Sakuraco vs Bokksu – Which Japanese Snack Subscription Box Should You Try?

Sakuraco Snack Box Review
Sakuraco ‘The Flavors of Hakone’ Japanse Snack Box (Image via Sakuraco official website)

As someone who has tried a bunch of Japanese subscription boxes offering various snacks (Sakuraco and Bokksu being the most popular), I feel it’s time to share my opinions about which Japanese snack box you should go for.

I received the Sakuraco ‘Flavors of Hakone’ Japanese Snack Box as part of this sponsored post. The opinions I have shared are my own.

As a publication that respects our audience, we try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the coverage we post. We try to share our authentic opinions about a piece of media or an item. And we stand by what we share. When it comes to Japanese snack box subscriptions, there’s a reason we have talked about Sakuraco a couple of times on The Geekiary. It’s because we actually like what it brings to the table, are more than happy to collaborate with the company, and recommend you try it too.

To be fair, when doing such a comparison, it’s best to try out the competition as well. And as someone who has subscribed to Bokksu before, I feel I can bring forth a compelling argument about why Sakuraco should be the winner.

Let’s break it down!

What to Expect From Sakuraco and Bokksu

Bokksu and Sakuraco are monthly subscription boxes that promise authentic Japanese snacks delivered right to your front door. Both boxes include a variety of sweet and savory snacks along with tea. All of the items follow certain themes related to Japanese culture. You can expect to see snacks made in partnership with local Japanese businesses.

The boxes also come with guides (complete with pictures) that talk in detail about the theme of the snack box you receive by highlighting the different aspects of Japanese culture as well as a description of the snacks. The guides make for good reading material, allowing you to appreciate the snacks as you munch away.

Now, even though Sakuraco and Bokksu offer similar things, there are certain differences you should know about.

Sakuraco vs Bokksu – Price

Frankly, it doesn’t matter how great the snacks are in a particular box. It all means nothing to me if I can’t afford to continue enjoying such a subscription service.

As of writing this post, Bokksu offers monthly ($49.99), quarterly ($45.99/month), 6-month ($43.99/month), and yearly ($39.99/month) subscription options.

Sakuraco offers monthly ($37.50/month), quarterly ($35.50), 6-month ($33.50), and yearly ($32.50) subscription options as well.

At first sight, Bokksu might seem favorable due to the price tiers including free shipping from Japan. However, take note that additional shipping costs come up if you live in certain countries including Australia, Canada, and Brazil.

Having played around with the price tiers and the shipping options for the USA and Canada at checkout, I was still able to save more with Sakuraco. 

But yeah, feel free to check the shipping prices yourself to see which box works best for you.

You should be able to receive the boxes quite quickly (usually in a week or two) if you are in the USA.

Of course, you can cancel or pause the subscription anytime you want.

Sakuraco vs Bokksu – The Snacks

With the pricing out of the way, let’s talk about the number of snacks you will receive from Sakuraco and Bokksu. Even though the quantity of snacks for your money does deserve points during such a comparison, I think the quality matters more.

As far as my opinion goes, I would rather have 15 to 20 high-quality snacks that reflect Japan’s rich culture and promote local small businesses instead of 20 to 25 snacks that lean more toward the general snacks produced by large companies. You know, the type of “cheap” or “generic” snacks that can be easily found at candy stores, etc.

From my experience with both boxes, Sakuraco focuses a lot more on promoting snacks produced in Japan and by Japanese makers. Such a mission statement allows Sakuraco to actively support local, family-owned businesses and help them reach a global audience. 

Not only that but Sakuraco also partners with local governments. As an example, the current Sakuraco ‘Flavors of Hakone’ Japanese Snack Box is in partnership with the Kanagawa Prefectural Government.

For me, the snacks found inside a Sakuraco box have a more “home-y” feel to them. I have yet to open a box and be greeted by “generic” snacks. For example, when talking about what to expect from Bokksu, while Japan has a variety of interesting KitKat flavors available, Nestle isn’t a small, family-owned business. 

Sakuraco vs Bokksu – The Collectible

Along with the snacks, Sakuraco also offers a homeware collectible, allowing you to keep something from each box once you are done snacking. The homeware item is another way for Sakuraco to showcase Japanese craftsmanship to the world.

The collectible item can include a ceramic piece, a wearable, or more.

The Sakuraco ‘Flavors of Hakone’ Japanese Snack Box includes a Marquetry Plate that has been inspired by the art of marquetry woodwork. According to the box’s culture guide, such type of woodwork originated in Hakone centuries ago. It involves artisans using various naturally colored wood pieces to create intricately beautiful geometric designs. The collectible pays homage to Kanagawa’s artistic history.

Sakuraco vs Bokksu – The Vibe

With both boxes operating on a similar concept and allowing a global audience to taste Japanese snacks, they tend to have a different vibe to them, in my opinion. In contrast to Bokksu, Sakuraco is an actual Japan-based company, founded by Ayumi Chikamoto.

Being based in Japan allows Sakuraco to share a deeper link with the region and culture. Each Sakuraco box comes with a small note by Chikamoto where she details the thought process behind the month’s theme, how it relates to her life, and what inspired her to curate such a box. The entire thing feels very hands-on. When Chikamoto says Sakurco has established a connection with local Japanese snack makers and suppliers, I’m more inclined to believe her.

Sakuraco May 2024 Flavors of Hakone box
Sakuraco ‘Flavors of Hakone’ Japanese Snack Box – Message from Sakuraco Founder Ayumi Chikamoto

Sakuraco vs Bokksu – Verdict

Both boxes do what they are meant to. Subscribing to either will get you a bunch of Japanese snacks at your doorstep. However, in my opinion, Sakuraco has an edge when it comes to being affordable, delivering more locally sourced Japanese snacks, and encouraging you to appreciate what Japan has to offer.

I highly recommend checking out Sakuraco for yourself.

You can get to enjoy the ‘Flavors of Hakone’ box if you sign up by May 15, 2024.

Some of the snacks include:

  • 2 x Hakone Story Ryokucha

  • 1 x Matcha Konjac Warabimochi

  • 2 x Wasabi Okaki

  • 1 x Seven Flavors of Arare

  • 1 x Yokohama Raisin Sandwich

  • 1 x Yokohama Milk Cookies

  • 2 x Yokohama Romansketch Biscuit

  • 2 x Yokohama Chocolate Crunch

  • 1 x White Miso Financier

  • 1 x Peanut Macarons

  • 2 x Strawberry Milk Almonds

  • 1 x Marquetry Plate



Have you tried Sakuraco before or are you currently subscribed to it?

Let us know.

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