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  • ‘ReBoot: The Guardian Code’ Season 2 Launches On Netflix!

    The second season of ReBoot: The Guardian Code has debuted on Netflix as well as continuing its run on YTV in Canada. The sophomore season promises the audience “more jaw-dropping action, lovable characters, incredible cinematic animation, and clever humor” that will have them cheering for their favorite Guardian while learning the dangers of cyberspace. -Read […]

  • Marvel Wants to Help Bring More Girls to STEM!

    Marvel has joined forces with the National Academy of Sciences’ Science & Entertainment Exchange to help get more girls into STEM. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields skew very heavily male, but Marvel hopes to help change that with the “Girls Reforming the Future Challenge”. Released in conjunction with the May 6th opening of Captain America: Civil […]

  • 7+ SciFi Movies to Inspire Women in STEM Fields

    Encouraging women to pursue careers in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is hugely important to me.  My personal area of expertise may be science of the fictional variety, but even there I found a lot of inspiration. Last month when I was horribly ill for the better part of a week I decided to marathon some […]