but please don’t put Kurt Hummel in a box. ‘Cause he’s going to break free and live large.

    2. (Yay Cecil/Carlos.)

      You admit that you haven’t seen much of Glee, and yet you write such a negative comment dismissive of a gay character many people care about, that’s just kind of unnecessary?

      Because often effeminacy has been used in the media and in real life as a reason/way to mock gay people, a lot of people tend to confuse or equate “effeminate” with “stereotypical”, and it seems to me like that is what you’re doing.

      Which is kind of offensive because that IS stereotyping.

      And also as for media representation, while stereotyping is bad, effeminacy is not. Effeminacy is not a negative thing. More effeminate gay people deserve serious representation too, which is what Kurt is. He is one of the most developed characters on the show, with a decent amount of screentime, the only one with a well-explored home life, I’d even consider him to be one of the most developed gay characters on TV right now. Very importantly, his effeminate traits are not played for laughs or a reason to keep him a token character in the background, they’re just shown as part of who he is as a person.

      Yes, it’s important for there to be all kinds of gay people represented on TV, but the way to say that is “I’d like to see more masculine gay characters too” (and Glee does have a variety of gay people on the show), not to object to an awesome well-rounded character like Kurt who is sometimes more effeminate.

  32. I actually have my reasons for not liking Klaine. I’m absolutely fine with people shipping it, but I personally think it’s a bit 2D.

    Every story that has either Kurt or Blaine seems to me to be about their sexuality or gender identity (and you’ll have to forgive me here, I gave up on Glee very early on). A gay person is still a person, with other characteristics that have nothing to do with there sexuality and makes me really annoyed when the media makes LGBT characters a caricature or stereotype of their sexuality.

    Kurt and Blaine become these /victims/ of their sexuality. Every plot line that involves them seems to be about their struggle against homophobia. While I get it’s a drama with the token twists and turns, and it’s important to talk about the stigma and discrimination queer people face, it feels like Kurt and Blaine are just there for a gay story line. Also, did they really have to make Kurt so camp?

    As a lesbian I know that being gay isn’t a terrible thing, there’s backlash, sure, but I’m more than my sexuality. I’m my fandoms, my aspie-ness etc. etc. and when I watch Glee I just feel like pitying myself for being gay and all the struggles I go through and why did I have to be gay? But it’s not as if I wake up in the morning thinking “I’m gay, lets have some toast!” My sexuality rarely even comes up in conversation.

    This is why I like Cecilos. Cecil and Carlos is just a fact in a much bigger plot line. Cecil’s the protagonist of this story and we learn everything about Night Vale from him, the entire plot rests on his shoulders and absolutely none of that plot is about pitying him for being queer. And even though Carlos is mainly Cecil’s love interest, he saves Night Vale from certain obliteration several times (remember when he cut their date short due to the fact there was a /massive malevolent shadow energy/ consuming the town). They’re not caricatures of what a gay person is supposed to be. It’s nice to just have them there, it’s comforting.

    I’m not stopping anyone from shipping Klaine, and I’m not saying it doesn’t have it’s good points, I just don’t think it’s the most accurate and friendly queer ship on the list.

    1. Why, WHY do you feel the need to bash another ship and underline its “weak points” to make yours look better???? WHY??? Have you seen a single klainer doing that here? If you need to do that your ship must not be so great to begin with. Dear god you’re all SO annoying.
      And no, for your information very little of the plots Kurt and Blaine have been given (especially recently) revolve around their sexuality. You’ve been watching the wrong show.
      Two episodes ago Blaine proposed to Kurt with an EPIC flash mob that involved about half of Ohio, so no, they’re not really sending the message that being gay is unfortunate.

      1. I’m not bashing the ship, close friends of mine ship Klaine, the Klaine shippers I’ve dealt with are super awesome, and honestly, Klaine isn’t the worst ship I’ve seen on TV. I’m just saying it’s not the best LGBT ship out there, either.

        And yes, I don’t know much about the show, since I’ve probably watched 1 and a half seasons, so I can’t really say how much newer episode of Glee deal with their sexuality.

        I’m just saying that personally, as someone who is gay, it made me feel uncomfortable with my own sexuality. Yet again, everyone’s experience with representation is different. I’M NOT SAYING IT’S A BAD SHIP. I’m just saying that I like Cecilos because it’s done things that Klaine hasn’t done for me.

        1. It’s okay if that’s your personal opinion and feelings. I actually like Cecil/Carlos too.

          But calling a ship 2D, then saying one sentence later you haven’t been watching in forever, and then continuing to write several critical paragraphs about them for this, means all you’re doing is basically just presuming your gut feeling and assumptions are right. And yet you are simply factually incorrect in thinking most of Klaine’s storylines are about their sexuality.

          I also object to you having issues with Kurt being more camp. There’s nothing wrong with that. Kurt is a very well-developed character. A lack of gay representation other than camp gay characters is a problem, flat camp gay characters only there for comic relief or background sassy gay friends is a problem, but that doesn’t make it okay or useful to start criticizing all campy gay characters that aren’t either of those things for not being more masculine.

      2. Also, to get a little personal here, I’m a little annoyed that you choose to attack Cecilos shippers. I wasn’t trying to make my ship look better, I was comparing them and saying why I personally prefer Cecilos. Each shipper is different. But please don’t say we’re “all SO annoying” and suggest that I was attacking your ship because mine isn’t good. I share an emotional connection with this pairing, it’s important to me. Have an opinion, sure, say “I don’t like Cecilos because of so-and-so reasons” but please stop trying to say we’re all trying to bash your ship. We have opinions too. Ok thanks.

        1. I understand what you’re trying to say but we have connections to our ships too.For example, I’ve been shipping klaine since 2×06 about three years ago. I think that previous poster was just expressing their annoyance about what they have been seeing on the polls (especially since the comment above yours is also using klaine as a way to say that their ship is better). But the previous poster generalised (which is not cool). You guys aren’t annoying. But can you see why we would get a bit annoyed at the comparisons?

          I don’t know, I wish that we could live in a world with sunshine and butterflies and rainbows. But just putting in my two cents. Good luck in the poll!

        2. Presumably the person you were responding to was angry at all people tearing down other ships to make their own look better in comparison, not all Cecilos shippers. And you’re kind of putting words into their mouth with your last few sentences there.

  33. But? Haruka and Michiru? Vanyel and Stefen/Tylendel? The entirely canon pairs that taught a lot of impressionable young minds not just that they were OK, but could be heroes and not just campy sidekicks, too? Way back before it was cool, or even acceptable, to have a gay character? Sads for leaving out my favorites….

    Otherwise gonna have to go with Cecilos, Janto, and Tara/Willow, for all the usual reasons and awesomeness.

    (Gotta admit though, I’m surprised at the number of female pairs-I guess certain fandoms’ blinders have made me forget how many awesome female characters there are out there?)

    1. We intentionally left anime and manga pairs out of this poll because there were too many. This poll is for TV shows, movies, and western comics. There are no literature pairings either.

      1. Boo. I cede the point, especially on the anime/manga, but boo because it was a lot of people’s first exposure to a happy, healthy, prime time and pre-watershed homosexual couple. And that makes me sad, too, all things considered.

        1. I’ve been considering having an anime/manga version of this poll as well. There’s a large amount of pairings. Could be fun. 🙂

  34. I am voting for Cecilios!!!
    I like Klaine but it’s meh to me.
    I’m going to get a lot of hate but i like Cecilios a lot more
    sorry but i hope they win <3

  35. Look, I didn’t vote for Klaine (I voted for Cecil/Carlos), but the amount of hate the ship is getting on here is ridiculous. If you don’t like a ship, that’s fine. But telling people that their OTP is portrayed as abusive when it is obviously not, is just kind of cruel at a certain point. If anything, talk about why you think your ship should win instead of bashing another’s. It’s petty and ridiculous and makes you look immature.

  36. I gotta say Cecilos. It’s just something that really brights up my day to listen to in the WTNV podcast – in the midst of all this horror and nonsense and surreal, nightmarish existence, they still have time to love each other. Also, Cecil is just so funny with it sometimes – “whatever, rich guy.” It seems like a much more… I don’t know… it just seems like more of a /real/ relationship. They tease each other, they have little spats once in a while, they’re not perfect, they’re in constant danger of death or dismemberment or re-education or whatever, but they manage to make it work. I think it’s just really neat.
    (also, I have it in my head that Night Vale Carlos is the grown-up version of Magic School Bus Carlos, and the idea of him just constantly making god-awful science puns at Cecil makes me laugh.)

  37. Cecil and Carlos! They are really the only fictional queer couple who have ever stuck with me. I looove hearing about them<3

  38. Aw, I was kind of hoping for this poll to end in a Klaine and Cecilos tie. 🙂

  39. WHERE THE HELL IS MADAME VASTRA AND JENNY FLINT?!?!?!?!?! This is not acceptable! They’re the best queer couple ever! For Christ’s sake, they’re a badass, katana wielding, interspecies, lesbian couple! I’m so done with people.

    1. This issue has been addressed. We are a small group of people who came up with the list and they simply got overlooked. We are definitely Doctor Who fans, but it was an oversight. This was not intentional.

      -Admin Angel

  40. I would’ve totally voted for Janto ( or Madame Vastra/Jenny if they were there).
    I love Klaine but Janto and Vastra/Jenny really are one of the best couples… There NEEDS to be spin off for Vastra and Jenny! Yeah now I’m just rambling…

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