“Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Motion 86-Piece Set” Review – The Creative Power of Magnets

geomag mechanics 86 set review
Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Motion 86 Piece Set (Image: PR)

The Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Motion 86-piece set will definitely keep you creatively engaged and help you learn a few things along the way.

I was provided with a free sample of the Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Motion 86-piece set for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

When it comes to toys I don’t typically think of complex magnetic polarities, full-on creative free will, and building structures. If I do, I think of these three aforementioned qualities completely separate from one another. With this Geomag Mechanics set, the company has created something truly special; offering an item that is simple in practice but has limitless potential.

Selling their toys since 1998, Geomag’s magnetic world is littered with a wide array of building types. The main focus is to cater to the learning and development in higher thinking. The company also makes sure they take part in being as eco-friendly as possible. Their business model is to aim toward sustaining the environment, reducing waste, and doing everything possible to make use of 100% renewable energy. Their parts are manufactured with 100% recycled plastic.

Furthermore, not only do they strive for gender equality and helping employees with special family needs, but Geomag also collaborates with a Swiss prison that gives inmates the ability to participate in rehabilitation programs.

I seriously adore their transparency and willingness to do good while using their toys for more than just mass-produced playthings.

The main selling point is the magnets and rods. Using the power of connection (attraction) and repulsion you can link together rods with magnetic spheres to construct all kinds of buildings and towers. You can join platforms and various pieces to set things into motion by using the magnets themselves to pull and push.

Honesty hour, I’m a simpleton. So when I got the Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Motion 86-piece set, I was instantly overwhelmed (and that too would be an understatement). After unboxing the set, I was completely intimidated by the number of pieces, connectors, magnetic rods, and spheres looking back at me.

YouTube was informative and it made handling such an item look easy enough. However, in practice, not so much. I was struggling, mostly because I wanted to create a masterpiece straight away. After a few frustrating tries, I came back, relaxed, ready to just play, instead of work, and voila the magic of Geomag Mechanics came to life. I suddenly found playful serendipity and an ease that I didn’t quite understand when I actively went in to create a tower of geometric chaos.

In a strange yet intriguing way, Geomag has managed to create a toy that rewards relaxed creativity and curiosity (regardless of your age). If you’d like to see the fun I created you should check out the video below.

Maybe Geomag can convince you to delve into your hidden engineering-centric mindset or perhaps give a kid in your life the gift of building blocks (with magnets!) to further their education and learning.

The Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Motion 86-piece set is currently available. You can get it from Target for $29.99 MSRP.

You can also download the Geomagworld app on iOS and Android devices or check out the web version for interactive instructions for all product lines and numerous alternative ideas for fun construction projects.

If you’re thinking of a holiday gift that promotes fun, creativity, and learning, Geomag has you covered with this one!

Author: Micah Carrillo

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