Jessica Jones Season Three TRAILER Breakdown

Jessica Jones (Source: Marvel Netflix, 2019)

The official trailer for the third season of Jessica Jones dropped earlier today, so let’s break down and analyze some of the new information that was given to us!

Just last week, we were given a teaser for the third season of Jessica Jones, alongside some new promotional material posted onto the official social media accounts for the show. But today, the full-length trailer for the new season was dropped, and it’s given us a clearer look into some of the moving pieces for the third season’s overall story.

Let’s break it down!

Foolkiller, our new villain!

Foolkiller in Jessica Jones (Marvel Netflix, 2019)

Jessica Jones has had some interesting and undeniably terrifying villains for the past couple of seasons. Although, I have to say that the series’ first season gave us one of the scariest villains to ever grace the MCU, Kilgrave—portrayed by the wickedly talented David Tennant. However, for the show’s third and final season, it seems like we’re being treated to Gregory Salinger, known in the comics as “Foolkiller”.

In the comics, Salinger’s version of Foolkiller is obsessed with killing off people that he deems to be “fools”, i.e. anybody who is “guilty of materialism and mediocrity, or anyone who [lacks] a poetic nature”. This seems to be closely aligned to the version of Foolkiller that we’ll see in Jessica Jones. A large portion of the trailer is narrated by the character of Salinger, who describes his desire to kill Jessica because she has squandered her abilities and heroic opportunities in favor of failing, cheating, drinking, and acting on “brute force”.

Given what’s in the trailer, it seems as though Salinger is actively stalking and harassing Jessica. Blood red title cards momentarily flash throughout the trailer with the words, “cheater”, “hero?”, and “fraud”. Some of the scenes shown also depict Jessica getting a threatening phone call from Salinger, Jessica receiving a bag of blood-stained money, and her fighting off an attacker in the hallway of her apartment building.

Jessica Jones, receiving Foolkiller’s threat (Source: Marvel Netflix, 2019)

A New Fling?

Jessica and her new love-interest? (Source: Marvel Netflix, 2019)

Last season in the show, Jessica grew particularly close to her new neighbor, Oscar Arocho. He seemed to be established as the new love interest for Jessica’s character, with the show even going as far as to have the closing scene of season two be Jessica, Oscar, and Oscar’s son having dinner together on a dreary rainy night. Although, Oscar seems to be entirely absent from the new trailer for the upcoming third season. And given the fact that a psychopathic murder is after Jessica, perhaps Oscar ends up being just one of Foolkiller’s victims.

We’ll just have to see what happens!

Hogarth: A thorn in Jessica’s backside!

Jeri Hogarth, speaking before the press (Source: Marvel Netflix, 2019)

The trailer shows us a scene in which Jeri Hogarth seems to be speaking to the press in front of the neighborhood police station, with none other than a freshly bruised up Gregory Salinger standing by her side. As she addresses the press, Hogarth says: “he was unjustly arrested”. This scene is immediately followed up by another scene of Jessica confronting Hogarth saying, “When you cozy up to maniacs, people around you get hurt.”

This is obviously a call-back to the first season of the show, wherein Hogarth tried to get Kilgrave to force her ex-wife into signing divorce papers. This ultimately lead to the death of Hogarth’s ex-wife and the arrest of her new fiancée, Pam. So, Jessica isn’t technically wrong in what she says. Whether or not the decision to seemingly protect Salinger will come back to bite Hogarth remains a mystery…at least until the new season drops.

Trish Walker, Hellcat!

Trish Walker as Hellcat (Source: Marvel Netflix, 2019)

And last but certainly not least, the new trailer shows us Trish Walker taking up an interest in becoming a full-on vigilante. In the comics, Trish “Patsy” Walker is the superhero named Hellcat. And in the last season, Trish made the seemingly reckless decision to undergo a genetic editing procedure that nearly killed her, but gifted her with some cat-like reflexes.

At the moment, the full extent of Trish’s new abilities are completely unknown. Although, it seems like the show is going to give us some good Hellcat material, with Trish wanting to take on the new Foolkiller threat, much to Jessica’s frustration. Jessica even mockingly calls her a “super cat burglar” in the trailer. But considering the fact that the third season of Jessica Jones will be the last addition to the line-up of Marvel Netflix superhero shows, this might really be the last time we get to see this character in action.

The third season of Jessica Jones drops on Netflix on June 14th! Are you excited?

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