Lost Girl 4X13 Review: Dark Horse


Welcome to Lost Girl, season 4 episode 13 – the finale.  Or should I say Hel?  The unthinkable happened, and I pray that it will lead to a better season 5, but for now I will take these next months to mourn the loss of an amazing character, Mackenzie “Kenzi” Malikov. R.I.P. 1991 – 2014 you will be greatly missed.

I’m not sure what you dear reader would call this season.  The season of Rainer?  The Crackship season?  The season with absolutely no continuity?  I think I would call it, the season of relationships.  Familial, friendship, love and trust.  Every major relationship of our gang was tested.  Let’s take a look back at the relationships and how they have been altered by this finale.

Bo and Trick.  He has lied repeatedly and changed history for his selfish needs and in the end it was his blood that put them all on this course.  Even Bo knew when it came time that there was more he wasn’t telling her.  Saying that she needed to know everything about her blood. She inherited the powers of both mother and father, with the power to be the dark queen.  He says he doesn’t know the identity of her father.  Was he telling the truth this time?  I guess only time, and season 5, will tell but she has learned that while Trick is her grandfather he is not always the best man.

Bo and Rainer honestly made me kind of sick.  Who was he?  Was he The Wanderer?  We were told Tamsin was suppose to be working for The Wanderer, but then when she’s shown a picture of him she says he’s not her boss?  Even as he was touted as the big bad most of last season and then starting this season, he turned out to be just a man.  A man that Bo knew for like one second before choosing him over Lauren AND Dyson?  She can’t choose between them, but she can choose to dump them both?  The character did not do much for the story, our characters, or the show itself and then was killed off just as quickly and uselessly.  

Massimo and Evony didn’t change at all.  He spent his whole life trying to get his mother’s approval which, even at the very end, never came.  She pretty much despised him and only helped Bo and company because it was either that, or die and she needs Lauren to help her since it was Lauren who made her human.  

That leads to the relationship between Evony and Lauren.  Friendship?  Lust? Levony?  It seemed to be a relationship of mutual satisfaction.  Evony used Lauren to get at Bo, and Lauren used Evony to gain access to dark fae information and create a serum prototype to turn fae humans.  Next season this will put Lauren directly on the powers-that-be hit list.  How will Evony react to this, and can a human still be the leader of the dark fae?

Kenzi and Lauren had pretty much zero interaction between them, but we saw in the first few episode that when Lauren was missing it was Kenzi that was consistently calling her phone trying to find her.  Being the only other human, and the closest connection to Bo, will always make them friends.  Now that the pesky jealousy between them is over.

Dyson and Lauren finally find what seems to be a mutual respect for one another and it created a “bromance” I hope continues next season.  Dyson knows that Bo chose Lauren, and Lauren knows that Dyson will always be a part of Bo’s life.  Sometimes it seemed that the writers tried to push this new friendship down the viewers throats, and I think they still have a lot to prove to show that Lauren and Dyson can actually be friends.  Which to me means, not having him jump into the sac with Bo the second Lauren is gone.  Respect is respect, and if he really does respect the BoLo relationship the character needs to learn to respect boundaries.

Dyson and Kenzi started this season as would be lovers since Bo was wiped from their memories.  Was this just a way to give the Denzi shippers a moment of joy?  I sure hope not but even if this was all we get in terms of romance there is alway the bother/sister love they have had since day one.  She loves him and he her.  It has never been more obvious than the look on his face as Kenzi tells him she’s Bo’s heart and that it has to be her.  

They started as partners, one dark one light, as a pilot program of Hale as The Ash.  The character of Tamsin was killed and resurrected and completely changed this season.  She is a new woman, and her interest in Dyson is obvious all season culminating in her just going for it in episode 4X11 “End of a Line”.  She is clearly wounded when Dyson tells Bo he loves her in this episode, but he is the one to go to the gates of Valhalla to find and bring her back at the end of this episode.  Is he feeling what she’s feeling?

Bo and Tamsin finally rid themselves of the animosity between them as Tamsin grew up this season and they became friends.  It’s been a pleasure to see Tamsin on screen this season and a great, great thing to hear Tamsin become the voice of the fandom as she repeatedly called BO out on her BS.  I hope Tamsin continues to grace us with her presence next season.


Tamsin and Kenzi can be described as Mother/Daughter.  With Kenzi taking the reins in raising the newly reborn Valkyrie.  It was a study of nature vs nurture as Kenzi taught TamTam it is your choice to be who you are every day, and it was great to watch the two of them work together.  It made me laugh, and it was heart breaking to watch Tamsin’s reaction to Kenzi’s sacrifice.

Kenzi and Hale grew from “sidekick solidarity” to true love over the course of 4 seasons.  The relationship was rushed and felt pushed at times but there was no denying how Kenzi felt when Hale was killed before her eyes.  The words “I was going to say yes” brought tears to my eyes.  Even saying “Maybe I’ll even get to see him again” before closing the gates of Hel shows that when Kenzi loves she loves with all her heart.

The triangle between Lauren, Bo, and Dyson had it’s ups and downs this season.  There were moments when it looked like it was over, like when Dyson’s response to Bo was  “If you still loved me”, or when Bo yells at Lauren “I choose you”, even Dyson telling Bo to “Go get the Girl” showed that while Dyson still loves Bo he knows that she made her choice and it wasn’t him.  However he also pledged his fealty to her and told her he loves her in episode 4X03 “Lovers Apart”, when Bo was trying to recall her friendship and  he stops her before she get to Lauren.  Lauren also clearly lets her side be known when Dyson says “I don’t know if I could choose either” she calmly and clearly states, “I could”.  

I would like to think this show has learned its lesson and will close this triangle and give Dyson a decent storyline that doesn’t revolve around his “love” for Bo.  Lauren did get that type of story this season, but then at the end her independence is ruined with Lauren telling Bo, “I went dark for you” and “I’m yours”.  These things make me wonder if this show knows what real love is.  It’s not settling, or giving up EVERYTHING for someone while they waver back and forth between you and someone else or a complete stranger for that matter.  Both of Bo’s lovers deserve a better answer and much more grown up Bo.

Which leads to the most important relationship of the series, Bo and Kenzi.  Right from the start of this season theirs was the most tested relationship.  Bo left Kenzi behind to stay on the train.  To be with Rainer, fight with Dyson, fight for Lauren.  She even held off on killing Massimo because it suited her instead of being there for Kenzi when Hale died.  It was Tamsin this season that took Bo’s place at Kenzi’s side. It was Tamsin that Kenzi talked to and spent time with.  Bo seemed to have moments of clarity about her relationship with Kenzi, but time and time again she made the choice to help other first.  The sad thing is that in the end it was Kenzi knowing that, even though she had been grossly neglected by Bo, it was up to her to close the gates of Hel because she was “Bo’s heart”.


The closing sequence of the finale showed what I hope will become a much more realistic Bo.  One that doesn’t take the people she loves for granted, that fights back, not just leaving the fighting to her Scoobies.  She spent this season taking Kenzi for granted and she lost her.  The tears in Kenzi’s eyes as she takes one last look at Bo and smiles before she walking into the light like the badass that she is was amazing and her confidence that Bo would do whatever it took to bring her back from Valhalla spoke volumes about her love and trust in Bo.  Hopefully the strong succubus from season 1 and 2 will be back in season 5, kicking ass and saving Kenzi.

Since it’s the Last Episode of Season 4, I couldn’t pick which quote was best so I decided to give you two, just to hold you over for the hiatus.

Tamsin: “Why don’t you suck it up and get your shit together.”

Bo: “Excuse me?”

Tamsin: “Yeah it sucks to be the leader, it sucks to be the queen, it sucks sucks sucks! Get over it”

Bo: “How dare you?”

Tamsin:  “Oh poor me I’m the chosen one. Why don’t you act like it for once!”

Kenzi: “It is never that simple with you fae.  It is always a metaphor. A symbol. Dyson it’s me.”

Dyson: “NO!”

Kenzi: “She loves you yes, she loves Lauren, but you know that it’s me.  I’m her heart.”


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