MCM Hannover: Interview with Dark Matter Cast

Dark Matter panel

Season 2 of Dark Matter starts July 1st on SyFy. The cast was at MCM Hannover to talk about what is in store for their characters.

This weekend, I talked with Zoie Palmer, Jodelle Ferland, and Roger Cross. All three actors were in a great mood when I met them shortly after their panels. Dark Matter is not yet very well known in Germany as SyFy Deutschland is still a relatively new channel, but that did not stop a couple of people who had never seen the show from asking questions. In the end, they seemed willing to give the show a shot.

During our interview, the cast teased a bit about Season 2 but remained tight-lipped. They talked about their experiences during Season 1, especially the difficulty to play a character who is basically a white board and has no backstory. To my delight, I learned that Ferland is a fangirl like all of us!

Watch them talk more about Dark Matter at MCM Hannover below.

Author: Froggy

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