Zombie-Survival “Kingdom: The Blood” Game Gets Teaser Trailer and Illustration!

Kingdom The Blood game
“Kingdom: The Blood” video game (Image: PR)

Fans of Kingdom, a popular South Korean zombie show on Netflix, have a new video game to look forward to. Action Square has released some details, a teaser, and an illustration for Kingdom: The Blood. I’m excited!

As a fan of the Kingdom franchise on Netflix, I’m glad to see it continue to get attention. The announcement for such a video game makes me hopeful about getting a release date for Kingdom season 3 soon.

According to the promo material, Kingdom: The Blood will stay true to the live-action streaming show’s central theme of “inheriting the royal bloodline”. It will be available to players on both mobile and PC. The upcoming title is built on Unreal Engine 4 and has been described as a manual control-based, third-person action RPG. Motion capture has been used to offer players a more immersive experience. Development began last year with Action Square teaming up with production studio AStory. 

While not a whole lot has been shared, I will be keeping an eye out for future announcements. I hope we get to see Kingdom: The Blood be released in early 2022. I want to play it!

Here’s the teaser trailer!

If I were to make assumptions about the gameplay after watching the teaser trailer, I think Kingdom: The Blood will include some kind of multiplayer option. The core gameplay will involve selecting your character, being dropped into contained locations (not an open-world game), and trying your best to survive zombie hordes while completing certain objectives (finding a key, a scroll, etc.). I just hope there isn’t a timer in every mission. I’m just not the biggest fan of games that display a timer counting down to zero on the screen. Let me complete a task at my own pace. Thank you.

The RPG aspect makes me think you will have the ability to level up your characters as well as their abilities and weapons. It’s going to be so much fun to kill zombies with old-timey weapons. Whether the mobile version will feature some sort of a pay-to-win model is yet to be determined.

For those who don’t know about the Kingdom TV series, it premiered on Netflix back in January of 2019. Adapted from the webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods (by Kim Eun-hee), the story is set in a fictional, medieval-inspired Joseon. The first season has the Crown Prince trying to investigate a dangerous zombie-creating plague. Along with having zombies that can run, there’s a whole lot of interesting politics involved in the narrative.

A spin-off, Kingdom: Ashin of the North was released on July 23, 2021. It provided the backstory to the mysterious woman introduced during the concluding moments of the season two finale. Make sure to read my review of the spin-off. Also, here’s my reaction video! 

As for Action Square, it is a game developer that has made a name for itself in the mobile game market after the success of Blade for Kakao (Korean Game Award winner), and releasing Blade Three Kingdom and Blade2 for Kakao. Along with the upcoming Kingdom: The Blood, the dev team is also behind the action-shooter title ANVIL.

Are you a fan of Kingdom? Are you excited about Kingdom: The Blood?

Let us know.

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