Once Upon a Time Episode Review: Lost Girl

ouat 2If you haven’t watched this episode, there will be spoilers ahead.

This week’s episode contains more Neverland drama as well as Enchanted Forest drama. Both were some of the same plot lines we’ve seen in the previous seasons.

In the fairytale world, Regina threatens Snow again, saying that she will take everything from her if she doesn’t abdicate her right to the throne. Even though the threat isn’t new, it’s always great to see Regina as the Evil Queen. It’s where Lana Parilla shines.

Emma is given a map by Peter Pan that will help her find Henry. Emma has to accept who she really is, and the map will appear. After Emma gives it a try, the group chooses a shortcut to the map’s contents by using Regina’s magic. The group ends up in a fight with the Lost Boys, where Charming gets stabbed. This fight showed Snow’s awesome archery skills.

Snow takes option B, choosing exile with Charming and the dwarves. Charming believes she’s making a mistake. He goes to Rumple for help, and Rumple tells him of a weapon able to defeat Regina – it turns out to be none other than Excalibur. Snow and Charming find it, and Snow pulls it out. This is the first mention of Merlin and the realm of Camelot. Might this point to hopefully seeing King Arthur’s kingdom in the future?

The parallel between the two storylines is evident. Both Emma and Snow, to an extent, are lost girls. Snow needs a boost to her confidence and Charming helps her through Excalibur. She finds out from a conversation with Rumple, after standing up to the Evil Queen, that it isn’t Excalibur after all. Snow is obviously upset that Charming lied to her, though forgives him quickly when she realizes she did it because he believed in her.

Snow throughout this episode was Emma’s personal cheerleader. It was a bit annoying, Emma might need a bit of space and time to accept and forgive Snow and Charming.

After having another heart-to-heart with Snow, she told her she always felt like a “lost girl…I feel on this island that I’ve always been an orphan.” After admitting that, the map appears.

Emma and Peter Pan’s conversation brings something obvious into focus: that Emma hasn’t forgiven her parents for abandoning her. He tells her Henry hasn’t either and when he’s done with him, Henry won’t want to leave. Is Pan brainwashing Henry? Is that what he did to all the Lost Boys?

While, Rumple ripped his shadow out with the Dark One’s dagger. Can anyone rip it out or only those with magic or with a magic dagger?

Belle appears to Rumple as his conjured up vision. We find out Rumple’s doll was the last thing his father gave to him before he left. Belle tells him it’s time for him to let go of his past. Rumple throws the doll to the ocean and Belle walks off.

Emile de Ravin coming out was a wonderful welcome. It will be probably be a while till we see Storybrooke, and was worried wouldn’t see Belle till the end of the Neverland storyline. This might not be the last we see of vision Belle.

The doll comes back to him, he burns it, still not destroyed. Did he not let go of his past? Rumple has some serious daddy issues.

Charming’s stab wound looks like it’s spreading. Uh oh, maybe Snow and Charming will be separated once more.

This episode felt a bit slow, and a bit of the plotlines repetitive, the Evil Queen and Snow, but next week’s introduction to Tinkerbell looks to add another layer to Regina’s story.

Quick notes:

– Seeing the dwarfs acting like overprotective older brothers was sweet and touching.

– Hook asking Emma how he’s portrayed in the stories, she says “…if perms are your thing.” His response was funny, “I take it from the tone of your voice, perms are bad.”

– Saw the Magic Mirror again after a season long absence.

– Is it just me or does Rumple’s make-up look more flaky? It looks like fish scales.

– Final scene of the episode, saw Peter Pan in his green garb.

Author: Lone Commander

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