Gameplay Trailer Released For “Kingdom: The Blood”

Kingdom The Blood gameplay trailer
“Kingdom: The Blood” (Image: PR/Action Square/Netflix)

The gameplay trailer for the upcoming zombie-killing RPG Kingdom: The Blood has been released and I have to say that I was not expecting it to look so good!

Kingdom: The Blood is based on Netflix’s popular live-action South Korean series Kingdom. The show debuted back in January 2019. The second season aired in March 2020 (bringing the episode count to 12), with a special, titled “Ashin of the North“, being released in July 2021. I highly recommend that you watch this show if you’re into zombies and political drama.

A teaser and illustration for Kingdom: The Blood were revealed in August last year. And now we finally have some gameplay footage. The upcoming title has been described as a single and multiplayer third-person action RPG that will feature “high-fidelity graphics” along with “brutal” hack n’ slash gameplay. Judging by the trailer, the game sure looks ready to deliver on those promises.

Similar to the live-action series, players will get to enjoy the beauty of Korean culture in various environments (set in the 16th century). Not only that but a professional Korean sword dancer was hired to motion capture and replicate Korean-style combat. The game will also include character creation and customization options. There are supposed to be diverse costume options. However, I’m unsure if you will have the option to select a female warrior to kill zombies.

Here’s the gameplay trailer!

The overall graphics sure look good. I also like the way the sword moves. It looks like you will need to fight humans and zombies. Certain human characters will have shields. So, you can’t just hack n slash anyone you see. There’s some strategy involved when trying to defeat enemies.

As for the in-game Modes, the ‘Story Mode’ will follow the Netflix series. The ‘Conquest Mode’ will offer a sequence of five-minute battles. There will also be multi-boss battles and PvP combat.

The game will launch on mobile and PC for a global audience. A release will be announced soon. Until then, you can learn more about game developer Action Square by visiting the official website.

Due to being a fan of the Kingdom series on Netflix, I’m looking forward to playing Kingdom: The Blood.

What about you?

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