‘ReBoot: The Guardian Code’ Season 2 Launches On Netflix!

ReBoot The Guardian Code Season 2 Netflix YTV Canada
ReBoot: The Guardian Code (Image: PR)

The second season of ReBoot: The Guardian Code has debuted on Netflix as well as continuing its run on YTV in Canada. The sophomore season promises the audience “more jaw-dropping action, lovable characters, incredible cinematic animation, and clever humor” that will have them cheering for their favorite Guardian while learning the dangers of cyberspace.

During the first season of ReBoot: The Guardian Code, the series introduced viewers to 4 high school kids, (Austin, Tamra, Parker, and Trey) who were chosen to be the new Guardians of Cyberspace. Guided by Vera, a bio constructed artificial intelligence, “the Guardians gamely take on the challenge of defending cyberspace against the evil Sourcerer and his cyber sidekick, the legendary Megabyte.”

Their epic adventure continues in the second season as the Guardians face the most vicious cyber attacks yet. They must do what they can to keep their identities secret and protect their technology from both the Department of Internet Security (DIS) and the Sourcerer, “who is intent on stealing the Guardian Code tech so he can digitize into cyberspace.”

Furthermore, the values of friendship, teamwork, and “right versus wrong” continue through the storylines as “Austin grows into his leadership role, Trey struggles with the pressure of being a basketball star, Tamra’s social media status rises, and Parker finally makes his crush on Vera known.”

As the season builds towards a thrilling conclusion, the Guardians battle threats from the Sourcerer, Megabyte and the dangerous and unpredictable Hexadecimal, as they uncover more mysteries and shocking truths about the Guardian Code.

Another awesome thing about Reboot: The Guardian Code is how it wants to inspire kids to code. “Throughout the storylines, character interactions and the visually stunning animation built in the UNREAL game engine are examples of kids being empowered by technology, a passion of the show’s creator, Michael Hefferon.”

ReBoot: The Guardian Code recently partnered with Green Mouse Academy, a leading content provider for after-school STEM programs, to use the show as a vehicle to inspire kids to learn to code. The mission is to “spark kids interest in technology and the crucial role that 21st Century skills play in the entertainment industry.”

We are excited to watch ReBoot: The Guardian Code continue to engage kids across the globe as they discover and relate to the distinct personalities and talents of each character,” says Hefferon. “The response from fans has been amazing and are looking forward to continuing this fantastic series to entertain our growing fan base.”

This “innovative” series delivers “a true 360-degree experience” for kids with an interactive mobile game (Android and iOS) that lets them battle alongside their favorite Guardian and an immersive VR experience that puts kids at home in the middle of the cyber-action.

The show is currently streaming on Netflix and on YTV Canada.

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  1. Who writes this stuff? Clearly the original fans hated this reboot. Just see the reviews on imdb and youtube

  2. LOL, this show is a joke! It’s nothing like the original. The only reason it got funding to begin with is because Netflix is stupid with their budget. They’re wasting billions on programming that won’t earn back what it cost to produce. Don’t be surprised when Netflix goes bankrupt in the near future. At any rate, this show is lousy and doesn’t even come close to repeating the magic of the original series.

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