Our Flag Means Death Masterpost

Our Flag Means Death Gay Pirate Show

Our Flag Means Death Gay Pirate Show

Our Flag Means Death has been a sleeper hit of epic proportions.  It’s the queer pirate rom-com that’s taken the world by storm.

You’ll find all of our ongoing coverage of the hit series on this page, including analysis and Our Flag Means Death season two information.  Stay tuned for information about fan campaigns, culture, and anything and everything we learn about the upcoming season.  

From creator David Jenkins comes the Max Original OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH. The comedy series is loosely based on the true adventures of Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), a pampered aristocrat who abandoned his life of privilege to become a pirate. The series also stars Academy Award® winner and Emmy®-nominated Taika Waititi as “Blackbeard,” history’s most feared and revered pirate. In addition to Darby and Waititi, the ensemble cast includes Nathan Foad, Samson Kayo, Vico Ortiz, Ewen Bremner, Joel Fry, Matt Maher, Kristian Nairn, Con O’Neill, Guz Khan, David Fane, Rory Kinnear, Samba Schutte, Nat Faxon, Fred Armisen and Leslie Jones. OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH is executive produced by Waititi, who is also directing the pilot, alongside showrunner David Jenkins, Emmy®-nominated producer Garrett Basch, and Dan Halsted.

Our Flag Means Death Analysis 

Our Flag Means Death: Top Tier Queer Romance
The hit new show, Our Flag Means Death, premiered on March 3rd, but chatter about it was relatively sparse on social media until the finale aired. Part of me thinks people didn’t want to hype it up until they were sure it wasn’t queerbaiting with its leads. But guess what? They weren’t queerbaiting! This is a canonically queer romantic comedy set in a period pirate adventure. 

An Unofficial ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Soundtrack List & Analysis
Have you been searching for the Our Flag Means Death soundtrack and been horribly disappointed to find nothing official? Me too. So here’s an unofficial list of notable music from the series!

The Best Tropes in ‘Our Flag Means Death’
I love tropes. Probably to a ridiculous degree. So it shouldn’t be surprising that I am completely obsessed with how tropes are used in Our Flag Means Death.

Our Flag Means Death Season Two News

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Crew: WE DID IT
Happy Pride Month! Our Flag Means Death has been renewed for a second season and the Internet is rejoicing!

Our Flag Means Death Renewal Efforts

5 Things You Can Do to Help ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Get Season 2
Our Flag Means Death has been the surprisingly delightful queer pirate rom-com that’s suddenly become our new hyperfixation. But there’s no confirmation that they will get a season 2. So what can we do about that?

All of “Our Flag Means Death’s” Impressive Rankings
Our Flag Means Death has not been renewed for a second season yet, but there are plenty of statistics out there that show that it should be.

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Most In-Demand 4th Week in a Row, But No Renewal?
Parrot Analytics has released their list of the Most In-Demand shows for the week of April 9th-15th and Our Flag Means Death is still on top. But HBO hasn’t renewed the show yet, leaving a lot of fans wondering what the heck is going on.

Our Flag Means Death: Upcoming Renewal Events
Happy Monday! Well, it would be happier if Our Flag Means Death had been renewed for a second season over the weekend. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but we certainly have plans.

‘Our Flag Means Death’ On Top for 6th Week, Renewal News Updates
Parrot Analytics has released its report for the week of April 23rd-29th, and Our Flag Means Death has held onto the top spot for a sixth week. But fans are increasingly worried about the lack of renewal news from HBO Max. Rumors about it not being renewed are starting to spread.

OFMD Renewal Campaign Updates: Send Bottles, Raise Money for Charity
It’s been six weeks since Our Flag Means Death concluded and we still don’t have a renewal. The fan campaign side of things has taken off, though, and there are two groups doing awesome things right now.