Hannibal Nerd HQ Pannibel – Flower Crowns!!!

The content of the panel was streamed by Nerd HQ, tweeted by us live, and will be available on their website, so this article is less about the what was said and more about the photos.  There wasn’t too much said there that we didn’t also learn about from the main panel (available here), so you aren’t missing out on much.  This was mainly fun fan interactions and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the creators and actors.  Oh yeah, and we were in the first row!

Speaking of pictures, these are all watermarked for a reason.  If you’d like to use them for any reason, please either keep the watermark on OR link back to our website or my personal tumblr account as outlined in the current watermark.  As long as you do that, YES YES ABSOLUTELY YOU MAY USE THESE PICTURES.  If you’d like the unwatermarked photos for PERSONAL use, get in touch with us and we can figure something out.  Basically as long as I am credited or know where my pictures end up, I’m totes cool with it man.  Enjoy.

Dancy’s smile is made out of sunshine and rainbows.
Why so pretty, Dancy, why?
Why so pretty, Dancy, why?
I guess I’m not even trying to be professional with these descriptions. Dancy is just pretty OK?
Adam Abrams was a surprise guess.  Pretty cool dude!
Adam Abrams was a surprise guess. Pretty cool dude!
And then Dancy put on a flower crown.
Fuller donned a flower crown as well. He started it, actually. <3 u Fuller.
Sassy Bryan Fuller looking upon a flowercrownless David Slade


Sunshine and rainbows
Sunshine and rainbows






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