Lost Girl 4X11 Review: End of the Line


I am caught in a conundrum.  I have so much to say about this episode and yet I’m at a complete loss for words.  So, only for you dear reader will I try and put what I think into some sense of wording and phrasing and maybe you can let me know how you are feeling too.

I’ll start with the least important but one of the most dumbfounding aspects of this episode.  Acacia is back which means the return of the AMAZING Linda Hamilton.  Was she HAWT?  Hell yes!  What concerns me is that they created an inane story line for her.  The Revenants.  She magically has a new hand after losing the other one for helping Tamsin.  She’s now a Revenant Hunter Valkyrie?  They let her rip some lines at Tamsin about how she is obviously feeling about Dyson now that she’s been reborn, and then, well they put her in a chick fight with Bo. Yes a chick fight.  Hair pulling etc, while some sleaze bag fae watches and records with his camera.

Linda freaking Hamilton people.  You have Linda Freaking Hamilton, and you waste her on a chick fight?  The whole thing is a result of her having hired the Revenants to get Tamsin back on her side to kill The Wanderer/Rainer.  I’ve said many times that my love of this show is irrational, but never have I felt it more than in this episode.  An amazing actress, and a woman who fought the TERMINATOR y’all was in a gratuitous chick fight that wasn’t even gratuitous.  Once again they have wasted the talents of someone like Linda Hamilton,  just as they did George Takei in 4X01.  This storyline is useless, doesn’t move our story along at all, and lets Acacia walk out of the show again without really doing anything.  Do you hear what I’m saying people, LINDA FREAKING HAMILTON!

The other storyline confused me, it made me smile and it made me cry.  However it ultimately made me angry.  More wasting of talent!  Hale (K.C. Collins) is an incredible actor.  He’s got a great range, a great presence, and some seriously great abs, but other than making him a tag along on some of Dyson’s useless adventures these past few seasons, they’ve basically sidelined him to the point of invisibility.  Then suddenly he’s all “Oh I’m soooo in love with Kenzi.”  Which, ok, I guess I saw some flashes of that starting in season one (S1 E12  (Dis) Member Only), and some admiration of Hale from Kenzi in (S2 E8 Death Didn’t Become Him).  The thing is, even after all the Dyson and Kenzi chemistry in 4X01 (In Memoriam) and in general, she’s suddenly so in LURVE with Hale.  Please don’t get me wrong, those two have amazing chemistry together as loyal sidekicks and the such, but this episode is the only time I’ve gotten a glimpse of actual romantic chemistry, mind you it was only a glimpse.

I didn’t have time to really be invested in them as a couple before they  took it all away.  He’s been grossly neglected and underused as a character, and then, yes I’m actually going to say it, they killed the black guy.  It’s disturbing to me that a series that is suppose to be so groundbreaking and forward thinking has killed off the last person of color on their oh-so-progressive show.  The main cast is now predominantly white and it’s a little disheartening.  Yes I am fully aware that K.C. Collins was also filing the Robocop movie, but he was grossly ignored way before that.  They couldn’t figure out a way to NOT kill him?  But I guess that’s the rub here, because Hale in this episode and his death are this episode’s best moments.

Taking the time to finally introduce Kenzi’s mother and cousin was a brilliant move.  It broke my heart that Hale was so uninformed about her family that he actually invited them to be there when he proposed, but it wounded me even more to see that nothing had changed.  Her mother still put herself before her child even if it meant lying to her child about leaving her abusive boyfriend and trying to slap her.  Kenzi however prevailed and, with class, said goodbye to her mother and to the past that broke her down, hopefully.


The most tragic thing though was Hale’s death.  Massimo’s appearance and the way Kenzi lay cradling his body, her head on his chest, the way she called Bo out on all her BS (I hope the rest of the fandom applauded like I did in that one split second), and begged her to bring him back “I was going to say Yes!”  I will hear those words and her voice in my head for some time.

Lost Girl used this episode to show the two things it does best: Underuse the amazing cast and guest stars it’s has been gifted with, and bring you to tears with emotion so real you can’t help but identify.  I send out my condolences for the loss of Hale, and send you all strength for next week and the funeral.

Quote of the Week


Tamsin – “Hello! Who’s the historical hottie?”

BO – “What do you mean?  It’s Rainer.  He’s your boss”

Tamsin – “That’s not my boss.”

Uh oh… so is Rainer NOT the Wanderer?! Or is Tamsin’s “boss” someone else completely?!

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  1. Thanks Kedrie, I really appreciate it. This show drives me insane sometimes, but I gotta love it!

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