“Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal 96-Piece Set” Review – Hit Targets with the Power of Magnetism!

Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal review
Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal

Meant for 1-2 players, the Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal 96-piece set is all about figuring out different creative ways to hit targets by using the power of magnetism.

I was provided with a free sample of the Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal 96-piece set for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

While we wait for mutants with the ability to bend the laws of magnetism to appear in our world (I still have hope!), fortunately, there are other ways you can harness the power of magnets for a fun time. With the Mechanics Challenge Goal set by Geomag, the original magnetic construction toy since 1998, you have the ability to use a powerful magnetic cannon to take aim at your target of choice with small metal balls.

This particular toy combines the rules of magnetism with mechanical building. Inside the box, you will find the magnet, small metal balls, and a bunch of plastic pieces to help you create the magnetic cannon as well as other structures to fuel your creativity.

According to the instruction manual, there are three games for you to build. Game 1 is supposed to be the easiest. You simply create the magnetic cannon and some targets to hit. Game 2 lets you make a ‘goal’ to shoot the metal balls in. Game 3, deemed more complex to construct, is also about hitting a different kind of target. All three games can be combined, too.

After taking out the contents of the box, I decided to create Game 2 because it related to the ‘goal’ part of this toy. Even though there was no text, I still found the instructional images easy to follow. The plastic pieces were durable yet flexible, allowing me to easily snap everything into place. The construction process was quite forgiving. I say this because correcting mistakes was easy due to the flexible pieces without there being the need for me to begin all over again.

The most satisfying part was definitely the magnetic cannon. I wasn’t expecting it to, basically, have an automatic reload system. The ‘click’ of the cannon being ready to shoot and the strong magnetic pull I felt in my hands really made this toy for me. I found myself spending a bunch of minutes reloading and firing the cannon at nothing in particular just to hear the ‘click’ and feel the power of the magnet.

The cannon does have a powerful shot. So, do avoid aiming it at another person or house pet. Action figures are fair game, of course. You can easily use this magnetic cannon to shoot down enemy forces during a wartime play session. Not only that, but if you have a Magneto or a Polaris action figure, you can use the cannon to make it seem they are the ones firing metal balls at the X-Men or other toys.

I do have one nitpick. This is a STEM-certified product. And while I’m all for promoting STEM, I think certain toy companies can do a bit more when delivering on the STEM portion. Due to this toy being meant to promote creativity and education, I would have liked the instruction manual to include a section about magnetism and how it was being used to operate the magnetic cannon.

Two spheres are used to load the cannon in the front, with a third metal ball being used (from behind) for the cannon to shoot. You can see that in my video above. I would have liked to learn more about the science behind using three spheres. 

Meant for ages 7 and up, if you’re into a toy (for yourself or a young one) that promotes creativity and also has 88% recycled plastic, I think you should consider checking out the Mechanics Challenge Goal set. The magnetic cannon can be used to amp up a variety of playing sessions.

You can visit Geomag’s official website here.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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