Zombie-Killing Game “Kingdom: The Blood” Gets Official Release This March

Kingdom The Blood video game March 2024
Kingdom: The Blood (Image: PR/YJM Games/Action Games)

The official release date for the zombie-killing video game Kingdom: The Blood has finally been announced. Based on the Netflix live-action series, Kingdom: The Blood will be available come March 5, 2024.

As someone who has been keeping an eye on Kingdom: The Blood, I’m excited to learn that I will be able to play the horror-action video game very soon. I’m a fan of the live-action Kingdom series on Netflix. And I can’t wait to see how the dev team has translated the story for such a playable medium.

Developed by the studio ‘Team Mago’ at Action Square, this particular title recently went through a testing period that targeted a global player base via ‘Google CBT’ and ‘Steam Next Fest’. The upcoming RPG received positive feedback from testers. The dev team also took into consideration certain critiques to ensure the final product would meet the high fan expectations come March of this year.

YJM Games and Action Squire will continue to finalize improvements to UI and UX configurations for mobile devices and the PC.

The gameplay features RPG elements, allowing players to experience unique close-quarter combat while using traditional Korean swords against numerous zombie and human enemies. The zombies in this will run. So, expect fast-paced action.

If interested, you can go ahead and pre-register for Kingdom: The Blood right now through the newly launched official website. The game will be available via the Google Play Sore, App Store, One Store, and the Galaxy Store. It will be released on Steam, too.

Pre-registering the game will award you with in-game resources such as 1000 Silver, 5 boxes of 1000 Forge Material, and 20 Request Forms. I haven’t played the game so I have no idea what each resource is supposed to do. However, considering the nature of such a game, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all about upgrading your gear, weapons, and recruiting or unlocking more characters for your team. The game is supposed to have a PvP mode and even a multiplayer boss mode to let you have fun killing zombies with a bunch of friends.

From what I can tell, the weapons include bows, daggers, and a melee-range weapon called the ‘hwando‘. The creative team behind the game gave a lot of attention to visualizing Korean tradition when it comes to the combat style, locations, architectural styles, and outfits.

As for the South Korean live-action series, the six-episode-long first season debuted on Netflix back on January 25, 2019. The second season, also only six episodes long, premiered on March 13, 2020. A special installment titled Kingdom: Ashin of the North, which served as a prequel and linked to season two’s exciting cliffhanger, was released back on July 23, 2021.

A second special featuring the Crown Prince is supposed to be in development. But I haven’t been able to find much news about it. I do hope Netflix hasn’t decided to cancel the series. Set in the 16th century and three years after the end of the Imjin War, I really enjoyed watching people trying to fight fast-running zombies with weapons of old while trying to uncover the mystery behind the ever-spreading zombie infection. 

The cast includes Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doona, Kim Sung-kyu, and more. I highly recommend you watch it.

Coming back to the game, are you looking forward to playing Kingdom: The Blood?

Let us know.

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