Impressive Looking RPG “Bleak Faith: Forsaken” Launches on Steam!

Bleak Faith Forsaken game steam release
Bleak Faith: Forsaken (Image: PR/Archangel Studios)

The RPG titled Bleak Faith: Forsaken has been released on Steam. The latest indie game from Archangel Studios has been described as including “brutal action”. I have to say that the impressive promo material has made me excited to play it.

Available on Steam for only $29.99, Bleak Faith: Forsaken is about allowing players to explore an “unrelenting, interconnected world” that includes a bunch of “fierce creatures” and “astonishing bosses”. The combat system is supposed to be for every kind of playstyle. However, players will need to focus on their positioning, timing, and resource management if they wish to defeat their foes as they journey through the Omnistructure. The class and perks system is said to be in-depth and is supposed to aid with offering a versatile game experience.

From what I could gather from the quite exciting trailer, the combat system allows you to play the way you want. Your character can be a warrior, assassin, or mage. I would assume you can change up the combat style whenever you want during your play sessions. Frankly, I like single-player games that don’t try to constrict my character in one mold. I like having the choice to change up my playstyle depending on the enemies I will be facing. Let me cast a powerful spell at a horde of enemies if I don’t want to hack and slash at them.

A major feature that I’m very excited about is how giants and bosses are climbable! Like, yes, more fantasy games need such this!

You can watch the trailer below. As a game that is said to be developed by only three individuals, it sure looks good! The mix of old-timey and new-age fantasy does give me Final Fantasy vibes. And I’m here for it.

Archangel Studios is into listening to feedback. So, if you’re the type of player that wants their voice heard, you can go ahead and join the Bleak Faith: Forsaken Discord server. Bugs and other glitches are going to be a thing for an indie game of such scale. But as long as the dev team is willing to listen and fix the issues, it’s all good.

Archangel Studios is based in Cyprus, Nicosia with members all across the globe. The studio was founded by Vladimir Vukčević, the father of two of the three developers Rade Vukčević and Mišo Vukčević – the third lead developer is Mirko Stanic.

The visuals and gameplay in the trailer have won me over. And I hope that this impressive-looking indie game receives the love it deserves from players.

Are you excited about playing Bleak Faith: Forsaken?

Let us know.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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