Sherlock – The Great August Tweeting Kerfuffle

Clicking on the Setlock tag on Tumblr this morning was like opening my door and being greeted by a hurricane.  Things have been pretty quiet beyond this catastrophic tweeting kerfuffle, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell that by looking at that tag today.  What a disaster.  Let’s tackle this mountain of rumors head on and figure out what’s happening.

Image from @arwelwjones

It all started when Production Designer Arwel Jones started tweeting mysterious pictures from a “new” and “special” set earlier this week.  This isn’t unusual for him.  In fact, most of our pictures come from his twitter account because he’s generally very gracious and loves to share.  But with that sharing comes a fair amount of teasing.  I think “teasing fandom” is a requirement to work on Sherlock, honestly.

Then he posted a picture of Sherlock’s bedroom set  (pictured to the right) joking “Oh no! A fan’s got in to Sherlock’s bedroom!”  All of this seems pretty typical of his tweets, but someone else had also tweeted from the set that day creating a perfect maelstrom of theories, anger, and, of course, a shipping war.

Earlier in the day Louise Brealey who plays Molly Hooper tweeted “I suddenly got excited for when you all see S3. A few bits might actually blow your minds. #yesIsupposethisistechnicallytrolling”  Independently this doesn’t reveal too much, but when combined with the above teasing about a “fan” in Sherlock’s bedroom many have concluded that Molly and Sherlock will somehow become romantically involved.

There was also a rumor that Sherlock would kiss someone before the season was finished, which has fueled this theory even further.  The interview that quote came from is fake however.  This has been pretty prevalent in fandom though and many people have taken it as fact.   No reputable source has confirmed these quotes and Googling the cited sources have turned up nothing.  To put it simply, this is false and you shouldn’t believe it.

Now before we go any further I feel that I do need to disclose that I ship John and Sherlock.  Perhaps that taints my view of things here, so I just wanted to put that up front.  If that taints my fact gathering in any way here I apologize, but it’s important to at least know where I’m coming from.  That said, let’s move forward.

So what do we know for certain?

  • There is a new set that has just recently been dressed.
  • Sherlock’s bedroom is not a “new set.”
  • Louise Brealey is on set for this episode.
  • It is not clear if she is in Sherlock’s room, the new location, or something else entirely.
  • Brealey used the word “troll” in her tweet.
  • Arwel is known for teasing us.
  • The Sherlock kissing rumor is fake.

With all of this in mind, does this mean Sherlock and Molly have a bedroom scene together?  In my opinion no, but as I said my view might be tainted by my appreciation of the other ship.  But it could be the case.  And if it is, will I be upset?  Hell no.  John and Mary’s relationship isn’t upsetting to me in the slightest, so why would Sherlock being involved with someone else bother me?  My ship still sails regardless of who is shagging who in canon.  I just don’t see this particular ship as very likely in this context.  But hey, I could be wrong.  And if I am, congratulations to the Sherlolly shippers.  I hope you enjoy it.

This whole mess just goes to show how edgy this fandom has become.  It’s been a year and a half since season two ended and we gobble up any little tidbit we can gather.  Seriously.  I see your search results when you find my site.  I know how obsessed you are about things like John’s mustache.  There is page after page of search results for different variations of “John Watson Mustache.”  I would laugh, but this has been the single biggest source of hits for us here since March so really thank you for your dedication to the lip caterpillar.  The point is we’re hungry for information.  Unfortunately that means that when we get a tidbit we might sometimes connect dots that don’t actually go together and we jump to the wrong conclusion.  That’s what I believe has happened here.  I could be wrong, but I really really don’t think these tweets mean what some of you think it means.

Deep breaths you guys.

Deep breaths.


Author: Angel Wilson

Angel is the admin of The Geekiary and a geek culture commentator. They earned a BA in Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz. They have contributed to various podcasts and webcasts including An Englishman in San Diego, Free to Be Radio, and Genre TV for All. They identify as queer.

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15 thoughts on “Sherlock – The Great August Tweeting Kerfuffle

  1. except for the fact that they’ve gone on record saying how Sherlock doesn’t do relationships or sex. and Steven and Sue both closed the door on sherlolly at comic con. the problem with this being a possibility is the *PROFANITY EDITED OUT BY ADMIN* hypocrisy. Sure they shoot down EVERY queer possibility only to fuel and reaffirm the heterosexuality of their show.

    Sherlock doesn’t do relationships. he doesn’t do sex. Why do people need him to be? And why does he HAVE to be straight? not only is it hypocrisy, but its also a disgusting double standard. thats why people are upset. Because it would also betray Sherlock’s character. Sherlolly has no more right to be canon, just because its a heterosexual ship.

    oh and by the way. This show IS NOT CANON. the book are canon. This is an adaptation, making it an AU (alternate universe). Its the fanfiction of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. This is not the be all end all interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. Except in this case…what they choose to do has certain social and political consequences. And they will always try to please the larger demographic, the straight people.

    How about we just stop trying to force Sherlock to be sexual? Why does he have to be a sexual character? you wouldn’t *PROFANITY EDITED OUT BY ADMIN* force a real like person to be sexual.


    1. Did you even read my article before you posted all of this? Because it seems like you are responding to somebody who believes that this will happen when my article is, in fact, the complete opposite of that. I stated several times that I do not believe this is going to happen. Breathe, ok? I am not arguing in favor of Sherlolly.

      Also please refrain from using profanity in future comments. Your comment has been edited by me accordingly.

  2. I did read the article. And I’m not responding to your views. I’m explaining why people are upset by the possibility. Its not simply a matter of shipping anymore. Sherlock has become a hot bed of social issues. Quuerbaiting being one of them.

    The hypocrisy of denying any queer possibility, especially where one is so present and arguably valid. But then swirling rumors about this non-sexual character being thrusted into a heterosexual realtionship. if you can’t see why that has people upset, then you don’t understand.

    and yeah, i know this is nothing more than tv show. and unfortunately i think they put too much of their own views into it. but that has repercussions.

    if they want to completely destroy the character they claim to love so much by doing this, thats their choice in the end. But it doesn’t speak very well to them at all.

    1. ” if you can’t see why that has people upset, then you don’t understand.”

      If you take a look at the right hand side of my website here you’ll see that writing about queer representation in the media is sort of my specialty. I DO understand. And WE (hi, I’m part of the queer community too) have a right to be upset about issues such as queerbaiting and forced heterosexuality. Those are perfectly valid views that I happen to agree with. The tone of your original comment seemed to be directing it at my article, which doesn’t imply that I think Sherlolly should be a thing at all. So I do apologize for that misunderstanding.

      My personal view on these characters is that Sherlock is asexual and possibly either homoromantic or biromantic where john is a heterosexual biromantic person. My personal reading of these characters is that they are in love with one another, but that they don’t necessarily have a sexual relationship. I won’t be upset if Sherlock has a romantic relationship with someone else, though, because when the idea of Mary was introduced I didn’t really feel it damaged my ship at all. If it progresses to something overtly sexual, however, yeah, I would be bothered by that as I also do not see him as a sexual person. Personally I do not read Sherlock and Molly as either sexual or romantic, but if they go the romantic route, I’m not too bothered for the aforementioned reasons. I won’t be thrilled, but my ship will still sail strongly. Moffat himself could not sink my ship.

  3. And I try to remember that. Honestly I do. Its hard to remember that ACD never ever clearly stated anything about Holmes’s sexuality. And therefor any interpretation of it, is clearly subjective from person to person.

    And the thing about John. I mean love and sexuality are incredibly fluid. And Just because we’ve only ever heard about Watson’s exploits with women, does not necessarily mean he’s heterosexual. That is a bad assumption. And no, I’m not saying your interpretation is wrong. I’m just not basing John’s sexuality on the only gender we’ve been shown seeing him with. We have no idea what John did in university. We have no idea what John actually is because well…he isn’t real. and we’re not in his mind. I see John as either bisexual or pansexual to be completely honest. And just because we only hear about his women, doesn’t really mean anything in the end.

    Sherlock for me. Well…he’s more difficult. For me, he’s just not straight. From the books, and the show. What I see is not a heterosexual man. And its bothersome that Moffat and even Ben INSIST that he is. (But thats a whole nother issue)

    Its like you said. It’s the forced heterosexuality. Especially after the queerbaiting tactics they’ve used from the beginning. The one thing I reward “Elementary” for doing with their interpretation, was stating /their/ Sherlock’s sexuality from the start. Its the fact that Moffat and Gatiss alluded to Sherlock’s, and even John’s queerness in the very first episode, then continued to play with it during two season, then reduced it all to “jokes”. Because gay jokes are so wonderful.

    I would be bothered if Sherlock and Molly were to become a romantic/sexual thing. Its not in his character. He doesn’t like that stuff. And if they did that…it would be nothing more than fanservice for the larger demographic.

    Of course, making Johnlock canon would also be fanservice. A bit more progressive fanservice mind you.

    I don’t even want them to make Johnlock canon. They don;t need to. There is a pretty substantial argument in favor of it already being there. Its their denial of it. And the way they shoot it down. And call it “ridiculous fantasy” or saying how it would ruin the show. I’m not ignorant of the heteronormativty, especially in the media.

    But in this case, canon Sherlolly would also ruin it. Its a betrayal of character and canon. nd has no more right to be “canon” just because its a straight ship.

    and frankly, thats not what the stories are about. And I kind of hate that they put so much focus on relationships. Which makes me feel that they are just turning the show into an everyday drama.

    1. This conversation took a turn towards the awesome. I’m glad we continued this discussion instead of just yelling at each other. 🙂

      You’re right about John. My own interpretation of him is just that; my OWN interpretation. I’ve explored a lot of different takes in fanart and fanfiction and I do enjoy when their relationship progresses to something sexual in those mediums, but for some reason I’m always drawn back to my heterosexual biromantic John and asexual biromantic/homoromantic Sherlock. Perhaps this has to do with my own sexuality as I’m currently compartmentalizing sexuality vs romance in my own life. I identified as pansexual for a long time, but when I learned of the term “demisexual” I began to break down terms to describe myself little differently. The terminology for my own identity is slightly in flux at the moment. Most of my favorite fanworks don’t involve sex at all. So my interpretation is very much based on my own emotions on those topics.

      I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree about Sherlolly. I don’t like the idea very much at all, but it’s based more on her character and their relationship than anything else. I just don’t view it progressing to something romantic or sexual for a variety of reasons. But in general, if Sherlock became romantic with someone it wouldn’t upset me. Sexual, however, it would. And again, this in large part probably has to do with my own break down of those terms in my life. Everybody has different lines and that happens to be mine.

  4. I’m sorry. Its hard for me to try and remain objective about this. Just as a queer person, I feel offended, and almost…betrayed by them. And I don’t even know why. Everyone has a right to interpret it how they will. And this is show is just…two people’s interpretation. Just because its on tv doesn’t make it any more valid than yours or mine.

    I guess I just expected more. Which you can hardly blame me for, allusions they added and all.

    I just don’t think it would kill them to say “Maybe not in our show, but Johnlock could totally happen”. That would make everyone happy I think.

    But then again…why should we need their validation.

    1. I agree. When I find a piece of media that doesn’t shy away from queer characters I’m overjoyed. I’m currently obsessing over a podcast called Welcome to Night Vale for that very reason. I’m floored. Likewise Torchwood (though it did have problematic elements) was fantastic. And Charlie Bradburry on Supernatural is a huge plus despite the fact that that show is terrible about queerbaiting. Finding good queer representation in the media is challenging, but I suppose I didn’t have high hopes for it happening here to begin with. I’m not sure why. They’ve been teasing it from the beginning, but much like Dean and Castiel from Supernatural, I haven’t been holding my breath for this one to become canon. It sucks, but I just never saw this becoming a reality. Maybe someday a different Sherlock interpretation will give us the representation we want. I just don’t think it’s this one unfortunately.

  5. And thats my hope. Is that someday, someone will make and interpretation that explores that possibility. I still love BBC Sherlock, don’t get me wrong lol.

    And yeah, I’ve been hearing about Night Vale. I’m gonna check it out.

    Also yes, I’m glad this didn’t become a yelling, and bashing each other thing. I’m sorry my first comment was so headstrong.


  6. Ahh thank you. I will check that out. I am very curious about it. And I feel so out of my element with what I’ve checked out so far lol. So a guide will be good.

  7. OMG. I am so happy I found this site. As I read the comment I feel so great cause at least there are people have the same idea as I. Some teenage girls bash me because they think I like Johnlock so I have no rights to debate the Sherlolly matter while in fact the point I made is just simply: They would destroy the iconic character if they make Sherlock involved in a romantic relationship.
    Sherlock doesn’t do sex. That’s it. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat the lines. Most of them did not grow up with Sherlock like I did, but I did not want to point that out. I grew up with Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock, not Benedict Cumberbatch. Yet they just throw the Johnlock back at me while in fact I said I do not support Johnlock to be canon.
    I know people have their tastes, so I have nothing to say when they ship Sherlock with female characters. It’s their lives, their fantasies anyways. The problem is, WHY IT HAS TO BE ROMANCE?
    Seriously after all of this, I start to dislike Molly. I never think that love make female characters weak, but why so many female characters have to make their appearance in any show just to show their probability of becoming the love interest of anyone? They can have their own stories, not just being there for romance.

  8. For me Sherlock is a asexual charachter and i would find it very weird for him be in a sexual relationsship either with John or Molly or any other charachtr on the show.
    i am a Sherlolly shipper but i love John and Sherlocks bond… the shippers have to save the sex for the fanfiction..

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