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With Hit the Floor Season 4 nearing its July 10, 2018 premiere on BET, we got the opportunity to interview creator James LaRosa. Read on to know what to expect from the latest season.

We previously interviewed James LaRosa back in 2015, before the premiere of Hit the Floor season 3. It is nice to have him back with us.

In order to make a list of questions the Hit the Floor fandom will find interesting, I asked Elana Murray to help me out. You should all go and give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram so we can be excited about the upcoming season together! She also writes HTF fan fic!

Without further ado, let’s get on with our interview with James LaRosa where we talk about what the fourth season has in store for fans, the writing process, the characters, and more.

Is there a scene from the past seasons that you’re the proudest of and if so which one and why?

I’m proud of the reveal of Olivia’s killer. No one saw it coming, even the cast. I’m proud of the scene where Jelena destroys her home. It was so powerful. I’m proud of the scene when Raquel breaks up with Pete because that came from some real s***.

Are you taking up acting duties yourself this season?

I am. I was in an episode at the end of season 3, and I come back during season 4 for a few episodes. Pierce is a guy with secrets. Other people’s. He’s been around since the end of S1, you just haven’t seen him. But you’ve felt his presence and the results of his actions…

How has it been taking this show to BET? Was there a moment where you thought you might have to say goodbye to Hit the Floor after the wedding special?

I never thought I’d have to say good-bye. No one ever told me we were canceled so there was always the possibility we’d be back for another season. I was not expecting that season to be on BET. When they called and asked if I’d like to come make BET the new home of Hit The Floor, I was thrilled. I’ve always loved what they do, and it turns out the feeling was mutual. It’s been a honeymoon ever since. But, like, the frisky kind, ha.

Why do you think Hit the Floor has continued to experience such passionate fan support?

We’re not just something you watch, we’re something you can be a part of. We all interact on social, we’re all in Devils Nation together. I say the show is a family but the fans are part of the same family. We “get” each other.

Moving on to writers and diversity, Elana has talked to Sarah about writing in the past, and she says she gets a lot of her material from her family. Is this true for you, too?

I’m afraid to use anyone else’s life because they’ll beat me up, ha. So I just use my own. Fortunately or unfortunately, it never seems to be lacking drama. Sarah said I should blog about it, but I think that’s what Hit The Floor is. My messy life blog.

What advice would you give to aspiring WOC showrunners and writers in this kind of political climate?

Don’t wait to be invited to the table, punch and kick your way into the conversation. Find allies, networks, and producers who are hiring and supporting inclusivity. And support them as well because they are fighting the good fight.

Let’s talk about some old cast members, out of the missing original cast members who were the hardest to write out and why?

Everyone is hard to write out for different reasons. I love all my babies. I was extremely invested in Jude and Zero as a couple, so to have to take that story in a different direction was a tough pill. But writers are thrown curve balls all the time, and speaking personally, it’s one of my favorite parts of the job. When you have to detour, it can take you to some even more incredible places.

Hit the Floor season four
Jude and Zero in Hit the Floor (Image: Screengrab)

Is there a possibility of previous cast members/characters returning to the show as it hopefully continues with a season five and beyond?

Depends on the character and how they leave us of course. But if the door is open, it will always be open. Anything can happen on Hit The Floor and when you least expect it.

Now about the new cast and characters, what was the one thing about Kristian Kordula that made you think he is Noah?

Noah is fun, he’s got no censor button, he can just poke and get under your skin. Kristian’s got great energy, he just enters a room and looks you dead in the face with this big playful grin. He makes you want to engage, which is awesome.

When the audience learns about Eve’s connection to the Devils will our minds be totally blown? Also, how long will we have to wait to find out?

Yes, and immediately.

Music is a huge part of the show. How excited are you about Nicki Minaj now having a Devil Nation connection?

I’m stoked. Nicki already had a Devils Nation connection, “Pound the Alarm” was the very first dance song we ever played, in our pilot. Now she’s our theme song. The lyrics in “Chun-Li” might as well have been written for us. In my fantasy, they were.

Would you ever put a soundtrack out for the show?

I would love that. I actually wrote some lyrics that appear later in the season, we could put that song on there. Let’s make that happen.

How do you select the music for the show and who is responsible for finding it?

Our Music Supervisor Jon Ernst casts a wide net. I listen to everything, and really, selfishly, what lands on the show is just what I groove to. I consider character and situation, lyrics, etc. But at the end of the day, I just ask myself, “would I want that on repeat in my iTunes?” If it’s yes, welcome to the show.

Are there any musical guests this season? Also, do you have a wish list for musical guests?

We’re excited to have Tank playing the commissioner of the league. He’s no joke. Erika Jayne also appears, and of course, she’s playing a ball buster. I have a list of divas I’d love to appear on the show. Janet, Tina, Beyonce. Hit The Floor is all about strong women, we could definitely find a spot for them.

Coming back to the cast, which familiar character this season do you think is going to have the toughest time?

Season 4 won’t be easy on anyone, ha. Derek, Jelena, Jude… S4 is about the fight.

Are there any significant milestones that are reached this season as far as certain character arcs go?

Oh yes. Hit The Floor is venturing into areas we haven’t gone before with certain characters and relationships. It’s going to be fun to see how audiences respond. You think you know someone and then suddenly…

Can you ever see an asexual character in the Hit the Floor universe?

There’s not a single any kind of character I couldn’t see on Hit The Floor. This show is about inclusiveness. There’s a place for everyone inside Devils Arena and Devils Nation.

So, the last question, is there a celebrity that you would love to do a cameo?

Jamie Dornan, for a torrid love affair with Pierce.

The fandom knows about the cast changes that occurred for Hit the Floor Season 4 and there is understandably some hesitation to return. However, I have fate in James LaRosa and I will definitely be tuning in for the July 10, 2018 premiere on BET at 10 p.m. ET.

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