Sneak Peek of “Crashing” Issue 1 by Matthew Klein & Morgan Beem

crashing issue 1 cover
Crashing Issue 1 Cover A by Morgan Beem (Image: PR/IDW)

An upcoming comic book that caught my attention is Crashing by writer Matthew Klein and illustrator Morgan Beem. The five-part story has been described as Nurse Jackie meets The Boys.

From IDW, Crashing issue 1 is supposed to debut sometime in September 2022. The title will be the third release in IDW’s upcoming slate of original comics being launched throughout 2022 and beyond. The story revolves around Rose Osler. Picking up less than ten years into her rehabilitation, recovering addict Rose Osler is one of the few doctors in the US who specialize in treating “Powered individuals”.

In this fictional world, such powered beings are humans imbued with a variety of incredible and dangerous superhuman attributes. The narrative will have Rose struggle to balance the ghosts of her past with her professional responsibilities and holding onto a strained marriage while facing a rising wave of violence (apparently caused by superpowered beings).

Along with Klein and Beem, the team includes colorist Triona Farrell, letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and editor Heather Antos.

Here’s the chaotic sneak peek!

Crashing issue 1
Crashing Issue 1 (Image: PR/IDW)
Crashing issue 1
Crashing Issue 1 (Image: PR/IDW)
Crashing issue 1
Crashing Issue 1 (Image: PR/IDW)

I like the creative choice of visualizing Rose’s thoughts as little notes on a wire-bound notepad. I didn’t like her getting hurt though, but then again that’s to be expected. The preview does a good job of letting readers know that having superpowered beings around normal humans is dangerous, even for doctors who want to help them.

We don’t get a lot of superhero comic books featuring a non-powered doctor as the main character. So, I appreciate Crashing bringing something new to the table. 

For those interested, Crashing issue 1 will be available with three variant covers. Cover A is by Beem (the one at the very top of this post), Cover B is by Jorge Corona, and Cover C is by Liana Kangas.

Crashing issue 1 Cover B
Crashing Issue 1 Cover B by Jorge Corona (Image: PR/IDW)
Crashing Issue 1 C
Crashing Issue 1 Cover C by Liana Kangas (Image: PR/IDW)

I will definitely be reading and reviewing the first issue. Also, keep an eye out for my interview with Matthew Klein and Morgan Beem to learn more about the type of story they will be telling through Crashing.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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