My Adventures with Superman 1×5 Review: “You Will Believe a Man Can Lie”

My Adventures with Superman season 1 episode 5 review
Lois and Clark are handcuffed together in ‘You Will Believe a Man Can Lie’ (Image: My Adventures with Superman season 1 episode 5)

My Adventures with Superman season 1 episode 5, ‘You Will Believe a Man Can Lie’, changed the dynamic between Lois and Clark in a major way. She found out!

I was provided with a free screener of My Adventures with Superman season 1 episode 5 for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

The creative team finally did it! And I’m glad they did!

One of the long-running discussions in the Superman fandom has been about why Lois Lane never figured out Clark’s identity earlier. She’s supposed to be a super-talented investigative reporter and works alongside Clark Kent for days on end. And it’s not as if Clark changes his hair color, facial structure, or skin texture when he’s walking around as a normal human being. He only puts on a pair of glasses and modifies his posture and personality. So, why couldn’t Lois figure out that Clark’s been hiding his superhero identity from her? Hmmm.

After seeing a connection between Clark and Supes in the previous episode, ‘You Will Believe a Man Can Lie’ decided to play with Lois doing what she could, in a limited time, to make Clark reveal his Superman identity to her. I liked how Clark tried to dodge her numerous attempts until he couldn’t. Their interactions led to Lois handcuffing herself to Supes and even getting to participate in an action sequence against more criminals that got their hands on dangerous alien tech.

Kudos to the writers for continuing to give viewers a very cute love story between Lois and Clark. You can’t help but root for the two young reporters. I can’t help but smile whenever they share the screen together.

However, their relationship encountered a speed bump when Lois decided to jump from a building to force Clark to fly and catch her. That particular moment made me remember a similar scene that happened in the live-action Superman 2 movie. Lois jumps out of the window to force Clark to save her. And he does save her life. But in a manner that doesn’t expose his superhero identity. It’s all played for laughs.

Now, could animated Clark have been quick enough to save a falling Lois some other way? Of course. But we are dealing with a different much younger Clark here. Seeing Lois jump like that in front of him likely forced Clark to act instinctively instead of coming up with an identity-hiding rescue plan.

And hey! Like I said. I’m here for the writers changing up the dynamic between Lois and Clark in such a manner. We have gone through so many iterations focused on Clark hiding his Superman persona from Lois that I think it’s high time we experience a scenario where it’s finally out in the open.

Of course, the reveal threw a wedge between Lois and Clark. And while it’s clear they will get back together soon enough, I want to see the two try and deal with their current complicated emotions as young adults.

I understood where both were coming from. Our young heroes liked each other and wanted to begin a romantic relationship. However, Lois didn’t like the fact Clark had lied to her about such a huge part of himself. And Clark justified hiding his identity because he didn’t want Lois to spill his secrets via the news. Lois was clearly hurt when she realized that Clark thought she wouldn’t be able to keep such a secret for his sake.

But I can’t really blame Clark either for not being able to properly understand Lois’s personality. I mean, the girl he liked just jumped off a freaking building. Who knows what she’s capable of if she made up her mind to do something?

With the two parting ways in this episode, they have to come together by next week to save their mutual friend Jimmy after what happened to him.

‘You Will Believe a Man Can Lie’ had Jimmy continuing to remind Lois and Clark about their camping trip to find Bigfoot. However, he kept being ignored due to Supes saving people around Metropolis and Lois giving chase to unmask him.

Writers exploring the “third wheel” in a friendship trio isn’t new. But it needed to be done for narrative purposes in this series. Seeing Jimmy waiting for his friends to show up until the last second was sad. I hope that Jimmy gets the apology he deserves from Lois and Clark for not participating in the camping trip and how his going alone led to him encountering a giant gorilla. (Fans of DC Comics already know who that is!)

I can see Jimmy being completely supportive of Lois and Clark being a couple. But they also have to respect him as a mutual friend and give him the quality time he deserves.

On the action front, ‘You Will Believe a Man Can Lie’ had a well-choreographed fight sequence involving Supes facing Slade Wilson (in a technologically enhanced suit) and giant robots. I think it’s clear that the only reason the antagonists have been able to give Supes a hard time is because he isn’t sure about his true power level yet.

I really liked the scene where Amanda Waller ordered Slade to shoot Superman while he was distracted trying to prevent a bridge from collapsing and killing a bunch of people. The moment truly showed Amanda Waller’s coldness. In her book, sacrificing a handful of people was justified if it meant taking out a larger threat like Supes. That’s the type of Amanda Waller I like to see!

Clark’s weird visions related to the alien tech have also been doing a number on him. So, I’m looking forward to seeing how that particular plotline will develop.

Now, before I end my review, I would like to mention that ‘You Will Believe a Man Can Lie’ gave us some queer representation. While saving people around the city, we got a scene where Supes rescued two kids in a car. The parents of those kids are shown to be two men. So, yeah, Supes ended up helping a queer family.

And with the mysterious gorilla showing up at the end of the current episode, I’m interested in seeing how the writers will handle the “queer” relationship between said gorilla and a certain someone.

What did you think of My Adventures with Superman season 1 episode 5?

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